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  1. Well if they had gone 2-2 or 2 blue on the crackdown/chest wrap, I'm sure they would have gone all the way back to period 1 to review that as well and find a way to award the match to red. :-)
  2. I think Rob Koll is the best in the biz. He becomes a savage when it comes to his wrestler's best interest. That's the coach I want looking out for my kid. I think he had/has reason to be exasperated with the officiating in both of those instances, and I see no problem with him having his guys' backs.
  3. I think that was unrealistic to begin with for maintaining and cutting weight purposes alone during arbitration. I think there should be at least one full week (maybe two) to prepare if additional wrestling is required.
  4. Didn't Tucci allow Burroughs to turn Dake's face to mush in the 2017 WTTs?
  5. Zain's near exposure after the craziness was reviewed based on the red brick and unfounded. Why? ...and why no 1pt blue? What's crazier is that it was reviewed before they rewound 50 seconds. Procedural missteps aside, it gives the look, that an outcome for red was desired by somebody. I don't understand how you get a free pass to look for missed pts on an exposure in a package deal with 1/3 of the rest of the period. If they'd just gone back to the 50 seconds left without looking for Zain's 2, I might bite on some of this rule book procedural rhetoric. The fact they looked for the 2 first is shady AF, especially bc blue had a near exposure afterwards as well.
  6. Yianni nearly turning Zane was part of "the sequence". Why wasn't that looked at? I believe he wanted to challenge the rules regarding the timing of the red brick, but they certainly weren't giving him the benefit of a 50 second spanned review to see if some other camera angle had him getting 2 when Zain spun on his head. His brick was denied. Nobody ever awarded any pts when Zain nearly exposed Yianni, yet that got looked over by the heads meticulously without a 1 pt award when unfounded. To say the red brick may not have counted because of the erroneous officiating is BS because every person there saw them looking for Red's 2 that didn't happen. It was reviewed. To say that it was a "no brick" because of the official mishap 50 seconds below is nonsense if all the other aspects and rules of the wrestling were in place for the match remainder. If there's no "Bad Time" then that has to count for a brick throw too. If red throws their brick within 5 seconds of the 2 blue and it is not stopped and reviewed until the action stopped at :00. , I'd have no beef with how this went down. That's not what happened though. That red brick should have been 1 pt for blue if they looked for Zane's exposure that wasn't there.
  7. What risk did Yianni have to take to try and score those pts though? He did not compromise position to look for that turn.That is one small part of the last moments of the match. Otherwise, Yianni did not risk position to try and get to any offense at all. Turned out, the only thing he needed was a reversal. Maybe when he had Zain compromised, he could have sought control instead of a turn there. To act like the scoreboard and being ahead/behind did not matter in the last part of the match is crazy. You switch who's winning and who's losing on that scoreboard, and it guarantees different action out of the competitors.
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