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  1. And I will tell you, the head of their federation flies around the world like he is a Rockefeller.
  2. If anyone knows Esteves, contact him and let's set up a GoFund or something similar. I think that would be a good thing!
  3. Rohn vs Lambrecht was insane....Great call! Kelly vs Penrith another doozy Caldwell vs Metcalf
  4. KJ is a great coach and a great guy who has, and will continue to do great things for USA Wrestling. We're lucky to have him.
  5. So you would take Pico, who "was" a very solid wrestler, who almost wins, over Yanni who you say, "Squeaks by?"..I am no Yanni crusader, but he has consistently won at all levels and I am pretty sure who beat Pico, handily.
  6. After seeing both compete, I say Yanni dismantles him.
  7. Pretty much Rules #1 and #2: Try not let anyone get hurt an don't put your hands on the kids.
  8. Life in Iran is difficult, not like here in America.
  9. Tenacity? These guys (Iranians, Russians, etc.) "fight" every day of their lives. We Americans are spoiled. You think Pat Downey is tough? Geesh, Maybe down the shore he's tough.
  10. Pico is like a child actor, on a successful sitcom, a very good "youth" boxer and a very good "youth" wrestler, but couldn't win the big match or make it into mainstream Hollywood. Super-talented kid, but (fill-in the blank)
  11. Listen to Koll's interview on Rudis
  12. 1. The judge and chairman are always in the same "stationary" position. Zain put them in that position and did "something" to put Yanni in danger, hence at least 2 red and in my opinion, 2 red 2 blue. 2. Yes..different opinions all the time, but the correct call by the judge should have been(in that situation when the ref called 2 blue) 2 red 2 blue. 2 red only is bad protocol.
  13. Agreed...like Zain has been sitting idle for 4 years.
  14. A few logistical errors. 1. The referee calling 2 blue..it was either 2 red or 2 red + 2 blue. 2. The referee going 2 blue and the judge going 2 red. Looks very bad. 3. I think the score keeper just put up the points that were signaled and did not wait for the mat chairman to tell them what to put on the scoreboard. Another logistical nightmare. Me: i thought it was 2 red, 2 blue..giving Yanni the win.
  15. Koll makes a few valid points, but he is out of line with some of his(personal) attacks of some officials. This is nothing new with Koll.
  16. Very true, If the judge would have scored 2 red, 2 blue..I guarantee the Chairman would have gone 2 red, 2 blue, but he was handcuffed by the Judge's call.
  17. Different animal....Conel is a beast in collegiate style.
  18. After knowing of his previous antics, I am not the biggest Downey fan, but you can't give him a hard time. He followed the process and did what he had to do to qualify. Be irritated with USA Wrestling and their qualification process.
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