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  1. Trueplayer

    Yianni/Zain Ruling

    Tbar Didn't they cutoff your internet? WE GET IT YOUR FOR ZAIN!
  2. Trueplayer

    Zain's left knee?

    Tbar Your just a troll period!! Your attacks on Yianni and Cornell are telling. Please get off this forum and play Xbox, or whatever you play with when you're not typing crap. True fans, or honest fans, understand that Yianni got a bad call period. If you can't see it your blind. Please stop, or I will call your mom and have her cutoff your internet. I will be pulling for Zain if he is OUR rep, and it won't hurt me as he is a class act just like Yianni.
  3. Trueplayer


    Tbar wake up and comment!