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  1. Penn state isn’t going to mandate, some board recommended it months ago for them and the school decided against it
  2. I recently was informed him and Daton are good friends so maybe coach Fix and his secret sauce are a draw as well
  3. Carter Young staying home and going to ok state
  4. Or maybe he just hadn’t caught John smiths eye yet
  5. Rumor for the past 2 weeks is Rutgers could be losing a few including a big time guy over the COVID vax requirement
  6. All I know is this was a weak a$$ move by Willie
  7. Pretty sure that’s the match ashnault tore up his knee and the reason he had to sit out the following season , and I don’t really consider slipping in boots and never coming close to back points “bullying” he gave a tough ride but was parallel most of the time
  8. That stall call on ashnault was ridiculous..outside of the pass by 15 seconds in Eierman did nothing this entire match , ashnault took a solid 10-15 committed attacks
  9. Kaid Brock has wins over ncaa champs Cody brewer, Corey Clark and Seth gross ( he’s like 1-6 against him) and has a win over ncaa finalists muellar and has 22 wins over All Americans with close to half of them bonus wins
  10. Drew Hildebrandt announced he’s done with wrestling today on Twitter
  11. It’s controversial to not want to leave 1,000s of Americans and our allies behind in a hostile country ? Weird take Well you should sit down and prepare to be shocked because gable total NIL deals will have him making over 7 figures this season other athletes are getting paid way more then 5 grand a year, what the hell does the Dean family and their thoughts on the COVID vax have to do with anything?
  12. He’s pretty much the same wrestler he was the year he got caught by Palacio
  13. He was the number 2# at 138 in his recruiting class and top 20 P4P
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