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  1. Don't you think the domestic game has been played long enough? If we want to progress and succeed, we need to go big, and internationally.
  2. The late, great Morris Johnson on there. Class guy. I saw one of my pseudonyms, along with some posts and it made me cringe.
  3. He and Gable would be a great Tag Team combo.
  4. I've heard some grumblings....What were your thoughts?
  5. ? What I am saying is that Zahid's "prime" isn't beating Taylor.
  6. Perhaps he's coming into "his" prime......He ain't beating Taylor.
  7. Ben Askren is a big Crypto player?????
  8. Güreş - It is a sport branch that is based on the struggle of two people to beat each other's backs with certain rules, using force and various games, and results in the one who brings his opponent to the ground is considered defeated. Search f
  9. 100 percent. I'm wondering what took so long.
  10. After watching the last Olympics, I think Greco will be gone by the 2032 Olympic cycle. There are a few problems: The starting flat on the mat is ridiculous, not enough scoring and the officials are entirely too involved. I love Greco, but I think its days are numbered.
  11. It was an incredible match to see live...the entire arena was going nuts.
  12. So you mean to tell me that Ukrainian athletes, coaches and officials are to stand side by side with the Russian delegation, after the Russian head coach(and I am sure some athletes) have been vocal(in favor) of Russia invading Ukraine? Seriously, think about it. I am glad to see UWW siding with FIFA, the IOC, IJF and others. Time to teach a lesson.
  13. I thought of him, too.. Sad stuff
  14. I would love to see USA Greco recruit and hire a technical coach from outside the US. Agree?
  15. Agree, 100 percent. Sadulaev improved by figuring out Snyder's game.
  16. Let's be honest folks, Greco was painful to watch.
  17. 4 x 100 relay in Running and Swimming is tough to beat.
  18. I played Judo for many years and love the sport, but watching at the Olympics, is like watching paint dry.
  19. He slapped the whistle on. I am pretty sure it was Fargo.
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