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  1. Another example with United World Wrestling grappling rules. In the second match the wrestler was forced to fight on the ground but the bjj guy was unable to take the wrestler down!
  2. I'am agree about the highest wrestling level/knowledge of Snyder or Cox but in this Grappling format you are forced by ruleset and referee to fight on the ground after a takedown so the bjj guy has a big advantage. I do not like this Grappling format because if you are unable to talking down you must lose. Infact wrestling is better than bjj in mma.
  3. 2-2 until 2 minutes at the end vs the best submission grappler in the world. And this is the proof about the ineffectiveness of bjj without wrestling.
  4. This is not bjj vs wrestling under bjj ruleset but roidjitsu vs wrestling...
  5. I have Greco roman, Freestyle, Pankration/mma and grappling base so I know very well. Shamrock has wrestling background with many years of grappling training so he is a terrible match for a pure wrestler with a style based on leg attacks. There are also other fights. Olympian Avto Gogolishvili took blackbelt Jorge Santiago to a draw. Melchor Manibusan took bronze at an early ADCC giving Royler Gracie a tough match in the process. Olympian Talgat Ilyasov won an invitational in Abu Dhabi after mere months of dabbling.
  6. Slams and violent throws are not allowed in bjj. Only in Freestyle and Greco roman wrestling.
  7. https://grapplinginsider.com/adcc-silver-medalist-nick-rodriguez-loses-via-technical-fall-in-wrestling-return/ The grappler has also a weight advantage over wrestler...
  8. GSP has a solid wrestling training and the level is a lot higher than Shamrock or Hume bjj practice.
  9. Today, Nogi Grappling isn't bjj but a recognized style under United World Wrestling and it is very popular in Russia and many other ex Urss countries. The guard without stand up grappling is -2 points so the philosophy is very different.
  10. They are not bjj athletes. Their styles and background are Pankration and Catch Wrestling.
  11. Hume Is a Pankration athlete and Shamrock has catch as catch can wrestling background. They are not bjj bb.The best ruleset is UWW Nogi Grappling style in my opinion. -2 point for the guard and point for takedowns, throws and ground positions. The main trouble for Bo is called roids. The ground grappler has a big advantage...
  12. Tyron Woodley defeated another multi time bjj world champion : Galvao.
  13. According to pro mma fighters and coaches Wrestling is the most important skill and background in mma. Overall, Wrestling has 28 ufc champions bjj 17 and boxing 12. The point is that non all the wrestlers, grapplers or kickboxers are successful in mma. In ufc Askren was defeated by two former wrestlers and one world bjj champion. In my opinion the last fight was lost by a terrible strategy.
  14. Ben was too confident in his ground game. His background is wrestling not grappling or jj. A true wrestler must fight in top position. I remember the fight Romero vs Jacare where Romero had used his wrestling in the right direction and won the fight. Another example of excess of confidence is DC vs Miocic where Cormier change a very effective wrestling strategy and prefer a striking battle.
  15. He Is a good collegiate wrestler not a good Freestyle/Greco wrestler.
  16. Years ago I had proposed a similar format (like ski model also) to UWW. No response. A mixture of Freestyle and Greco with a super fight in Pankration could be awesome.
  17. It Is true but wrestling is a combat sport.
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