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  1. He was hurt the entire season, he could’ve redshirted but I think he wanted to be done with school so he just pushed through , but in the end it was the wrong decision...and off his most recent interview it seemed like he’s itching to get back into wrestling and said he always planned on coming back and coaching once he was done fighting so I think he ll be pretty amped up for this.. do you know what weight they are wrestling at?
  2. Caldwell is a unique guy, he used to hit 360 spin move doubles in the state finals and just toy with guys then hit his backflip after he won, and to be fair it was 2010 when he got hurt I’m sure some people were still rollerblading p, just probably not any returning ncaa champs
  3. All injuries pretty much lead back to a rollerblading accident, pretty crazy that’s what did in his wrestling career, we could’ve had Caldwell vs Dake his senior year which could’ve elevated him to legend status, knocking metcalf and dake back to back years pretty hard to top that
  4. The summer after winning the title he got a very serious shoulder injury while rollerblading but pushed through to wrestle his senior year and wrestled with basically one arm all year , then I believe he aggravated it in the ACC finals and again against the kid from Michigan at ncaas and he never took the time to really heal it completely after that even when he was trying to make a world team it was an issue so he switched to mma, which he was bellator champ a little over a year ago and a number 1 contender now so I’d argue today he’s probably in a lot better shape then metcalf
  5. I think you may be right about the ship, maybe right before or after he launched his mma career, I forget the details but I do believe he bailed
  6. He stated in 2 different Flo interviews over the past year that he would love to wrestle Metcalf again because of the push at ncaas ...that would be the real match to make
  7. He was atleast a senior, Wiggins was a freshman at the time and not a very big one
  8. If only he had praised a fake hitler quote instead he would still have a job....how dare he say the 2 styles with consistent low rating are boring to a lot of people .
  9. What a Saturday morning name drop....He was definitely 6ft at 103 but it was his sophomore year when he won it, pretty wild that year the whole arena seemed to be rooting for his opponent (Ivan Wiggins) but Anderson pulled it out, then 2 years later the whole place seemed to be rooting for Anderson and he lost (Bob Stinson), and I believe in between he lost in the finals to joe Dubuque..by the far the tallest 103 or 112 pounder I have every seen
  10. Caldwell is and has always been a superior athlete and has been training full time with no breaks his whole life, askren was way out of shape and had retired from fighting for a year before his ufc debut and match against Burroughs
  11. No I didn’t because askren is 35 and has a gut, Also that’s a terrible example your comparing wrestling an Olympic champ to Luke pletcher, Caldwell is one of the top belator fighters still, younger and in much better shape then askren probably has ever been and at no time did pletcher ever reach the levels Caldwell has in wrestling
  12. I expect pletcher to get pinned in something wild
  13. No they don’t, they work full time and go to school for one week every 4 months or so..and I said in my original post "sure you may be more versed in the major you studied but it's not a reflection of intelligence" so idk what you are arguing.
  14. Careless as what? You seem to think that everyone that goes to college is smarter then everyone that doesn’t and that’s just ridiculous and wrong. Do you know how many kids nowadays go to school for 4,5 years and major in the most useless crap, and learn next to nothing.
  15. A union electrician makes 100k plus benefits first year out of apprenticeship in nyc same goes for literally any trade outside of laborer, they make around 85 a yr... and your misrepresenting what I said. I was saying you do not need to go to college to get a high paying job and having a degree doesn’t make you smarter then someone who skipped college and started a business at 18 or enlisted in military.
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