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  1. Here you go. https://t.co/PLZSOhwsxy?amp=1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Agreed, very nicely done. What a tribute to Eli and such a sad yet amazing story. As I posted in the other thread it’s very surreal to me. I have 9yr old boy girl twins. My daughter is my sons biggest fan. She won’t miss a match for anything. Once last year she was sick and couldn’t make it. He was as upset as she was. My wife and I were both a hot mess watching this tonight. I saw Mariah at the University of Illinois vs Iowa dual last year. Alex let my son and his friend in the Iowa locker room too. He thought he was hot stuff! Watching Mariah at the dual tonight you could tell by her presence near the mat she has a true passion for the sport. And man she is just as good looking in person too....wow. Alex you lucky dog you!
  3. How about the post dual documentary.......kind of surreal for me. I too have boy girl twins. Ironically enough my son aspires to wrestle for the Brands bro’s some day (like every other 9yr old wrestler). What a tribute to Eli and it also speaks a wealth of what kind of guy Alex is.
  4. I probably looked like a total fanboy when I asked him to take a picture with my kids. When the twins asked me who he was without hesitation I said “the greatest wrestler of all times”. Now my son tells everyone about his photo opp with his twin sister and Dan Gable.
  5. I’m sure you had the mods attention with that one...lol...ran into the “REAL” Gable at one of his grandsons Bantam State tournament in Chicago this winter. What an awesome guy....
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