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  1. Ashnault went (124-19) and went 8th, 4th , 6th, 1st - 43 % bonus rate but that’s mostly weighed down from his freshman year when he was at 29% , he was over 50 the other 3 years … best wins are over ncaa champ Seth gross (15-2) , 3-0 against ncaa finalist Micah Jordan , 2-0 with 2 techs over ncaa finalist Dellavecchia, 1-0 against lugo the top seed at cancelled ncaas , 3-0 with a major over Luke pletcher top seed at cancelled ncaas, 5-4 against kolodzik Suriano - (86-7), DNP, 2nd ,1st , 1st - suriano 64 % bonus rate with a lot fewer matches - best wins are ,2-0 against ncaa champ Cruz he beat 6 ncaa finalists a total of 9 Times , 3-0 against Lizak with a pin, 2-0 zeke moisey with a pin 1-1 vs Micic 1-1 vs Fix 1-0 vs Courtney 1-0 vs Pat Glory also 1-0 vs Pletcher ncaa top seed 2020, 2-0 against Seabass , 1-1 vs Desanto , 1-0 against pat McKee by major Overall career someone can argue ashnault bc he stayed at Rutgers , transformed the program , became the first 4xAA, tied for being first champ with suriano and wrestled in way more matches and was available for his team more often but surianos hit list is unmatched he went up against the best guys all the time and almost always won , he helped Rutgers to there only top 10 ncaa finish ever and helped Michigan to a big ten title and ncaa 2nd place trophy… I think most people would agree with you that suriano had the better career but ashnault played a major part in lifting an entire program to being a consistent top 15ish team when just a few years before he got to Rutgers they were still a total joke so he should get some points for that
  2. Villalonga made the ncaa semis and had a career most guys would kill for, I wouldn’t count him
  3. Medina fell off before college , he took a few loses his senior year , he took 7th at the beast of the East and lost to a guy who was never an NJ state champ , I’m surprised he even wrestled the one year of college …definitely a case of HEW
  4. Rocky Jordan committed to Tennessee Chattanooga today Demas to Cal Poly
  5. Prata announced this past week that he has 1 more year and is running it back at Oklahoma
  6. Yea you nailed this one …now they need to land an upper weight 184/197 and they should have a pretty solid dual squad next year
  7. He beat 2 of the guys they gave the at large bids too , rough break to end his career
  8. It isn’t a a real molinaro match until Frank pushes someone after whistle or clubs them from left field
  9. It was crazy how easily Meade got to molinaros leg , really dominated him and Meade was a grade younger at the time , there is a thread on here somewhere with the match
  10. Joe Heilman to Rutgers…idk how he fits into the line up though
  11. Absolutely , he went from being so explosive to wrestling slow almost heavyweight like his last few seasons . .still with the bum knees and shoulder he was seeded top 10 atleast 3 times …made the blood round and all around was just a solid guy Yea it’s a shame he got a bad rap, him committing when Goodale got there is a big reason why Rutgers is a top 15 program and doing well in the big ten right now …he helped rebuild that program when they were at the bottom.
  12. Is the Virginia tech guy you re talking about Cody Gardner (RIP) ? He was a case of HEW and falling in with the wrong crowd , always thought he should’ve stayed in NJ instead of going to Christianberg …I don’t think anything caught up to Winston other than injuries, he had a great freshman year and was seeded 10th at ncaas in one of the toughest brackets ever ..I wrestled Winston multiple times from when we were kids through high school and he won on a lot more than just strength, he was as skilled as he was strong , just unfortunately his body didn’t hold up to the college grind
  13. Askren used to post before he started hating on this page
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