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  1. Big step. https://twitter.com/iowaw_wrestling/status/1441029881383505920?s=21
  2. Except Iowa State hoping to get in Top 15.
  3. Yes - it was a nice touch by Smith and company. No need to call out Hawkeye fans. I’m positive Sorensen knows we’re in his corner.
  4. Have to believe one of the teams asked to bring a 184. To which Dresser said they were full... Valuable experience for the ISU backups
  5. The “impartial opinions” are just pot shots though. Look at last nights Minnesota match thread - as it devolves into a tired ADS/RBY thread. I know I won’t change anybody’s opinions, but the college logo on mine or anybody else’s polo, doesn’t make them inherently different people....* *Except the Cyclone logo :-)
  6. Agreed. I will say HR probably has more trolls from other teams that any of the other team boards. So they’re always dealing with that. That effects the interactions you see.
  7. Probably tough to see with Jarod hanging out in blue part of mat
  8. Yeah. But only after switching to IE (wouldn't open in Chrome).
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