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  1. I was interested in the Rofkin/NLWC event on 2/23, so I looked on Rofkin and it said the paid subscription is $9.99 a month, cancel at anytime. But if you look at the annexed terms, it does not say anything about an ability to cancel at any time, nor about how you would cancel. Given the difficulty a prior poster expressed about even finding basic event information and the lack of information on the terms of the subscription, I've reluctantly decided not to do business with Rofkin.
  2. I've read this topic with interest. Near the end of the discussion I was struck by the inclusion of Jordan Burroughs on the list of persons who voted on Dake's application for an extension. Burroughs was permitted to vote, despite the fact that he would appear to have a personal interest in the decision on the extension application. It has been pointed out that medalists at non-olympic weights at the world championships receive a bye into the semi-finals of the OTT. The determination on the application for an extension could have an impact on which wrestler Burroughs would face in the final best of three at the OTT. This is not to suggest that Jordan Burroughs based his vote on anything other than his view on the merits of Dake's application. My question is why USAW did not require a a committee member with a potential conflict of interest to recuse himself from the vote?
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