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  1. I’m talking about at 133 next season
  2. I’d like to see this matchup. I actually think rby is a better wrestler than fix right now because he looks so quick and fluent. Fix is a very passive wrestler and rby is constantly trying to score and can get behind you or take you down unexpectedly. Fix is better on top but you can’t tell me he’s a better neutraL wrestler than rby
  3. I don’t know that Taylor beats Nickal. I know nickal lost to cox but he was a lot lighter and cox had to cut to make weight as well. Does anyone have any inside knowledge of who wins when they practice together?
  4. He keeps calling out David Taylor for steroids when he has nothing to back it up. He’s gonna use the excuse that he lost because of roids when he loses
  5. Nolf is better than retherford and so is nickal. Oliver looks much improved and will beat retherford the next time they wrestle in my opinion.
  6. Yeah like imagine a ufc fighter winning a title in 3 weight classes (since there are less ufc weight classes) they would probably be considered the goat over khabib who has never lost
  7. Winning 4 titles in 4 different weights is more impressive than 4 Titles in one weight regardless of how many losses dake had
  8. Does anyone believe that he has 4x national champion potential? I think he does and from looking at film I think he is better than yianni was in high school. Cornell May win the team title two years from now
  9. I don’t think micic is better. Suriano was in on so many shots and didn’t finish. Just a few slight adjustments and he would have won the first meeting. He made the proper adjustments at ncaas
  10. I would like to see Suriano vs Rivera @133. I believe they are the two best @133 (if Rivera goes 33)
  11. I actually disagree and think that Bo actually matches up bad with zahid. Zahid has trouble with mark hall (who is undersized at the weight and isn’t as good as Bo)
  12. 133 next year looks to be the toughest weight class of all time. You’ve got nick Suriano (if he wrestles) Rivera, rby,desanto,micic, and vito (or maybe he goes 125)
  13. I’m bored so I made this lol. I personally think Bo wins it 7 times out of 10 whether freestyle or folkstyle
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