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  1. Super spreader event like nationals ? I’m sorry but I haven’t heard of anyone involved that tested positive for COVID since nationals, is their any evidence that was “super spreader event? People love throwing around buzz words lol
  2. Seems like baumgarnter didn’t put up to much of a fight with the decision
  3. Lee is a contender at either weight, but Bartlett even at a deeper weight probably has the same AA chance as Verk, but Bartlett would definitely give you higher upside and more bonus points.
  4. Bartlett would be pretty small for 149 this year, if penn state was going completely all in then it would make more sense for him to be at 141 and move Lee up, otherwise it’s going to be another of Verk, whose one of Cael’s favorites, unless bussiello made some big jumps during the lockdown 149 it’s probably Verks spot and 197 will definitely be beard
  5. This post wasn’t started with a partisan comment, I started it to acknowledge someone in the wrestling community receiving the highest civilian honor and you guys ran over here to give your best impressions of Bozo of the clown and starting whining about politics Biden most likely just give it to some D-bag ,like when biden was VP and they gave Harvey Weinstein and Ellen the presidential medal of freedom , but yea trumps bad and let’s all hate on Dan gable getting pretty much a life time achievement award bc the people on the Tv in my living room told me I should be angry. No politics were mentioned until the anti trump crowd rolled in with their elementary school comments , then you same people get angry when someone replies to your ridiculous comments and you instantly just start talking down to anyone who disagrees with you.. honestly we all should appreciate Dan gable and what he’s done for our sport but you people ( on both sides )that have to turn everything into some type of political sparring match ruin this site and honestly if politics get you this worked up and angry that you’ll talk down and yell at strangers on a wrestling site then maybe it’s time to turn off the tv for a little bit, maybe find a new a hobby , or talk to a doctor because from a neutral outsider a lot of you are bordering on insanity and it’s not healthy for you or the people around you
  6. Saw it was announced dan gable is receiving the presidential medal of freedom, nice to see gable get some appreciation outside the wrestling community, the man helped save wrestling in the Olympics and has helped 100s of people, not an Iowa fan in the slightest but glad to see it https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2020/October/14/Dan-Gable-Medal-of-Freedom
  7. Ryan Mango went there for college and so did the guy wheeler who took bronze for America at the 2008 Olympics and I’m pretty sure kamal bey was going to attend there as well but decided to drop out of HS his senior and move to the Olympic training center instead....if we had a few more schools like northern Michigan we wouldn’t be such a joke at Greco
  8. Dake has made it sound like he doesn’t plan on wrestling to much longer , honestly if he beat Burroughs and goes onto the OlympicS and wins gold, then gets offered a head coaching position somewhere legit I could see him retiring
  9. It’s a different time...I’d prefer the show up and just wrestle way too but now kids and people that are going to pay to tune in to these events love the internet beefs and the back and forth like the UFC does. If DT had antagonized Burroughs into accepting a match the rating for whatever event held it would be thru the roof and it would be a positive for the wrestling community
  10. Nolf has wayyyyy to many mental lapses in freestyle to beat dake...he is going to get bombed at some point trying to force something, but a year a half from now with more experience and dake on the otherside of 30 it may be a different story
  11. Why would he call out Snyder when they train together everyday? And dake is like his best friend and they openly talk about how they Don’t like wrestling matches against each other and I’m pretty sure he was asked this summer and said he open to wrestling J’den
  12. The Cox situation was a pretty weak move from DT , but I don’t think he didn’t want nickal at his weight, I think Bo didn’t want to go the same weight as DT and with this JB is bumping up to take on the 4 or 5 th guy on the ladder at 86, taylor sees this and is clearly trying to get JB to wrestle him which would definitely get both of them a great payday, It is one of maybe 3 or 4 guys domestically that could give DT a match, it would give NLWC a huge main event match that people wouldn’t want to miss and it would give DT a chance to avenge some real close tough Ls he took to Burroughs years ago
  13. In the article I posted , bubba said he’s not a “good teammate or a good person “ bubba goes on to say he likes guys with character and personality and says molinaro has neither
  14. Actually I’m a little off he said he would have picked Cael a few years earlier but didn’t hold the same type of grudge, he did have some harsh words for Molinaro though https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/20386
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