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  1. Bo Jordan had 3 kids and mortgage by his sophomore year
  2. I’m familiar with root it just completely slipped my mind...I didn’t realize Luvsandorj AAed, I remember him wrestling for st.benedicts in high school he was real tough
  3. Has the Citadel had that many finalists in recent seasons? I’m pretty good following small schools but I can’t think of a single qualifier from there in the past 5 years
  4. The statement from whoever runs Stanford’s social media last night said Eichens was out Today because he tested positive for COVID...was it a false positive or just an exposure situation?
  5. Bubba Jenkins was the 2 seed his last year at Penn state and went 0-2 Anthony collica went 0-2 was the 2 seed his senior year
  6. Pretty spot on.. but idk if you can say Spencer Lee floor is pinning everyone he wrestles lol, I’d say 1st but 20 points is his floor .. desanto could lose a blood round to end up in the 7/8 at 133 ...not that I expect that...but him dropping a match to sammie Alvarez or korbin Myers wouldn’t be the most shocking things to happen at the ncaa tournament I could see Warner losing a R16 or R12 depending how he’s wrestling also I can see Eierman doing the Full Dylan palacio semi slide to 6th if he loses in the semis ...but I’d expect him vs Lee in the finals or worse if he loses to real woods in a quarter...
  7. He would probably have to drop one to Wittake, wentzal or O’toole in the coni semis After losing to Griffith or Lewis in the semis
  8. Not 100 percent but I heard busiello is still enrolled at PSU just not on the team this season
  9. Found 1 ....2016 133 ...nashon garret was the 1 ...opened with Mason beckman 2x AA..then faced Kraisser from Campbell 1 xAA...then earl hall 1x AA..then national champ Cody brewer ...then national champ Corey Clark same year Gabe Dean opened with Jack Dechow who was already an AA also McIntosh opened with Ryan Wolfe also an AA
  10. Definitely 2..,rider got hosed a few times yesterday
  11. Honestly I love what rider has quietly done the last few years since Gary taylor retired...they grabbed guys who just came up short in nj states like Bell, Tyler Klinsky, Shane reistma, developed the guys on the team ( Laird , Dellavecchia, Walton) ...I can see them competing with Rutgers in a few years
  12. Kinner has legit AA potential, he was already a very good mat wrestler before college not just elite on his feet like a lot of high schools guys , so for him I think if he just finds the right coaching staff and situation his career will take off
  13. Kinner left the team before this season but I believe another poster said last week that he’s still Listed as a student at OSU
  14. I do agree joe should have been put in the bracket somewhere around the 20 seed and I remember him coming out and getting a takedown, then the bull gassed him before the end of the 1st period ...I’m sure when they randomly drew the 13-32 and 16-32 seeds that an AA ended up last seed
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