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  1. Nice 3 videos with coach Daniel Cormier.
  2. He was forced to fight on the ground...
  3. In the second match the wrestler could win without the referee call that forced ground grappling.Freestyle is very effective on the feet.
  4. Pankration Is a mma ruleset! I think Bo could be successful in 1,2 and 4.
  5. 4 is better : 1) Greco roman wrestling 2) freestyle wrestling 3) nogi Grappling under UWW ruleset 4) Pankration under UWW ruleset
  6. You write scissor takedown!! This strategy is common in catch wrestling.
  7. Ok this time with weight in and anti doping? Ryan is heavier than Bo.
  8. Different ruleset different strategy so you are prepared for different attacks.In the last match there are not leg locks so this kind of takedown is not dangerous. Bo needs more Freestyle training. Scissor takedowns are allowed in freestyle ruleset. Is scissor tkd banned in folkstyle?
  9. With hell hooks allowed the story is the same without forced ground fighting. If a bjj guy is unable to taking down the wrestler. I have posted a good example in this thread. The wrestler was submitted because he was forced by referee to fight on the ground!
  10. The UWW Grappling and ibjjf nogi ruleset are very different in strategy and point system. In UWW Grappling the jump in the guard is penalized and throws have more points. The two federation banning heel hooks because they are not professional events and the risk of injury is high. Former Russian freestyle wrestlers kicked in the ass a lot of bjj bb under Grappling ruleset.
  11. In this match the ruleset forced the fight on the ground for non stalling so this is an artificial approach. In UWW grappling ruleset if you are not able to taking down your opponent 9 of 10 you lose the match. This is the correct approach in my opinion.
  12. An Olympic sport is deeper than a non Olympic sport in the same class. Totally agree.
  13. Now no-gi Grappling isn't a simply ruleset but a recognized style of wrestling under UWW. Russia has a national training center for Grappling and it is under the russian wrestling federation control. Remember that ancient wrestling was a submission style and catch wrestling (the style of Sakuraba, the "Gracie Hunter") is the grandfather of Freestyle wrestling. Brazilian Luta Livre is another example of wrestling style with submission.
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