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  1. Antitroll2828

    Koll on the Arbitration

    Do you think If Zain comes out and techs Yianni 10-0 in 30 seconds that u might just spontaneously combust? I get disagreeing with a call , but you seem to have something personal against Cael or psu...bubba Jenkins is that you ?
  2. Antitroll2828

    Looking back, was Nolf really that great?

    He lost to Imar then didn’t lose for 3 years while destroying everyone in his path with the exception of 1 match vs Pantelo and 1 against hidley...he also dominated ncaa on 1 leg so no I don’t think anyone in there right mind thinks his legacy is tarnished
  3. Antitroll2828

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    People that weren’t on the Panel or involved in the match in any came over and changed the score and overruled the actual officials. There was an investigation people got fired someone was arrested an apology was issued. Gómez did an interview a year or so later and he said he was just in disbelief when it was actually happening. Literally not even close to the current situation
  4. Antitroll2828

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    I was referring to in the Olympic quarters I believe Gómez was in a tight match launched the guy out of bounds at worst should have been 1 Gómez ,some guy comes over to the table overrules a woman who kept holding up 1 blue and they gave the other guy 4 with no explanation and everyone involved has since been fired and fined....that is an example of “giving someone a match” “screwing someone over” not when you disagree with the officials score or when there is review process violation
  5. Antitroll2828

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    I think the people paid to score it can say for sure because you know that’s what they are paid for. They went back 40 seconds instead of 15 to fix a scoring error ,which I get is a violation of the process , which is why I understand the arbitration decision but you and a lot of others are out here acting like this is a franklin Gómez 2016 situation but in reality the refs messed up the scoring and waited 20 seconds to long to fix it there isn’t a deep conspiracy or a Kolat situation
  6. Antitroll2828

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    His athlete won match 1 10-4 and if scored correctly the second match was 6-6 Zain on criteria , yea the challenge was late so they’ll re wrestle which is fair but the official correct scoring of match 2 is 6-6 but to act like this is a Kolat situation and Zain was gifted something is ridiculous.
  7. Antitroll2828

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    Because he one the most important figures in the sport and because his athlete just had his spot stripped in court , so I’m pretty sure Cael or NLWC will have some input where and when this is gonna be held
  8. Antitroll2828

    Yianni won the arbitration. Next steps?

    Any chance Cael or the team USA coaches are so annoyed by the process they decide they don’t want the cameras and hold the wrestle off With just the team and no Flo
  9. Antitroll2828

    Bad Look For Wrestling

    Your opinion seems fair and objective
  10. Antitroll2828

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    He but he did it with a broken neck so how close would those matches been if he was remotely healthy
  11. Antitroll2828

    Professor Matthew Mitten

    this is the equivalent to the nfl declaring the rams saints needed to replay the last 5 minutes of the game the week of the pro bowl ...it makes an unfortunate and imperfect situation and makes its worse
  12. Antitroll2828

    Professor Matthew Mitten

    No matter if my team or not is involved I believe that lawyers have no place in sports, and twice this summer Cornell has got lawyers involved and it isn’t a good look for wrestling,..Your argument is the match should have been scored wrong bc it was challenged late ... How is that beneficial for the sport? The ref and panel all got together made a decision in the arena after the match and now a lawyer with no wrestling experience overruled wrestling officials and nullified a result, whatever way you flip it this is terrible for the sport
  13. Antitroll2828

    Professor Matthew Mitten

    Incompetent officials? They literally corrected what was scored wrong ...The original final score was wrong you couldn’t have 2 and 2 in that spot, now obviously the arbitrator decided that to much time had passed to correct it ,but for the whole “Yianni got screwed people” don’t seem to realize that if they ended it 8-6 Yianni With an incorrect scoring that it just would’ve been Zain that got screwed we d be in the same spot just reversed 9/10 people arguing about this on here aren’t looking at this objectively, and even Yianni fans should realize this terrible for the sport, the whole court case Lindland debacle was something that was brought up when they tried to boot wrestling from the Olympics so obviously this isn’t good for the sport but at the end of the day as fans we re lucky enough to see these 2 wrestle atleast once more, so let’s hope whoever is our rep can overcome making weight 2 weeks before worlds and get it done
  14. Antitroll2828

    Kurt Angle 1995 Worlds

    I’m a big Kyle Snyder fan but Kurt angle won Olympic gold with a severe crippling neck injury ...winning gold at heavyweight with 2 fractured vertebrae and multiple herniated disks in his neck is almost unbelievable. Peak angle I don’t see anyone beating him more the 50% of the time
  15. Antitroll2828

    2012 Olympic Team Champs???

    They literally gave him the bronze medal 2 days ago for 2012 because the top 2 guys both failed for steroids