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  1. You are correct the 2nd lose I was thinking of was a post season all star type meet , so not on his official record....He was 178-1 and lost to Evans at the Bethlehem tournament...the problem with camp is he didn’t have much success post high school, I believe he lost in the blood round as a freshman and I don’t remember him having much freestyle success...compare that to Hahn, suriano, ashnault and mocco are all national champs, I couldn’t put camp above any of them
  2. Camp lost as a junior and senior (out of state) and had a very disappointing career after that ...Hahn and ashnault continued to dominate post high school, Hahn being a 2x champ Steve Mocco is the probably the goat , no doubt he would’ve been a 4x champ if he went to public school , he was man among boys
  3. He has just as good of an argument as any other public school guy, only 2 loses as a freshman at 171 , still took 2nd in the state, then was untouchable for 3 years, went to college and was 4x AA and 2 x national champ, he d have my vote just because he started a 171 and ash and suriano both started at 103 ...a lot easier to beat 103 pounders when you are 14/15 years old compared to 189 pounders He went Redshirt, 8th, 4th, 6th, injury redshirt, national champ ...I don’t think he was even 25 when he won his title Suriano was better nationally in high school then ashanult ...add in the fact that suriano only has wrestled 3 years of college, still made 2 NCAA finals...ashnault also benefited by the fact that the 2 best guys around his weight and age went to blair (Mark grey and Joey McKenna) ..I don’t remember anyone that level going to blair when suriano was in high school
  4. https://intermatwrestle.com/articles/16647 long story short in sept of 2016 his sister died in a car accident then a month later his childhood best friend had a heart attack and died and his grades dipped and eventually put him on academic probation ,then they booted him from school
  5. Northwestern did Tsirtsis dirty , I was real happy to see him AA his last year at ASU
  6. NJ only has 2 in its entire history ...technically 3 but one was injured and didn’t compete in the post season his freshman year where he probably would’ve lost
  7. I’ve heard that before about him but still an AA ,with 2 blood round appearances is a hell of a career
  8. He made the quarters and blood round as a sophomore and junior, his senior year he smoked Pantaleo at the all star early in the season but the the weight cut got to him and he ended up 3rd in EWLs and didn’t qualify
  9. Pretty sure he called anyone who doesn’t agree with him the uneducated and ignorant yesterday
  10. The guy has a chance to be ncaa champ at 165, if you are going to come back you come back to win a championship, I’m sure the 9 pounds aren’t going to make a difference in trents preparation but it’s the difference between a national title and 5/6 match for Hayden
  11. Hayden sounds like a guy whose HEW, but was convinced by his coach and brother to come back “for the team” and now he’s saying screw it and not cutting any weight
  12. It’s basically what he said and honestly it’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard
  13. Schools can do what they want, I know a big ten soccer team was recruiting a top player and he said he would only go there if they gave his older brother a full scholarship too, they never put it in writing but the older brother went from sitting on the couch for a 3 years to a full a ride within 6 months and the school got there guy, so if the deans wanted to work something where they are a package deal they can do it
  14. I wrestled Meade a lifetime ago ,I can confirm he was the real deal... Never saw this match before but I remember when this happened , crazy watching molinaro get molinaroed lol , Meade was way more physical
  15. Kolat has full backing from navy he isn’t going anywhere right now and Cunningham didn’t want the Michigan job so I don’t see him taking the Illinois job
  16. Unless Minnesota opens up he isn’t going to leave South Dakota state, when he got the job he mentioned that he had a lot of offers over the years and finally decided to accept SDS in large part because his wife wanted to live closer to where shes from ,
  17. Jim Heffernan is retiring after 29 years
  18. Yea I’m pretty consistent with thinking it’s ridiculous to have 7th year guys
  19. If Kem wrestles a true freshman that kid would have been in 5th grade when Kem got to Iowa
  20. He’ll be wrestling some guys that were in middle school and elementary school when he first got to college
  21. I think cael was one of the coaches that Dellavecchia was talking about when he said a lot of big time programs told him he could walk on and didn’t really believe in him
  22. I know Lee beat Kovacs from NC state in one of the RTC events but I don’t believe he competed at all after that, haven’t heard anything about Boone since he committed
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