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  1. It Is true but wrestling is a combat sport.
  2. Info : https://unitedworldwrestling.org/about-uww/national-federation/usa-sports-association
  3. A brief video highlights about Pankration in Russia. The ruleset/points system is recognized by UWW as wrestling style so it Is very interesting for wrestlers. https://youtu.be/kN2nSteTEbs
  4. Cormier lost because he has changed the game plan. Too confident in striking. Romero was robbed but his game plan was too striking oriented.
  5. After a controversial split decision another incredible decision! Yoel won the fight or draw. This fuk..g ufc is a show like wwe not a sport. The opinion of pro ufc fighters : https://www.fightful.com/mma/fighters-react-crazy-fight-between-yoel-romero-and-paulo-costa-ufc-241
  6. Point 1. Masvidal is a former wrestler. His coach Mike Brown is a former wrestler and his best friend (Yoel Romero) Is an international level wrestler. Point 2. Six (or 7?) of eight UFC titleholders have Wrestling background. Nurmagomedov like a lot of freestyle/greco wrestlers from Russia has an advantage. He has also Pankration experience. Pankration is very strong in Russia. It is mma. This style is under UWW. Point 3. Askren was a champion in two different mma federation with two different rulesets. He was undefeated. But now he is 36...
  7. In UFC there are a lot of wrestlers with good striking. UFC is not a good choice for Askren.
  8. Incredible. Askren was undefeated in a federation (One FC) with soccer kicks allowed and he fails under ufc rules. It is funny... the Masvidal strategy was elaborated by a former wrestler (Mike Brown).
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