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  1. Yianni was born with that wingspan. On either Twitter or Instagram (I don't remember which), he posted a picture of himself when he was 3 or 4 years old, and his arms were already out of proportion to the rest of his body. I don't have an account with either of these sites (it seems as though they've restricted access to photos sometime in the past year or two), or I'd post the pic.
  2. In terms of his collegiate career, I think Stevo's main issue is going to be his size. He's a small dude. He wasn't able to compete for a state title as an eighth-grader because he was too small to wrestle scholastically. He won a state title at 99 pounds as a Freshman , and 106 pounds as a Sophomore. This past season, as a junior, he won a state title at 113 pounds (he likely would have stayed at 106 had Greg Diakomilhalis not vacated 113, IMO). Let's hope Poulin has a growth spurt in the next year or two, because he will need more bulk if he wants to enjoy the same level of success against collegiate wrestlers.
  3. Greg blew out his ACL almost exactly one year ago, so he wasn't able to compete for an age-level world team in 2019. Greg doesn't have the body type or the crazy wingspan that Yianni has, nor does he quite have Yianni's gumby-like flexibility. That said, Greg is very technically sound, and is otherwise similar to his older brother. And he's a winner, just like Yianni. Greg's high school career was stellar, and you'd have to expect him to have a very successful college career (IMO, he may be a career 125-lb wrestler at the collegiate level).
  4. Beating someone 8 out of 10 times is a display of dominance. While I believe Zain and Metcalf are comparable, there is no way Zain is that much better than Metcalf. If one were to believe Zain would get the best of Metcalf in a 10-match series, Retherford probably wins no more than 6 times. In my humble opinion, of course.
  5. I believe Dean Heil is an assistant coach at Campbell, and his younger brother Josh is currently on their roster. I know that some current members of Campbell's wrestling program enrolled in large part due to Kolat. Surprised by this move.
  6. Jeff Prescott was a 2x NCAA champ for PSU, and a 3x NYS champ. He was the best HS wrestler in NYS back in my day (mid to late 80s), at least in my opinion.
  7. I switched over to that match at the start of the 2nd period. RBY did next to nothing the last two periods. A bad look for him, and honestly the sport.
  8. 133 lb. semifinal is just sick. Gross vs. Rivera, DeSanto vs. RBY. Can't wait for this.
  9. Based on current numbers, this particular coronavirus is more deadly than the flu. But this may change, as coronavirus infections are probably underreported, which would skew the mortality rate. The other reason why the coronavirus is not 'just the flu 'or the 'just the common cold' is immunity. The general population has built up some level of immunity to the flu (flu shot, previous exposure), and to the common cold (previous exposure), which helps reduce the spread of the flu and common cold. Since this coronavirus is new in humans, there is no population immunity to help keep it from spreading like wildfire. Think back to when the Europeans first came to North America. The infectious diseases they carried with them hadn't been seen by Native American tribes before, which quickly led to epidemics and loss of life.
  10. He was red-shirting at Rider University, but dropped out about a year ago. Last I heard, he was wrestling at a community college in NY. Not sure what his current plans are. but his collegiate career is not off to the start I would have expected. He's a good wrestler.
  11. Frankie Gissendanner won 4 NYS titles - the first at 138, and the last 3 at 145.
  12. He goes for his 5th NYS state title next weekend. The big question is, will he redshirt his freshman year at Cornell? Anyone hear anything?
  13. Ironically, Sam's older brother Lou Deprez handily beat Darmstadt earlier this season (@ 184 lb.)
  14. Good stuff. Gross is such a savvy wrestler. RBY looked good, too, and almost pulled it out at the end. BTW, this may be RBY's best shot at winning a title, simply because the competition will be so stiff going forward. The redshirts come back next year: Fix, Micic, Suriano, and possibly Vito*. And then there's Rivera and DeSanto. Add in RBY, and there's 7 legit title contenders at 133. Nuts. Whomever wins the title next year will have earned it. * With Tucker graduating, and with Greg D. coming in at 125, I think Vito bumps up to 133.
  15. I agree. Over the next few years, this will be a tough, competitive weight class. According to Intermat's latest rankings (2/11/20), 7 out of the top 10 at 184 are either a freshman or a sophomore: Hunter Bolen (#2), Trent Hidlay (#3), Lou Deprez (#5), Aaron Brooks (#6), Nino Bonaccorsi (#7), Cameron Caffey (#8), and Abe Assad (#9). Seniors occupy the other 3 spots: Zahid Valencia (#1), Taylor Lujan (#4), and Andrew Morgan (#10).
  16. I don't know if the move was legal or illegal, or whether it was intentional or not, but these issues are beside the point when trying to figure out if he was injured. If you look at the image below, you can see DeSanto's knee is pinned to the mat, the back of his leg is immobile (RBY has the leg secure), and the bottom front of DeSanto's foot being torqued slightly (albeit very slightly) by RBY (there are better images of the hand on the foot). I can see this tweaking the knee, at least enough to cause pain and a yelp, if not an injury As far as the second cradle, when I watched it in real-time, I thought DeSanto was being a weasel - knowing he was about to get turned - and looking for the ref to intervene. I still kind of think that.
  17. Holy blast from the past. I remember watching him as a kid. He was very good. From Canandaigua, NY (a little Southeast of Rochester). His brother Marty was also very good.
  18. Greg D has a small frame. Vito is taller and lankier. I think Vito's body type would be better suited to add some bulk and go 133.
  19. Louie DePrez is good. Definitely one to watch. He narrowly missed AA last year. I wonder of Yianni will give Darmstadt any insider information on DePrez, given that Darmstadt and DePrez are likely to butt heads a few more times this year. Yianni and DePrez grew up together in the same town, going to the same school, and despite the size difference, have been training partners since they were kids.
  20. A few months ago - in almost identical fashion to his older brother Yianni - Greg D. shredded his ACL. He won't be healed in time for the start of his senior high school season, but he may return at some point during the season if all goes well. Or, he could be conservative and sit out his senior year (like Yianni did, due to injuries) and just focus on college and his freestyle career. If Greg competes this year, he's going for his 5th NYS wrestling title.
  21. From Yianni's Twitter feed. He posted this on Monday, July 29th, 2019. So it looks like the decision will come in the first or second week of August. "Just to clarify... the arbitration process began today but a decision won’t be made for about a week or two. Thank you everyone for the good luck and the kinda wishes but that’s all I know for now."
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