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  1. Haha so true... always seems like the Cornell boys get a lot of flack for no apparent reason on here. Yianni is seemingly one of the most personable, outgoing and nicest guys on team USA but people always seem to find reasons to take shots at him. I find that mind boggling since he would be such a great face of USA wrestling moving forward, especially if he continues to have success and upward trajectory. In my opinion Yianni is incredibly easy to root for but that's just me...
  2. That certainly doesn't look like he's wrapped around the chest...
  3. Completely agree, and I really hope it still does as I'm a big fan of Cornell. They just have an uphill battle with people jumping ship to NLWC...
  4. Considering it's official, it will certainly have an impact on recruiting in some capacity at Cornell. The first thought I had was does Yianni head there as well after he's done with his last year at Cornell? He could certainly benefit from the training partners there and it doesn't seem like Zain will be going back down to 65kg for the OLY year at this point. Yianni leaving Grey would probably be one of the toughest choices he'd ever have to make being his guy for so long but at the end of the day I don't think he could let that relationship stifle development via lack of quality wrestlers to train with. Penn State really has become the center of the wrestling universe and not sure if that's a great thing or that the lack of talent at other RTCs due to them heading to state college is going to negatively impact things moving forward. Time will tell... Just a side note... if Yianni did go... it would be wild watching him roll with Nolf in the wrestling room given both of their levels of creativity.
  5. Damn, the rich get richer! Wonder if Yianni will take off after his last year of college? Sucks for Grey, not that Dake was ever his 'guy' but it will have some impact on recruiting and like I said, I could see Yianni heading out for better training partners as well.... That will be a tough choice.
  6. I mean he has beaten Bajrang twice, one being a tech...and he beat Musakaev in their first matchup. I'd say if he keeps wrestling the way he has been this tournament he's right there with all of the guys at the top. It's not like the few guys at the top of the weight never have a close match and they take losses like everyone else.... Hard to really count Yianni out of any match at the weight now in my opinion but I hope he keeps it rolling against the Iranian.
  7. Bruh- who cares... Questionable calls happen in sports literally all the time and they have gone against us and this one may have fell in our favor... Yianni still got a takedown after this and Tevanyan literally did nothing the entire match up to that point... You make it seem like Yianni should forfeit his win because the ref may have made a poor call. And this screenshot looks at the far end of the exchange, and whistle may have been blown at this point... You would need a slow mo video with a birds eye view to see the entire exchange.
  8. You knew Yianni had that match from the start with that finger wag which was reminiscent and mocking what Tevenyan did to Yianni in their first match after a hard club.
  9. Agreed but Hendo is really familiar with Yianni's abilities and probably how he thinks through positions and strategy thoughout a match. Being a Yianni enthusiast, I do wish he was able to put together back to back techs on Hendo (even though I love Henderson and the journey he's been on at this stage in his career) there may be something to Hendo having practiced and been in the room with Yianni for the amount of time that he was. The first time Yianni wrestled Musakaev he was getting crushed until he gassed. After Yianni got a feel for him, he still lost but it was much closer than the first time they wrestled. I imagine Hendo had a great idea on how to keep it close in the first one.
  10. At this point at 65kg, I'd take a guy on our team winning 3 matches let alone winning the thing considering our recent track record. Would be nice just to see we closed the gap to the top a bit.
  11. Pyles and Bader with the burn on Nutters hair...
  12. Hard to see Hendo wrestling a better match against Yianni than that to catch him in those wraps and slide out of a gut on top. He's definitely got some old timer tricks.
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