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  1. 3 schools in 4 years! Can anybody beat that? Be happy that this guy is wrestling. Otherwise he'd be using that manic energy being alone in his apartment making lampshades out of human flesh.
  2. The Rohn match electrified the crowd. The Rico scramble was something special. Ness winning in the last few seconds was awe inspiring.
  3. I can't believe that some find this worthy of discussion. Sad would crush him. End of.
  4. I have no idea what you're talking about. And I suspect you don't, either.
  5. You've got to chase me into another thread? What an insecure little man you are.
  6. There is no other reason why you would badger complete strangers.
  7. I'd prefer Dean to win, but there's no chance of it. Taylor is on another level.
  8. I think you are projecting your own emotional investment in politics on me.
  9. It would likely be a more interesting discussion than this one.
  10. I'm not asking real questions. Only rhetorical ones. I don't see where I've indicated what I like and what I don't.
  11. I'm not dancing around it. We're all aware of the lawsuits. He thinks it's over. So do I. Is that misinformed? It's realistic.
  12. I don't see anything wrong with what Burroughs posted. He spoke about how he feels representing the USA as an athlete who is often overseas. I live overseas. I understand why people voted for Trump. I'm not excited about a Biden administration. But living overseas you feel like a punching bag because the guy has no filter. Burroughs didn't do any political analysis. How does Ferrari therefore conclude that he's "misinformed"?
  13. You are amazing at this and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Awesome stuff. Again.
  14. Regardless of what has happened, I think that we Americans can agree that the spirit that is Iranian wrestling is inspiring if you have ever seen a world competition. They are incredible fans and they are our brothers, regardless of leadership. I'm not the most kumbaya guy on the planet, but the Iranians understand the USA better than anyone else in the Middle East. I would love to go there and talk wrestling with the greatest fans on the planet. And always remember that fandom ensures the future of the sport.
  15. I'm a NY guy who has supported Dake throughout his career, but JB is always in the conversation when Tsargush is a common opponent. That's how I saw it, anyway.
  16. Thanks for posting this. Tsardouche just tapped out. Great to see Dake destroy his will. Still like JB as our best at 74.
  17. Just GTFO with that. Is anyone above criticism ever? Was Lance Armstrong above criticism even he would crush me in a race. Are our politicians above criticism because they are in positions of power. Such a stupid argument.
  18. Put Gilman on the clock already. He should be trying out for the track team.
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