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  1. Bummed we didnt get to see Yianni/Echemendia... perhaps theres a chance tomorrow. If cornell didnt lose Dake and Dean it would have been game over i think. At least now it will be a little more interesting.
  2. are you counting.... the amount of hair follicles on your hand.... or.... all of the creases on your palm.... either way..... that’s a lot of times you were ‘triggered’ my little ‘Karen’...
  3. Hahaha..... I just couldn’t.... Help myself.... Too easy to trigger you are....
  4. because you’re coaching it the wrong way..... it sounds like....
  5. Twooooo! He’s Glued (pinned) Give him the business Make him wrestle Funk- also used for ringworm or some other skin issue Headcase
  6. Maybe not as deep but some big names and multiple D1 champs plus an MMA champion and NFL player brother tandem... 2005 NY State Champs 96lbs: John Oschmann 103lbs: Austin Meys -NCAA Qualifier 4th at Midlands with most Pins 112: Lou Ruggirello -NCAA Qualifier 119: Thomas Magnani: wrestled at Iowa for a short time 125: Troy Nickerson - NCAA Champ 130: JP OConnor - NCAA Champ 135: Paul Fiorio 140: Chris Wade - D3 All American and NJCAA Finalist 145: Gregor Gillespie -NCAA Champ 152: Ryan Patrovich- Multiple time NCAA qualifier 160: Alton Lucas : D1 All American 171: Ricky Scott Wrestled D1 at UB 189: Jon Bones Jones-MMA Champ 215: Ed Bordas 2 time NCAA qualifier 285: Arthur Jones- NFL Player
  7. Hahah wow... Given your passion for the military and honoring them, you must really hate the sitting president given all the draft deferments...
  8. LJB- why are you so defensive of someone who I assume you don’t know saying things that are at an absolute minimum highly divisive, borderline incoherent and just plain ignorant? At first I can never understand why others defend that kind of behavior until I realize it’s most likely because the people that do defend it are most likely in the same boat and share those views. That type of sensationalism and divisive rhetoric is why we can’t see past party affiliation let alone try to solve inequality issues that exist. I don’t disagree that some may call ‘racist’ at any drop of that hat and that’s not right, but this I think is clearly not one of those cases. Not all disgusting behavior and opinions should be defended ‘just because.’ Why not try taking another perspective or looking at this from another lens?
  9. Lu1979- first thank you for your post and I can tell from the time you took that this topic must be important to you as you stated. I will attempt to address a few of the points/things you said: Based on your first paragraph, your disagreement with me is that you think we are closer to reaching the lofty goal of all those being treated equally under the law than I probably do. Completely fair of you to take that opinion given that you are from an older generation than myself. I’m sure the comparison you have from long ago stand in contrast to what you’ve seen more recently which is understandable. However, just because there are less beatings of blacks in the street, and there aren’t any outspoken black leaders being assassinated such as MLK doesn’t exactly give me a ringing endorsement of how far we’ve come. After all, it was just a couple years ago when there was a large group of people in Charlottesville VA marching with Nazi flags (whom your parents generation fought against) and peddled in white supremacy/KKK chants of blood and soil.... I think a lot of us on here just don’t live day to day with the prejudices against us that others face daily, maybe for you and others it’s just a case of out of sight out of mind. What’s happening now isn’t new for a lot of people, it’s just being projected louder. Did you know that from the point slaves were freed and during the Jim Crow era police were tasked with rounding up black people in mass for minor crimes to fill the economic gap left behind in the south due to freeing those slaves? Why would they do that? In the 13th amendment the loop hole was that stated “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." The fact that the criminal loophole resulted in a loss of rights and provided ways to gain back labor through the prison system exists to this day albeit in varying forms. Policing in the south created such a dangerous environment for blacks they began migrating to the north and were met with much of the same attitude. (Floyd wasn’t killed In Mississippi, it’s Minnesota for Pete’s sake. ) The US accounts for 5% of the worlds population but in-prisons 25% of the worlds prisoners... That fact alone shows how at least one answer to some of the issues faced today is to do away with private prisons for profit. Additionally- $1 billion was spent by police departments last year In the top 10 cities for settling cases of misconduct. One Billion dollars. You go on to mention laws changing and evolving for the betterment of racial equality... These are some recent facts: In Minneapolis force was used on blacks 7 times more often than whites. Blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than whites and about 1 in every 1,000 black men can expect to be killed by police. This part of your post comes off as very naive, especially when referencing an American dream that really doesn’t exist for most Americans these days regardless of your ethnicity. I am not saying we shouldn’t speak positivity to young black kids today and tell them how work ethic can solve their problems and help them find success. We should lift them up every chance we get. The unfortunate part is that they ARE being pushed down by systemic bias, stereotypes and yes, to an extent, racism. I would never say any black person isn’t capable of winning the race to success, they just don’t get the incredible head start that a lot of white people do. It’s a sad truth many of us don’t want to admit or face because we feel it threatens the legitimacy of the success we found. It shouldn’t threaten us at all, we should just be open to that concept and find ways to fix it. Your generation no doubt took strides to reduce the amount of overt racism that existed, it’s now on the younger generations to pick up the baton and keep going to reduce it further and in hopes one day we can get to a better place than we are today. One thing we can never do is sit back on our laurels and say ‘look at all the steps we’ve taken’ but rather look to the future and take those steps toward a more equal society for all not just in law but in everyday life. ‘A rising tide lifts all ships’
  10. Cool of you to pick every Fox News headline and associate it with yourself... You still can’t help yourself but focus on what a small percentage of bad actors are doing compared to how many people are actually in the streets protesting and lumping everyone else into the same category. Since David Duke is a trump supporter should I classify all republicans as part of the KKK? That would be utterly absurd and is exactly what you’re doing with Black Lives Matter which I never even brought up. Saying the protest in NY is worse than 9/11 should make you ashamed of yourself. Most people marching in the streets are not ‘in an organization’ If your friend truly had his head beat in with a brick, I’m sorry for that. But to diminish the equal rights, treatment and end to systematic oppression of blacks because of whatever experience you see when you look out your window is incredibly myopic. You only speak in the hyperbolic and can’t be taken seriously at all, just like everyone, you’re entitled to your own opinion, as am I but I wouldn’t be surprised if Fox News calls you to make a guest appearance in Tucker Carlson. And if your great granddaddy was in the civil war, I’d expect a lot more understanding that when he fought, blacks were F’ing Slaves! It’s not like they chose to come to the US. They didn’t exactly get the same start your granddaddy did legs or no legs.
  11. I’m sorry do you live in a city or are you law enforcement because if not then I doubt you have any clue because it’s not a very very small percentage it’s literally half the people at these events, and to compare this to civil rights is a joke and a slap in the face to the people that fought for it, those people were marching for literal equal rights, these people are marching to defund or abolish police, half these protesters are paid, or just anarchists who don’t want to combat racism they just want to see America burn, seriously google black lives matter ideology and goals and tell me this is about equal rights or racism , your so woke until these mobs burn down your house or beat you and your wife in the street I live in a city and have friends that are in the police force, in Buffalo, NY no less which has been all over the news. I have been in constant communication with them and I have gotten updates from them directly. You literally lost all credibility by saying half the people protesting are rioting, if that were the case, it would be all out war on the streets. To say half the people are getting paid is such a nut job conspiracy to diminish what is going on it also significantly reduces your credibility. You must live on a farm and be terrified of people that are different from you. You must live in constant fear. I feel bad for people like you that have been so brainwashed about all this that all you can do is say half the people are rioting or looting. Your post is a complete joke, was your granddaddy a confederate soldier? Why harbor so much resentment and hate? Rioting and looting is wrong and it IS a small percentage of people and you are choosing to focus on the outliers than the broader issue at hand.
  12. All the white people on here complaining how their opinions are being infringed upon are completely laughable... I in no way condone people rioting, looting and destroying businesses but they are a very very small percentage of the people protesting. How any person can say this is dumb or a waste of time is on the wrong side of history. These protests are larger than the civil rights movements in the 60s and taking place all over the world. Police brutality is not a partisan issue and it is simply a fact that blacks are targeted much more often than whites. Why is it a problem to want to change that? Blacks have the lowest average income of any race in the US. They are the most incarcerated of any race in a country that incarcerates 5 times as many people as the next closest country. There has been a decentralized oppression that has fed itself for years. If you agree with the constitution or any religious teachings that everyone is created equal, why would you be anything but supportive of people wanting to be treated fairly and equally under the law? Just because the media whether it be Fox News or CNN sensationalize everything And it wears on you, doesn’t mean the protests are ‘bad’ or not warranted. People on here whining about how their disturbing opinions are not being respected really need to get a clue. Would your opinion have been blacks should not have been land owners? That women should never have had the right to vote? Movements like this are what produce progress. If you are against that progress and equality of every human on the planet, then you better believe people are going to come after you because you would be the kind of person standing in front of positive progress. People need to get over themselves, no one is infringing on your opinion. Go shout from the rooftops how you don’t want equality, just be ready for the consequences.
  13. Obviously the chances of an extra year of eligibility are slim to none but.... Does anyone want to take a crack at the what the top 4 or top 8 in each weight class would be with all seniors back including all Olympic redshirts? I can’t even imagine the matchups that we would see on a Thursday evening... it would be epic.... Who would get MOW? Does Iowa or Penn State win? Could we hold the tournament at Jerry World? the possibilities....
  14. Anyone catch Yianni’s matches? If so, how’d he look?
  15. Did anyone catch the Desanto foot stomp on Gross’ hand? Entirely uncalled for and dirty... that kid just can’t keep his sh*t together for one match it seems like. Take a look at the flo stream at approx 9:03 into the stream with about 24 seconds left on the clock in the second period. Gross is a class act to not react at all to that. There is a difference between wrestling tough/physical and wrestling like a complete jerk and he crosses the line more than anyone I’ve seen. Can’t imagine anyone on the Penn State team taking a cheap shot like that and I’m not even a Penn State homer...
  16. This post is either a blatant lie or total troll job of a wrestling tournament... Clovis has never been to Eastern States and in the 16 year history has no champions there so what you stated is basically impossible... Also, Wyoming Seminary has been a recent attendee and I doubt you would refer to them as “JV” caliber wrestlers... Its a tough tournament but never have they claimed to be Ironman or Powerade and I’m sure they would welcome more and better competition.
  17. Nah, been visiting here a while and finally made a handle last year... I will admit there was a very small hint of sarcasm in my response that may not have been easily picked up.
  18. I think if Iowa doesn’t win it this year it will be really disappointing, especially with all the hype that’s been around the team all year. As for the scoring and whether or not it would be more impressive for a team to have 5 champs and win over 10 AAs.... In the Olympics are you more impressed by a team with 50 gold medals and maybe a couple other silver/ bronze or a team with 100 bronze (in this case guys would really not even be in the top 3 but top 8.)
  19. Damn, can’t believe this thread is still going! My fault for giving the personal anecdote to all that got sucked into this, I sincerely didn’t mean to start anything. I’m really surprised to see how polarizing a wrestling camp has become...
  20. The really comical part about what you just said is under the topic of the only team to have 10 all Americans that were coming off of an NCAA team title and all of those wrestlers and coaches apart of the program were the ones coaching and training the participants. It’s interesting to think everything they would teach and train is completely counter to what made them successful that year or in previous years. Im bowing out of this discussion now... It feels a bit like talking to my grandmother about politics.
  21. I did say: Not sure where you are interpreting a lack of tolerance or openness when I clearly mention what it was that I took issue with. I also like how you stated “my (is in me) individual experience” where as you have “observable evidence.” We can agree you disagree at this point. I think the camp had value based on my experience and I’m willing to bet many other participants feel the same based on my observable evidence. You think the camp is not worth the time or money, which is totally cool. Either way, neither of us should be up on a pedestal stating opinions as facts on what is or is not a good investment of time in money in the sport of wrestling.
  22. One would think so Lurker... However, in Russelscout-land apparently he is the sole decider of what experiences are and are not a good investment in the sport of wrestling.... Just saying that out loud gives me a chuckle for its sheer nonsense.
  23. You are entitled to your singular opinion just like everyone else. The only thing I take slight issue with is how in the position you take, your comments are stated like they are facts or absolutes when again, it is just the opinion of one person in one thread of one forum and so on...
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