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  1. Though not confirmed by Cael because he never confirms anything but word is brooks beat Rasheed and Rasheed beat Conel
  2. I think it is difficult for the Ivys, that may have changed though but I remember Mattice un enrolled the year he was hurt and I know one of the Beathea brothers got a 5th year but had to transfer to Virginia to use it. If any coach in the Ivys can figure it out it’s rob koll
  3. I think your right About the delay because he wrestled off Brooks and I don’t see Cael having him wrestle off before he’s ready
  4. I think no doubt yianni and dean get it done but idk about Darmstadt this year, just sloppy, doesn’t look good right now at a very deep weight. I could also see Cardenas keeping him out of the lineup next year, Cardenas seems to make huge jumps every time I see him and getting into the Cornell room he can be the real deal right away
  5. I agree with most of your post expect that these guys aren’t all the same class ,next year will technically be Vitos 4th year but he’ll only be a sophomore (finger lakes, 4th, ORS)..it’ll be Yianni 4th year but he ll only have 2 years of eligibility, Darmstadt went finger lakes, 6th, injury ( if he was enrolled in school at all last year then that’s counts as a year of Ivy eligibility), so he could get a 5th year eventually but It would be at another school) so technically I think next year is Darmstadt last at Cornell. So I don’t think they can all be considered the same class... im glad they did take the ORS regardless of there chances at making a team because if they can steal a national title in the next year or 2 from a penn state or Iowa I think that would be good for wrestling.
  6. If the Cornell freshman keep developing they can definitely compete for a title the next 2 years. Foca and Fernandes could both be 4 time AA..them mixed in with yianni ,Vito ,dean, Darmstadt, Ramirez at 165 maybe? “tanking” this year gives them a 2 year window to win a Team title, so I’d say it’s a wise move
  7. Idk Wilcke made Johnny Sebastian look good for the first time since 2017
  8. I think brooks will be ranked this week..Weiler had a win over number 15 Hazel and a win over orondoff before he moved up to 197, I would bet Flo will have brooks ranked
  9. According to Flo ranking brands is ahead of Rasheed and young has 2 loses ,Berges only win is over a blood round guy so it’s not unreasonable to see Berge jump young
  10. Do you consider Quincy Monday a certain AA this year?
  11. I think schnupp beat teske but lost to Meredith but teske beat Meredith
  12. Common opponents this year Meredith lost to Medley and teske beat him
  13. Planned to sit out today he’s wrestling in Fort Worth in 2 weeks
  14. That is some great information...I remember him knocking off Ramirez a few times and the wittlake match..hopefully Ohio state sends him to midlands this year.
  15. With gross maybe, but with suriano I think he could have been a career 125 if he wanted, I mean Rutgers had two top 10 125 transfer when he got there, so I think 57 kg is probably his optimal weight And with colon we ll just have to wait and see
  16. Suriano beat colon and now they are at a weight I think is better for suriano, they are both a tough style match up for Gilman...Gilman beating gross wouldn’t be shocking but the way gross ran through the Farrell he’s tough to beat
  17. I don’t think anyone outside of Iowa will pick Gilman over suriano or gross this year...this isn’t a knock on Gilman but an Olympic year with guys coming down i don’t see him getting it done this year
  18. I don’t think it was a pin it takes more then a second to call a pin...I’ve seen guys get 4 backs in the same spot Hall got 0
  19. I’ve seen Kharchla a few times, he definitely seems like the real deal but I can’t remember ever watching starocci, and I agree i don’t understand why Assad is so hyped, seems like he may even spend a year on the bench at Iowa
  20. Gilman second most likely? I’d take fix suriano gross and maybe even Colon if he handles the cut over Gilman
  21. I’m predicting he’s top 3 I don’t know if he has enough experience to beat gwiz or gable in free but I definitely think it’s a strong possibility
  22. Spencer hasn’t wrestled freestyle in like 5 years but you feel he has a better chance at making the team then Cassar? Cassar is 2-0 (in folk) against the favorite to win the spot at 125
  23. Aaron Brooks Josh Hokit Pat Glory Brock Maueller
  24. Idk if sasso can be considered a dark horse I’ve seen him picked to it this year but a few people
  25. Was he the number 1 recruit at his weight ?
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