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  1. I love Cael Sanderson and what he's accomplished at PSU, but the PSU fans appear to be doing their level best to be heels. This post is bush league and I'm not even a Cornell fan.
  2. "Claims" being the key word. The Iranian wrestler didn't exactly paint himself in glory at the end of the match.
  3. Poulin did nothing wrong here. This wasn't the beginning of the match.
  4. I don't like poor sportsmanship more than most, but it doesn't exist in this video. This was absolutely distorted and bog-standard anti-Americanism given to us by the British state broadcaster -which is always claiming to be unbiased.
  5. Anybody who wants to see a fair outcome wants it overruled - which is pretty much anyone who isn't a PSU homer.
  6. You hope they rule against it because you're a PSU fan.
  7. Certainly it would be much easier for Yianni to qualify, train and minimalize the chance of being injured by being a representative for Greece. The only thing that I could see stopping him is that he was part of several US junior teams wrestling internationally, so he would probably be loyal to USA wrestling. Given that he was completely jobbed by USA Wrestling, you'd have to wonder where his head is now. He certainly can't allow it to interfere with his Olympic hopes.
  8. You're correct in that the USA certainly won't be getting a medal at 65.
  9. Would love to see him go down and take out Downey.
  10. Yianni is probably eligible to wrestle for the Greek national team.
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