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  1. 1.cox 2. Dake 3. Taylor 4. Snyder 5. JB 6. Gwiiz 7. Fix/Gilman 8. green
  2. I’d be more confident in Taylor winning another gold at 86 over Burroughs getting one again at 74 or Snyder at 97...Taylor destroyed the world for almost 2 full years
  3. Numerous ncaa champs have directly credited grey with there success including yianni I know everyone loves dake but I’ve never heard anything about him from a coaching standpoint. I’ve heard grey is one of the top asst. in the country going on several years now, I don’t think it’s cut and dry you ditch grey just like that no matter Dake does or not
  4. Even with national duels wrestling would still be behind about 8 other sports on espn priority list..wrestling would never have “moved to the big leagues” on espn I appreciate your optimism but it wasn’t gonna happen..Also to call Flo minor leagues is a joke , while they have flaws, that I call out too, Flo brings wrestling to millions of people that would never have been able to see. They absolutely need to invest in upgrading there streams but take in account they are broadcasting from places like Wyoming. I’m not saying Cael didn’t complain but a lot of coaches were done with the national duels and the way it was trending, as a fan I would love for them to bring the duels back but I understand it from a coaches perspective too
  5. Even if espn took wrestling it would be there 7 or 8th most important sport wrestling would get garbage coverage ,Flo is dedicated to 100 percent wrestling all the time, I don’t think the 2 are comparable , also hanging the whole national duals thing on Cael is a little disingenuous.obviously he made his opinions felt especially after Suriano broke his ankle in the “dual of the year” which wasn’t even close, but it was Iowa who refused to wrestle Virginia tech opening the flood gates, then after that other teams stated they wouldn’t wrestle certain teams. I think anyone whose a fan of a non major sport ( anything other then football baseball and basketball) would love to have a site and company so dedicated to the sport like Flo and there guys are for wrestling
  6. Buxton was at the Lehigh rtc I believe for awhile and pretty sure he’s got his own club in north jersey last I heard with some top level guys coaching there.
  7. Absolutely true lol I think they would fit right in the club
  8. Yea I agree I never thought of him as charismatic either , personally him and Taylor always have come across as whiny , not saying he won’t be a good a coach one day , but in my opinion I think grey is the next coach. Just because he didn’t have the same college success as dake doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be better coach.Anyone whose ever been around grey will tell you he’s one of ,if not the best wrestling minds in the sport , and from personal experience many years ago I know he’s very good at explaining and breaking things down from a coaching standpoint and he’s been Koll shadow for a few years tackling the whole CEO aspect of the job either way when koll goes I don’t think Cornell will miss beat
  9. Ok people like you the first guy you quoted are the biggest problem on this forum, nothing you said is relevant to anything wrestling related, take your own personal beliefs about politics and go to one of the 10000 other places on the internet where everyone else is a political savant nowadays and leave this for the wrestling world. I swear I’d rather have to read 100 jimmy Cinnabon posts about is penn state doomed or is Zain overrated then watch another person turn a wrestling related discussion into the comment section on a cnn article and then have it locked for everyone
  10. You realize that his own coach and teammates are on the record acknowledging he needed the special head cover and he just forgot it that match. The ref was suspended solely because the civil rights commission got involved and it turned political, and anyone in NJ will tell you politicians never miss a chance for a Photo op. The whole situation is an absolute joke so yes especially in a sue happy state like NJ he absolutely has a case. Going on TV and proclaiming he made the kid cut his hair because he was racist and the kid was black is pretty much the definition of defaming someone
  11. I would not be the least bit surprised if mark hall beat Imar and claiming anyone is a 3 time ncaa finalists “daddy” shows your an idiot , he literally beat zahid last year then lost by 1 in the ncaa finals ...if that’s being someone’s daddy to you I’m sorry you grew up with such a weak father
  12. Is raimo still there? Heard rumors locally he might not crack the line up and might transfer back east
  13. It’s pretty rich you calling me hard headed when my whole point is frank had 8 more accomplished guys in front of him and he had never beaten any of them..at 74 outside of JB and Dake whose “superior” to Hall? At 86 outside of Taylor ringer and maybe jden if he can make the weight , who else is “superior to mark hall,...the whole point is molinaro was the 9 least likely guy to win at his weight...at most hall maybe would have 4 guys at weight that are clearly ahead of him
  14. Nobody accomplished? 65 kg had metclaf Jordan Oliver, Reece humphries, James green coming off of world bronze, Logan steibler, kellen Russell, Zain and Pico ...frank was behind all of them in seeding career accomplishments..name me 8 guys ahead of hall was 74 or 86...I’ll wait ....and yea that Coleman Scott guy was a real nobody at Dennis weight, Ramos too never mind nico ,waters , graff, nashon
  15. And no one picked Dennis outside of the state of Iowa
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