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  1. Bo's striking did look crisp: https://twitter.com/i/status/1532916915592642563
  2. Brock Lesnar deserves some credit. He had fought 1 time prior to fighting in the UFC, and his first UFC bout was a former HW champion (Frank Mir). He fought ranked fighters right from the start, and won the UFC HW title in only his fourth professional fight. It was a different era, sure, and fighters are more skilled and well-rounded today. But Lesnar took the tough road to the top. You'll almost certainly never see an MMA fighter repeat what Brock Lesnar did.
  3. OK, I have no choice, this comment just begs for this gif:
  4. They had that weight class in collegiate wrestling for a while, so it seems like it's feasible (or at least it was). In professional boxing, they've had a 118 pound weight class (bantamweight) for more than 100 years, and counting. Some dudes are just small. I realize that weight class is very unlikely to ever come back in collegiate wrestling, but Greg D., Stevo Poulin, and Kurt McHenry would instantly add legitimacy to a 118 pound weight class (and given their size, I could see them being there for 4 years).
  5. He is undersized. It's his biggest problem. IMHO, his size is going to limit his success in college, even though he is very talented. Edit: NCCA should consider bringing back the 118 pound weight class. Does anyone know why they dropped that weight class?
  6. Great win by Brooks, but is there anything more annoying in sports than the Jesus-freak victory speech?
  7. Dean rode DePrez for a bit, then Lou got the escape with about ~ 25 or 30 seconds left. DePrez gassed at the very end. When DePrez has a full gas tank, he's better than Dean (in their personal matchup, I'm talking about).
  8. Hendricks/Churella was pretty good. Lots of offense, controversy, close match decided with a last second takedown, and Johny doing his best villain routine.
  9. Considering only his grappling career, I think Greg would be better off wrestling for a different school. I doubt he transfers, but if he values his wrestling career more than his academic career, I think he should.
  10. Vito violated the rules, is what I'm saying.
  11. The still pictures of the Vito match are misleading - that's one problem with this debate. Watch the video that Wrestlingnerd posted, and it's clear that Vito leaving his feet and the trip are a single, fluid move.
  12. The Woodley KO from last night was violent. If the fix is in, you'd usually avoid taking or giving that kind of punishment, and instead rely on phantom punches. Here's a ringside view of the KO. Woodley got his house cleaned.
  13. Not only is this likely, in my opinion, but Greg may never crack the starting lineup again. He’s too small for 133, and Vito potentially blocks him for a couple of years. Even if Vito moves up in future seasons, Greg may have to contend with Brett Ungar for a spot at 125. Greg is obviously a very good wrestler, but he may not have a very successful wrestling career at Cornell. I wonder if he would consider transferring for the sake of his grappling career.
  14. Vito's losses to Austin Gomez are another good example. Vito came out smoking on offense in those matches, building a big lead, then gassing and getting beat late. If Vito ever had a top-end gas tank, he'd be extremely tough to beat. As it stands, he susceptible to guys (albeit very good ones) who can push a high pace for an entire match.
  15. If you lose, you are out the $100. If you win, you owe nothing (or get back the $100 if you pay up front), and you get $475. So, your net is the full $475.
  16. You know those 4 titles come with a huge asterisk, right broski? You don't really believe PSU would have had that many individual champions in a non-Covid, non-Olympic year, right? In any case, there's a middle ground here. One of the great things about wrestling is that it's both an individual and a team sport.
  17. McLovett! Nice OT takedown on Omania for the win.
  18. I'm picking Lou DePrez to be a finalist at 184, with Aaron Brooks being the other finalist.
  19. I'm going to hijack your comment a bit. I know you are comparing intensity. But since you mentioned Nick Lee, I'll take the opportunity to make a confession. I'm not really sure where all the love for Nick Lee comes from. He's a very good wrestler, for sure. But he's not great. He'll do good to win one title in his collegiate career, but there's a good chance he doesn't win any. Mid-season last year, it appeared he jumped levels. But he didn't end his season on a grand note - 1) He beat Chad Red and was never in any real danger of losing, but it was still close in the waning seconds of the match, with Lee winning 7-5. 2) He then lost to Luke Pletcher in his next (and final) match of the year.. This past weekend, he won an extremely close match against Rivera that could have gone either way. And he lost to Eierman. In my opinion, Nick Lee never really 'jumped levels'. He went from being good to very good, but he didn't make the leap from being good to being a juggernaut. In no way is Nick Lee at the level of a collegiate Zain, or any of the other recent PSU greats.
  20. Yianni was born with that wingspan. On either Twitter or Instagram (I don't remember which), he posted a picture of himself when he was 3 or 4 years old, and his arms were already out of proportion to the rest of his body. I don't have an account with either of these sites (it seems as though they've restricted access to photos sometime in the past year or two), or I'd post the pic.
  21. In terms of his collegiate career, I think Stevo's main issue is going to be his size. He's a small dude. He wasn't able to compete for a state title as an eighth-grader because he was too small to wrestle scholastically. He won a state title at 99 pounds as a Freshman , and 106 pounds as a Sophomore. This past season, as a junior, he won a state title at 113 pounds (he likely would have stayed at 106 had Greg Diakomilhalis not vacated 113, IMO). Let's hope Poulin has a growth spurt in the next year or two, because he will need more bulk if he wants to enjoy the same level of success against collegiate wrestlers.
  22. Greg blew out his ACL almost exactly one year ago, so he wasn't able to compete for an age-level world team in 2019. Greg doesn't have the body type or the crazy wingspan that Yianni has, nor does he quite have Yianni's gumby-like flexibility. That said, Greg is very technically sound, and is otherwise similar to his older brother. And he's a winner, just like Yianni. Greg's high school career was stellar, and you'd have to expect him to have a very successful college career (IMO, he may be a career 125-lb wrestler at the collegiate level).
  23. Beating someone 8 out of 10 times is a display of dominance. While I believe Zain and Metcalf are comparable, there is no way Zain is that much better than Metcalf. If one were to believe Zain would get the best of Metcalf in a 10-match series, Retherford probably wins no more than 6 times. In my humble opinion, of course.
  24. I believe Dean Heil is an assistant coach at Campbell, and his younger brother Josh is currently on their roster. I know that some current members of Campbell's wrestling program enrolled in large part due to Kolat. Surprised by this move.
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