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  1. Well now that we have new dates for Olympics, wonder if we’ll get new dates for OTT. Still held at BJC? Wonder how Stubhub is going to handle this. I’ve been dreading making that call! Did anyone who had tix get refunds yet? Or wonder if they’ll just apply to new dates/times...
  2. Hello all We’re staying in Altoona and have the whole Friday before the trials open. I’m trying to figure out what to do that day and if it’s worth driving up to the campus. Anyone know of any wresting events or pre tourney fun happening around campus?
  3. I ordered my tix from stub hub about 3 days after the went on sale. Paid $200 for what I’m assuming are decent seats (sec 124 row N). But I haven’t received them on stub hub yet. They said I’ll get an email day b4. We’re staying in Altoona. Anything available close was super spendy!
  4. It’s gonna be AWESOME! Anyone know if there is anything going on the day before? Like autographs and such?
  5. Hello all- My almost 13 yr old son and a couple of his wrestling buddy’s (boys and girl) are interested in attending a “technique”or “competition” camp this summer. W a couple of the group having family’s near Iowa City, (and being Hawk fans) we were considering the Eastern Iowa Camp. Most specifically, the “training camp”. Anyone have experience w these camps? They look like they could be huge camps so specifically curious about individual attention and instruction. This will be a first time camp experience for all the group, so we’d like to make sure it’s a great experience. Also, coming from Alaska, the travel costs will be more expensive than the camp itself. So hoping for the best. Thank you in advance for a as y input!!
  6. Any idea how/where I can watch the Iowa OSU dual? Thank you!
  7. Anyone know where I can watch the U23 worlds? UWW says “not yet released in your country...”
  8. Stubhub has about 150 tix left. I checked that tickmaster link provided, shortly after the went on sale, and they said sold out already. But bought ours on stubhub. I’ve been keeping an eye on the price and availability. Similar tix to the ones we bought are now 3x as expensive. My son and I have nvr been to a big tournament. We’re coming down from Alaska and super excited! There’s gonna be unbelievable matches all day both days!
  9. Guess I am confused by the whole RTC thing. Let’s start w a few questions. Where does this money come from? What benefit is there to the RTC to bring in a big athlete? I sincerely apologize for my ignorance.
  10. Hello I have never been to an international tournament, finial X or Olympic trials tourney. However, this year my son and I broke down and bought tickets to the trials. He was wondering if there are any events or opportunities the day before to get autographs and shake hands w some of the wrestlers? Is there usually a chance to meet em? Thanks for any info!
  11. So in the Olympic weights that there were no US medalist, who gets the “bye” to the best of 3 wrestle off on day 2 of the Olympic trials?
  12. Anyone know when tickets for the trials will go on sale? In Penn right?
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