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  1. I agree but I’m pretty sure he ll be 133
  2. Pat Glory or Nick Suriano …only NJ can stop Lee from being a 4xer
  3. Hopefully he isn’t in charge of getting the guys to weigh ins on match day
  4. NATO twice , Seabass twice
  5. The 1st semester ends December 17th at psu ,so there is a chance
  6. I know, the guy I was responding to says his gut says penn state and Iowa won’t wrestle at national duals, I was just sending the link to show him the format which shows unless one of the 2 loses then they will hit in the finals
  7. Well you can go with your gut all you want , but the journeyman website and social media still has the same teams listed and same format
  8. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/24839…if this article is correct the only way they don’t hit is if one of them loses
  9. I have a hard time seeing either coach agree to go to the national duals and not doing everything imaginable to win
  10. You see Brands or Cael just giving up 6 points in the big ten dual or national duals ?
  11. You act like Spencer hasn’t lost 5 times in college ( all to guys below surianos level) including getting pinned….now the man has no knees and suriano could get 4 cracks at taking him out
  12. Him and RBY would be the favorites I would imagine at 133 but I agree 133 is a gauntlet… we could see that match happen up to 4 times…big ten dual, national duals, big ten finals , ncaas , hopefully that happens
  13. He could’ve walked away a ncaa champ and hero to Rutgers and NJ but instead is probably returning to a place he left , going down a weight from where he was champ and trying to help penn state win a team title and trying to stop Lee from being a 4x timer
  14. His social media posts have hinted at him being on a mission /vision quest thing so I’d imagine if he’s coming back it’s to stop Spencer from being a 4xer , so even if hate suriano you got to appreciate any guy who ll put it on the line to try to beat one of the best to do it
  15. Are the midlands happening this season? Rutgers has gone to that a few times maybe Seabass and desanto hit then
  16. I mean he was just wrestling 125.6 internationally for the last 2/3 years so idk why 133 is going to give him issues I agree with suriano, it may be the reason he’s only wrestling 2nd semester
  17. I can see Vito knocking off any of the top guys but I could also see him getting shut down and losing big to someone like Micic , he’s a true wildcard at this weight
  18. Yea completely forgot about that, he’s dropping to 133 and Alvarez is moving up Rby, Fix, Micic, Seabass, Desanto, Vito then guys like Myers, Bird, Cannon, Paetzall, McGee might be the deepest weight this year
  19. Vito might be at 133 as well if yianni brother is going 125
  20. Micic will be 133 as well and he’s won the last 3 over desanto
  21. They should dual twice this year …regular schedule and national duals
  22. Kaleb young might major joe lee …I agree with the cass Kerk point though
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