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  1. Nick suriano and bo nickal will both become ufc champions in my opinion
  2. Askren is good but it’s pathetic that he’s been in mma for so long and has horrible stand up
  3. I don’t think desanto would go up because it’s his spot until he loses it and I don’t see him losing to teasdale
  4. He also missed the final 4 dual meets because of this.
  5. https://www.nj.com/rutgers/2018/03/rutgers_nick_suriano_reveals_scary_hardship_he_overcame_to_reach_ncaa_final.html my bad not 30
  6. Yeah I know but suriano was in the hospital for a month.
  7. Great discussion, but my main question for the post was who do you guys think is a better wrestler suriano or lee? Suriano was in the hospital for a month last time they wrestled
  8. Yo lhu125 I go to lhu as well what’s your name? Lol
  9. I think lee wanted to give Gilman one more opportunity. Lee can beat fix in my opinion
  10. How do you guys think suriano vs lee would go if the wrestled at the same weight now?(either 133 or 125). Last time they wrestled suriano couldn’t practice for like a month so I still don’t know who I think is a better wrestler.
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