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  1. I was really pulling for Zain to do well and was very disappointed by the result. I just feel he isn’t equipped in some way to wrestle the foreign competitors. I think it could be mental since international style is so much stop and go in the action and that isn’t Zains style so he is having to conform more than those that he is wrestling and it’s more unnatural for him and he isn’t seeing that in most domestic matches he wrestles. He also doesn’t have the early experience of Junior worlds against international competition. I also think Yianni just seems to love competing over seas and brings it when he gets the chance to but either way he has to get past a Final X if he wants to make waves internationally. That being said, You can’t take away the fact that Yianni did beat a couple of the guys in the semis this year. Bajrang being tired (even though it seemed he wrestled his butt off at BTS) I don’t think would result in Yianni being teched by him this week or that there would have been a different result with Muszukajev (especially since he looked just as gassed in these matches.) If anything I think Yianni would have had a good strategy for him. Butttt- that draw was horrific and even though in my opinion I think Yianni could have scrambled better against Toby, I don’t think he would have gotten much further especially if he ran into Rashidov/Oto/Aliev.
  2. This is quietly one of the worst officiated matches I’ve seen of the tournament so far, more so because of the chair... - 4 point move by Kaz- I just can’t help but see that clearly as Bajrangs move... I think if he didn’t land so flat it would have been easily his 4 and it’s hard not say that was a homer call... -First/second hands to the face white paddled- I don’t recall a warning given before this but it was clear he was getting hands to the face by the KAZ and the official even awarded 1 to Bajrang only to have it white paddled by the chair! I haven’t been watching international long but I haven’t seen a call like that white paddled. - unfortunate step out, this was more on bajrang and I have to watch it again to see if it was a push out but it was a terrible 1 to give up - The lack of calls for stalling on the KAZ- he could have been easily called for stalling before it was called. Taking all that time to get to the center and sitting and catching his breath on the side of the mat with Bajrang pleading for him to come back to the center was really unfortunate -The ridiculous cube thrown by the chair that almost seemed designed to give the KAZ a breather... I feel like there were other things but at first I felt like Bajrang wasn’t wrestling as hard as he usually does and then there was call after call not going against the KAZ and the terrible 4 call at the beginning.... That was very frustrating to watch.
  3. Was really looking forward to that rematch too
  4. Looked like in Musukaev’s last match he may have tweaked his knee. Is anyone able to confirm if it was a forfeit due to injury?
  5. Any idea when they’re wrestling semis?
  6. Muskaev’s fast twitch scrambling/shooting is really fun to watch. If he’s in better shape today he will be another handful for Yianni for sure.
  7. Maybe what you just said could be the issue... instead of looking at everything as just a discussion, you look at it as an “argument” that has to be won. I find that if people continually engage with the mind set of “I am arguing because they disagree with me.” It makes middle ground impossible to find. If I were you, I wouldn’t base the way I handle myself on the bar set by the bottom half of posters that may be immature and non-sensical at times. Sometimes rising above it, admitting to being wrong or just admitting that you didn’t know something isn’t so bad and it actually gives you more credibility. I don’t know you at all as a person but if this is how you approach every conversation in life when there is any kind of differing of opinion it must always feel like you’re being attacked and that probably sucks.
  8. Two wrongs don’t make a right... not a very mature way of looking at it but oh well.
  9. TBar- no one cares that your are 100% in bed with Zain and PSU.... it’s just your constant unwillingness to admit your total and complete bias that gets people annoyed and when confronted with contradictory facts, you play the “what about this” game or give a pass if the unfavorable circumstance is against PSU. From my short time on this forum most posters actually seem very well thought out and generally want to get down to facts regardless of the side they fall on as a fan. It just seems your name is always the one to pop up on here in which people continually and repeatedly get frustrated with because your unwillingness to have an open mind or not express blind loyalty to one side of an argument based on your rooting interests. That being said, you still seem knowledgeable as well, just tough to engage with on a a variety of topics.
  10. Tbar, you seem to be failing to understand something. Knowing that the brick was thrown and the first sequence reviewed as asked for by the coaching staff was the action right at the end of the match. Even if the score stands from the action around 45 seconds, Zains corner still lost the challenge for the sequence that they threw the brick for which results in 1 point for Yianni making the score 7-6. I’m not sure how you can possibly justify that a brick throw can count for multiple scoring sequences and reviews as that is certainly not how it is intended. It seems the blind lotalty, while appreciated by PSU I’m sure, results in your inability to even acknowledge that there was a failed challenge that did not result in a point.
  11. Alliseeisgold- maybe we should check your birth certificate...
  12. Coulda woulda shoulda... I also spotted a big IF in that post too...
  13. The timing on Yianni’s shots were really on point and he made it look effortless getting in on Zains legs. That 4 pointer was also some smoothr sh*t...
  14. They only way the statement above could conceivably be seen as correct is if your interpretation of “the committee having a say” is purely just by determining the date of Final X. Otherwise, how could you possibly believe any rule states that the committee has complete oversight on how any wrestler trains and “gets back to form.” I’m almost certain nobody on this forum knows what the doctor note said and speculating I suppose is fine but what’s not fine is speculating and trying to pass off your opinion as a fact. Is it annoying this is happening and does it deem a possible rule change, yeah probably. Dake wrestling in a tournament to prepare for the world team spot does not appear to be breaking any rules given what someone posted above that’s in the rule book. Let’s just get the best wrestler to Worlds and simmer down about speculation of notes and committee jurisdiction etc...
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