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  1. Some interesting semis ...cleary vs Kinner for OHio state 157 spot....Kerkvelet vs Hoffman also Brandon Womack vs little Ruth is quarter
  2. Sal profaci he’s ranked in the 20s redshirt senior he’s a grad transfer, he was a multiple time NQ for Michigan....Lee was the aggressor and had about 2 minutes of riding time but profaci is tough and hard to score on typical NJ wrestler all the way
  3. Dresser will be on FRL to “explain the loophole” so pretty much he’s going to call in, probably with his I know better then you attitude and say what he did was right and if people are mad change the rules , then pyles, nomad and bratke will tell him how awesome and what a great coach he is and that’ll be the end of it this season
  4. Yea but he didn’t do that at the sacrifice of his own team, he would wrestling in a dual Saturday then go to an open Sunday, I don’t believe he would have ever missed a big dual like this one. I expect askren to be pretty critical while the others sit around and praise Dresser as a great coach and a genius
  5. I would almost certainly guarantee that askren will go off on a rant about this. I noticed since he joined Flo he can pretty talk crap about whoever and the other guys just sit and listen nervously, which is definitely an upgrade from the last two years of Flo kissing whoever gives them the most contents a** and never calling anyone out
  6. They mentioned during the Wisconsin match the other night Sebastian has had the flu so it’s possible he was still sick today and didn’t want to risk taking a loss
  7. does having 10 guys place but Half of them take 6-8th really better then a team with champs in half the weight classes?
  8. History would say that Griffith would be the 2 and Bull 3...somewhat similar situation with Cenzo,Imar and an undefeated or 1 loss McFadden 2 ncaas ago
  9. Yea a 1 point match and OT, I remember both they were great matches with some great scrambling that could have gone either way
  10. 2017 Joe smith shows up and takes out kememer .....then he takes 5th at the big 12s
  11. Nomad brought up on FRL yesterday that big ten has 0 seeding criteria, it’s pretty much coaches opinion and whoever brings the best argument, so the fact that a guy may have missed most of the season doesn’t mean last seed at big tens like it would for ncaas
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