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    brewland reacted to Perry in Anything from arbitration?   
    Penn state fans are just clinging to the only thing they can which is that Zain (wrongfully) got his hand raised at the end of the match after a blatantly illegal challenge was allowed. I am a pretty big hater of the Cornell program, especially koll and dake, but I can easily say that Yianni was hosed in this match and even with the second match being re-wrestled he is the victim, not zain.
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    brewland got a reaction from BallandChain in The call   
    I think Rob Koll is the best in the biz. He becomes a savage when it comes to his wrestler's best interest. That's the coach I want looking out for my kid.  I think he had/has reason to be exasperated with the officiating in both of those instances, and I see no problem with him having his guys' backs. 
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    brewland got a reaction from BallandChain in The call   
    Zain's near exposure after the craziness  was reviewed based on the red brick and unfounded.  Why?  ...and why no 1pt blue? What's crazier is that it was reviewed before they rewound 50 seconds. Procedural missteps aside, it gives the look, that an outcome for red was desired by somebody. I don't understand how you get a free pass to look for missed pts on an exposure in a package deal with 1/3 of the rest of the period. If they'd just gone back to the 50 seconds left without looking for Zain's 2, I might bite on some of this rule book procedural rhetoric.  The fact they looked for the 2 first is shady AF, especially bc blue had a near exposure afterwards as well. 
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