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  1. Tuition is over 100k a year and as mentioned they like 28 billion in endowments, they could use literally half of 1 months interest that money makes and fully fund wrestling for the next 3 years, Stanford doesn’t need to cut ANY sport. Universities like this have been raising costs and expenses at an unchecked rate for how long, and now we re supposed to believe they are broke and this move is make the education situation there stronger?
  2. Or it’s just the law that’s been exploited 1000s time over for a long time
  3. They have a 27.7 billion dollar endowment, but you know the dean might need to put an addition on his winter home or the football team might need Gucci carpet in the locker room so bring out the axe for the “lesser” sports.
  4. I don’t think it’s a bad move for Arizona state ,I just think comparing delvecchio to lipari is ridiculous, 2 totally different level wrestlers, I think lipari would be a slight upgrade over crooks if that’s who they planned on going with but I couldn’t see him AAing or even making the blood round like delvecchio did
  5. Yea saying Lipari is better then delvecchio is absurd. He just lost a wrestle off and a dual meet last year to jo jo Aragona who was a true freshman who went 11-12. Lipari went 1-2 at the MAC last year and was 9th or 10th At big tens the year he qualified and I’m pretty sure he was the 32 or 33 seed...delvecchio junior year he took 7th at big tens losing to NATO 6-4 and Zane Richards 5-3 ot then won 3 matches at ncaa including beating josh alber...no knock on Lipari but him and delvecchio are different levels....if you want to compare him to a Rutgers AA ken thebold ,who upset collica ,and AAed a few years ago would be more in line with Lipari
  6. Yes , then he transferred to rider and jo jo Beat him in rideouts in the dual and then fans and parents were arguing yelling at each other, had the Rutgers fans stirred up, it was all pretty funny
  7. He was a grad transfer when he went from Rutgers or rider mid season last year
  8. Careful they’ll think your talking about zahid and shut this post down
  9. He could hold 125 ,hes just probably not in the mix lol
  10. He’s already an expert marksmen he should thrive in the navy
  11. Ivy schools dont allow grad transfers to compete
  12. So his penn state year was his redshirt year and this past season was freshman year? If he has to sit the year then He ll only have 2 years of eligibility left?
  13. So with him leaving a 2nd school in 2 years is he allowed to transfer right away to another D1 program or does he need to go the Juco/D2/D3 route?
  14. Nolf got hurt wrestling cenzo in the semis
  15. He would have been this year , and will be among the favorites next year...just pointing out that 1 legged run was tougher than anything Imar ever dealt with at ncaas and the year before he bonused his way through nationals...it’s crazy to say he didn’t improve from his freshman year on
  16. Imar did lose 1 freestyle match to nolf...and Imar never won another title after beating nolf, he went on to lose to cenzo twice, nolf went and won 3 titles and was challenged in maybe 2 matches in that time and his junior year beat Kemmerer, Jordan , and hidley in a row with 1 leg. That’s 3 ncaa finalists in a row with 1 leg. Nolf definitely improved a lot from his freshman year
  17. Imar never really got any better folk style after that Year , nolf on the other hand literally dominated, even winning a title on one leg and he was creating his own moves along the way.
  18. I honestly don’t think Imar would have beat nolf ever again at folkstyle after nolf freshman year, freestyle completely different though, hopefully we see If a healthy Nolf can compete with Imar in free at trials, I think the zain steibler is pretty spot on but if 18 yr zain could knock off redshirt junior steiber ,I think junior/senior zain was much more dominate then Logan at any point in his career
  19. I’ve heard for years that academics were at the bottom of Eiermans priority list. Pat downey who to the surprise of many was a really good student, had issues getting into Iowa as a grad transfer, so if Eierman is having issues that isn’t much of a surprise.
  20. In the audio he coach tells him he can beat the guy and he repeatedly says no I can’t I’m done I can’t beat him then he says I don’t wanna do this anymore that stuff right there will hurt his career worse then if he went out in the 3rd round and got knocked out
  21. If he leaves I’m sure Coleman will get some other former ok. State star to come replace him , Monday does seem to have a special relationship with JO so if he does leave I’d imagine JO follows
  22. He got hurt, I think maybe his shoulder, could have gotten the year back but decided to go full time mma training instead but unfortunately after listening to corner audio from his fight this weekend I doubt he gets a real chance for a very long time and that’s even if he decides to keep fighting
  23. Says the person who regurgitates cnn and msdnc talking points then looks down his nose and makes personal judgements about anyone who doesn’t agree with those points pot meet kettle
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