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  1. Info : https://unitedworldwrestling.org/about-uww/national-federation/usa-sports-association
  2. A brief video highlights about Pankration in Russia. The ruleset/points system is recognized by UWW as wrestling style so it Is very interesting for wrestlers. https://youtu.be/kN2nSteTEbs
  3. Cormier lost because he has changed the game plan. Too confident in striking. Romero was robbed but his game plan was too striking oriented.
  4. After a controversial split decision another incredible decision! Yoel won the fight or draw. This fuk..g ufc is a show like wwe not a sport. The opinion of pro ufc fighters : https://www.fightful.com/mma/fighters-react-crazy-fight-between-yoel-romero-and-paulo-costa-ufc-241
  5. Point 1. Masvidal is a former wrestler. His coach Mike Brown is a former wrestler and his best friend (Yoel Romero) Is an international level wrestler. Point 2. Six (or 7?) of eight UFC titleholders have Wrestling background. Nurmagomedov like a lot of freestyle/greco wrestlers from Russia has an advantage. He has also Pankration experience. Pankration is very strong in Russia. It is mma. This style is under UWW. Point 3. Askren was a champion in two different mma federation with two different rulesets. He was undefeated. But now he is 36...
  6. Askren won an One Fc belt with soccer kicks allowed. It is funny but the Masvidal's strategist and coach is the former wrestler Mike Brown. Yoel Romero is very successful with the same move...

  7. In UFC there are a lot of wrestlers with good striking. UFC is not a good choice for Askren.
  8. Incredible. Askren was undefeated in a federation (One FC) with soccer kicks allowed and he fails under ufc rules. It is funny... the Masvidal strategy was elaborated by a former wrestler (Mike Brown).
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