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  1. A few months ago - in almost identical fashion to his older brother Yianni - Greg D. shredded his ACL. He won't be healed in time for the start of his senior high school season, but he may return at some point during the season if all goes well. Or, he could be conservative and sit out his senior year (like Yianni did, due to injuries) and just focus on college and his freestyle career. If Greg competes this year, he's going for his 5th NYS wrestling title.
  2. From Yianni's Twitter feed. He posted this on Monday, July 29th, 2019. So it looks like the decision will come in the first or second week of August. "Just to clarify... the arbitration process began today but a decision won’t be made for about a week or two. Thank you everyone for the good luck and the kinda wishes but that’s all I know for now."
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