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  1. 133 - Thomson, Serrano, and Sjomeling will fight it out. Boo is redshirting 149 -Ridge Lovett Hardy will redshirt and then wrestle 141 when Red graduates. 157 - Peyton Robb Davenport won’t make the lineup. He was 4th on the depth chart last year @ 149 behind Lovett, Hardy , and Parrish. I think Lovett growing into 149 really threw a monkey wrench in his chances of being in the lineup. 165 Bubba Wilson I'm curious to see how Condomitti is doing in the room against WIlson.
  2. Reno wrestled a couple extra matches. Sounded like he was dinged up a little and was out (injury) for part of the season. Serrano would have benefited from their summer program last year. Should be in the mix at 133. Was right there with Thomsen and Tucker.
  3. Sounds like Red will be back. If he wasn’t coming back Hardy would go 141. Ridge will be 149 going forward.
  4. Fact of the matter, he was getting beat by Hardy and Parrish. He was number 3 on the depth chart.
  5. Lovett is red shirting, Robb’s not big enough for 165 yet. Wilson is bigger, he’ll be at 165
  6. Nebraska 125 CA 133 IA 141 IN 149 MI 157 MN 165 KA 174 PA 184 MN 197 IL HWT MO
  7. ....or maybe he just got tired of Bono’s and reader’s antics.
  8. ....and didn’t place at the big 10 tournament...actually didn’t even win a match there
  9. Silva didn’t miss time earlier this year because of academics. That just what Bormet used as an excuse.
  10. The Practice room wasn’t the only issue
  11. Desanto is a junior this year. He wrestled one year at Drexel
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