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  1. Surprised I'd never heard of this Jadidiesque move by Mr. Schultz: "At the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, Mark intentionally threw a match against Turkey to protest his lack of support by USAW along with a sudden realization during the Olympics that he couldn't win for duPont's team." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Schultz_(wrestler)
  2. Can some Iranian brahs please translate I can barely handle the feels when he takes the podium https://www.instagram.com/p/Bwr5Ld7B1pw/
  3. Chigurh: What's the most you ever lost in a wrestling match? Angle: Sir? Chigurh: The most. You ever lost. In a wrestling match. Angle: I don't know. I couldn't say. [Chigurh flips a quarter on the mat and covers it with his hand] Chigurh: Call it. Angle: Call it? Chigurh: Yes. Angle: For what? Chigurh: Just call it. Angle: Well, we need to know what we're calling it for here. Chigurh: You need to call it. I can't call it for you. It wouldn't be fair. Angle: I didn't put nothin' up. Chigurh: Yes, you did. You've been putting it up for the whole match you just didn't know it. You know what date is on this coin? Angle: No. Chigurh: 1996. It's been traveling twenty-two years to get here. And now it's here. And it's either heads or tails. And you have to say. Call it. Angle: Look, I need to know what I stand to win. Chigurh: The gold meal. Angle: How's that? Chigurh: You stand to win the gold meal. Call it. Angle: Alright. Heads then. [Chigurh removes his hand, revealing the coin is indeed heads] Chigurh: Well done. [Angle nervously takes the gold medal] Chigurh: Don't put it in your pocket, sir. Don't put it in your pocket. It's your lucky gold medal. Angle: Where do you want me to put it? Chigurh: Anywhere not in your pocket. Where it'll get mixed in with the other gold medal decision you got last year in the 1995 World finals. Which you did.
  4. Early 2000's to a few years ago this place had it going on lewboo, Medicine_Man, Big, and a host of characters and good natured trolling A new thread every other minute Now everyone's all serious It's not the same anymore
  5. I must be getting gassed out early, match is running late This ref's calls all day, they look so phony Stamina's breaking everywhere, get the cold spray over here Put me down in par terre, I don't care 'cause it's alright I will get by I will get by I will get by I will survive I see Angle's got his offense out, see me get to edge of the mat and get out Guess I get another passivity call out of it, but it's alright Sorry that the crowd doesn't like it that way, the only thing there is to say Every silver medal's got a touch of grey I will get by I will get by I will get by I will survive It's a lesson to me The Atlanta home crowd wants to see The Angle victory in this place Try to keep a little grace *Heroic Guitar Solo* It's a lesson to me The crowd doesn't like me The overtime decision we all think of Will show me no love I know I got taken to my rear, he'll never turn the corner in years I'm even more exhausted than it appears, but it's alright Crowd is in complete frenzy, I've been hearing it since seventeen The words they scream are all obscene, but it's alright I will get by I will get by I will get by I will survive The leg lace should've been 2 since both hands didn't hit, there's really nothing much to it The man with the mustache won't get the decision today, 'cause it's alright Oh well, a silver medal kinda suits an anti-hero anyway And that was all I had to say and it's alright...
  6. The level of sheer anti-heroism required to be in this position and keep Angle from turning that corner in front of his home crowd in OT of the Olympic finals is beyond comprehension It's more impressive than if Angle actually had gotten the takedown
  7. Should've been 2 for the leg lace because the elbow touch the mat, but he only got 1 because the ref "missed" the call 2-1 final score instead of 1-1 to go to OT where he anti-heroically held off the turning that corner
  8. Where does Taymazov now rank? The anti-hero we deserve, not the one we need
  9. Wrestled down in a dead man's town. The first takedown I took was when we hit the ground. You end up like a scrub that's been beat too much, 'til you spend half the match just backin' up. Got in a little 3rd period jam, so they put a stalling call in my hand. Sent me off to overtime land, to wrestle a better man. Come back to center mat, referring man says "Son, if it was up to me". Went down to see the coaching man, he said "Son, you're only chance is to self-slam". I had a teammate in the finals fightin' off the hostile crowd. They're still there, he's all gone. He had a move that he loved, I got a picture of him barring arms. Down in the shadow of the howling screams, gassed out drudgery. State title 20 years down the road. Nowhere to run, ain't got nowhere to go.
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