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  1. Yea but every single Iowa match I watch , at some point they cut to Marinellis wife and she’s right there match side screaming her lungs out and that guy seems to be doing just fine
  2. My coach and one of our captains gave all the freshman a talk about how “women weaken the legs” our first practice in 9th grade.. to be honest most of us had no idea what they meant at the time....turns out there was some truth to it lol
  3. On paper yes, but his body could not handle the drop to 165 , he had just taken 5th at the big 12s, losing to Brandon Ashworth and demtrious Romero, and had a record of 21-8 total for the season including just 7-4 at 165 ,with Connor Flynn being his best win
  4. An out of shape, past his prime joe smith, then the immortal Thomas Bullard , then he lost to Lewis.....
  5. If Lewis is at 165 and by some miracle we have a tournament this year he will repeat as champ, idk if he ll ever make a senior team or have unreal freestyle success but he has a real shot at being a 4 ncaa champ
  6. I mean he is still on track to be a 4 time NCAA champ.. he started wrestling freestyle like 2 and half years ago and who knows what his training situation been like over the last year he’s wrestling in an event that has a 3 KG weight allowance i doubt he’s in peek form right now
  7. These same politicians lied and started a war with Iraq and like 6 other Middle East countries which resulted in the deaths of over a million people, got rich doing it, and some are literally still in congress and senate and government....and you think these people care about you and your elderly parents health and aren’t bought off .....are you sure I’m the one wearing the tinfoil hat?
  8. Well the same corporations and The Jeff bezos of the world that buy politicians in America also buy them in other places lol Germany, UK, Italy , Australia...You know twitter, google, amazon aren’t even America companies, they are controlled by boards made up with rich people from across the globe, small businesses are being crushed in those places as well while the big chains reel in billions
  9. Where I live in NJ we had a lot of small family owned businesses, especially in the Main Street section of town and 50 percent had to close up shop for good and another lockdown will take atleast half of those remaining, and the sad part is most of these places were willing to make changes and rules to make sure customers stayed safe but comrade Murphy wasn’t having it, even sent state troopers to shut down an art gallery that had 2 people inside both wearing masks, even though the Walmart and Home Depot in town were filled with 100s of people daily . Watching people you know lose everything they worked for because Of a virus that wouldn’t even kill them , bc the government Is on a power trip is a sad thing
  10. More power , The more fear you have the more power they have and as I pointed out earlier that when you lockdown it crushes small business, while amazon, Walmart and these massive chains saw record growth...amazon google and these places donate huge sums of money to Democrats and Republicans Politicians, so they can influence policy, same way the warmongers that work at Boeing donate large sums of money to these same campaigns then these same politicians vote to send our kids to pointless endless wars. Anyone whose ever been around DC or knows anyone in that cesspool knows that’s how this works. This is why congress allocates so much money to the pentagon bc it eventually gets filtered back to their campaign coffers and their off shore tax free bank accounts.
  11. I honestly can’t believe so many adults can still sit here and think politicians care about you. You really think this lockdown has to do with peoples health? The same politicians that send our jobs to other countries, that sat back and did nothing while opioid abuse ravaged our youth for a decade, the same people that lied and kept us in a war for 20 years sending young kids to be maimed or die so they could keep bringing in their money from the pentagon. We literally watched guys like cuomo and deblasio celebrating in the streets with 1000s of people and at the same time had cops shutting down Jewish businesses and bday parties...Phil Murphy was out in the streets with 1000s of people the same week he sent state troopers to arrest a gym owner who opened bc his business was crumbling. The same politicians who cry about “racism” but never once mentioned during the pandemic that African Americans have genetically lower levels on zinc which make them more likely to have complications from the virus and that by taking zinc everyday would greatly improve their chances . Grow Up Peter Pan these people don’t give a damn about you, your kids and obviously not your grandparents. These people are narcissistics, they care about power and money and nothing else, and the more we fight with our friends, family and neighbors over these people the more power they gain and the worse it becomes for us. Keep buying into their bs and blaming everything on others that disagree with you and wresting isn’t going to be only you love that gets ruined by these soulless people
  12. Losing 2021 will hurt and we’ll lose some programs but no 2021 and national lockdown will be a death blow to a large number of programs and really hurt the sport.
  13. To your first point if you live with someone that’s high risk then more likely your already taking the proper precautions if 80 % of people are fine and 20 percent are vulnerable you don’t lockdown the 80 percent you take precautions for the 20% it’s absurd to shape the world for the 20 % ....A federal lockdown order with financial support? So you want to force like 80 percent of people’s work places to shut down then have the government fully cover the lose of wages for all those employees and business owners while everyone sits in their homes and what , cops or military patrolling the streets to enforce the lockdown? With all business shuttered, where is the government getting the billions of dollars it would take to keep all these people level? And what about the people that live week to week, paycheck to paycheck, they can’t afford to buy 3 weeks of food, 6 weeks of food at a time..Like we saw with the first lockdown we had 100,000s of businesses are closed for good, those jobs gone forever, while every big time business has made Billions more . Any lockdown wouldn’t be to “help the vulnerable” it would be because big corporations own our government (both parties) and lockdowns make them even richer and make the everyday citizen more dependent on the government, which in turn gives them more power If we lose the 2021 season and go into a national lockdown you can kiss wrestling as we know it goodbye. On all levels there will be big loses in programs, funding, coaching salaries, sure some big time places will keep it rolling but your seriously looking at losing a massive amount of small schools. It would be devastating to wrestling.
  14. Lockdowns hurt more people than Covid....Conspiracy theories like the over 99 percent survival rate for most of the population? Thousands will be saved by rewearing the masks they hang from their rear view mirror or keep in their pocket daily? If we go into a full lockdown in January like team Biden has said You should expect to see atleast another dozen wrestling teams hit the chopping block possibly more and with over 70 percent of Americans saying that WONT take a Covid vaccine idk how there is any end in site.
  15. And in the same place you found that information you could clearly see the graph where it shows that only 1 out of the 4.36 percent that died in the 30-49 age gap didn’t have atleast 1 major underlying condition. And over 90 percent in the 50-64 bracket, stop trying to force your irrational fear on other people, your going to sit there and act like we didn’t see the governor out in the streets with 1000s of people protesting while taking people to court for opening their businesses the same week, like we didn’t have over 9,000 deaths after the governor ordered sick people into nursing homes then banned the families from visiting, like I can’t go to a casino and sit down and gamble with no mask on and that’s perfectly safe, I can go get a lap dance right now but wrestling is far to dangerous? get real man I mean 60 yr old 400 pound Chain smoker Chris Christie beat the virus in under a week but we re worried about the health and safety our children ?
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