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    grappler111 reacted to Shiraz123 in Khabib vs. Sadulaev   
    Someone actually asked Khabib that? Lol, I would be embarrassed to do so. He's the possible MMA goat but cmon. He had trouble wrestling with a big for the weight Gleison Tibau. May as well ask if he can box with Usyk. 
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    grappler111 reacted to Silhouette94 in Is wrestling the most popular sport anywhere in the world?   
    Sambo is pretty popular in Dagestan, and Judo maybe on the rise in Ossetia (due to Madina Taimazova's bronze medal), but they are both much stronger in wrestling than they are in Judo/Sambo.
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    grappler111 reacted to Billyhoyle in So … have foreign wrestling orgs requested shorter matches?   
    Yes, Georgia requested that matches now be 5:59 instead of 6:00.  They want this rule change applied retroactively though.  
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    grappler111 reacted to ugarte in Junior Workds   
    Figueroa gets teched by IRI
    Andonian starts with a 4, has a 7-4 lead, loses 8-7 by letting IRI take control of the match, retreating and stepping out repeatedly while trying to set up moves on his heels.
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    grappler111 reacted to nhs67 in Junior Workds   
    Right I got that... Age level (junior/cadets, etc) worlds =/= senior is my guess and senior must be the interpretation of UWW.
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    grappler111 reacted to lu1979 in Gable Steveson- Fork in the road   
    You like me have no idea of how much JB has been making from endorsements, coaching, appearances etc.  If I were to take a WAG at it as you just did I would expect that it would fall between 1/2 million to 1 million per year.  Now what we do know that Gable made this year from the Live the Dream fund is $250 K.  He can add another $50 K to that if he goes to Oslo in 2 months and wins. (I have no idea why all the people on here are saying there is no incentive for him to go Oslo and win a World Gold - I think he will).  I expect a young marketable guy like Gable could make from $500k to a little more per year in endorsement deals if he continues to be the best in the world at wrestling.  He will get $50K for each World title he wins and at least $250 K for winning the Olympic title in Paris in 3 years.  I said at least because in 2016 USAW had said that a repeat title for JB was going to get hin $500K.  I don't know if they are still promising that.  In Paris there are 3 people that could collect that incentive if it's still there.  Anyway my main point is that success in real wrestling is FAR MORE in Gable's control than success in WWE would be.  He will be able to make a pretty good living and the better he does the easier it will be to transition to the fake wrestling at a later date if he tires of real competition.
    Also I encourage all fans to dig deep and donate what you can to USAW's Live the Dream Fund.  It is a great program that gets $ directly to the hands of our well deserving athletes.  After our amazing performance in Tokyo they will need all the donations they can get.
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    grappler111 reacted to Billyhoyle in Gable Steveson- Fork in the road   
    Look at how young so many people in WWE die. I’m pretty sure the risk is significantly greater when you factor in the long term effects of steroids and pain killers.
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    grappler111 reacted to ShakaAloha in Greco Roman Fix   
    It's not just the money.  Greco needs a better head coach and pipeline for young prospects.
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    grappler111 reacted to Drew87 in Future of Olympic Wrestling   
    While it may seem an irrelevant sport to us, in a number of countries it may be close to their national sport.  It’s a great way to boost representation.  And just because we suck at it doesn’t mean it’s a gimmick, it just means we suck at it and don’t pay attention to it.  
    It’s like skiing in thailand or sailing in mongolia.
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    grappler111 got a reaction from HurricaneWrestling2 in Medal Count US, Russia Men's Freestyle   

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    grappler111 reacted to southend in Bad news...   
    I think this was the problem to start with. These “ancient sports” though that they were untouchable. They could operate anyway they see fit.IOC wouldn’t dare drop one of these sports that were the pillar  stone of the Olympics. 
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    grappler111 reacted to BuckyBadger in Bad news...   
    Given that the IOC tried to drop wresting once and that our governing bodies like FILA/UWW don’t have a great record with corruption I’d agree that this is cause for concern.
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    grappler111 got a reaction from Sheerstress in Future of Olympic Wrestling   
    UWW now has Grappling Nogi and Gi. This month there is the junior world champion in Russia with greco roman, freestyle wrestling and for the first time Grappling!

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    grappler111 reacted to Drew87 in Future of Olympic Wrestling   
    How many wrestling fans don’t like grappling?  I know very few who don‘t also at least watch mma
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    grappler111 reacted to BuckyBadger in Future of Olympic Wrestling   
    As long as adding new styles doesn’t mean replacing existing styles…
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    grappler111 reacted to pa in taiwan in The Champ is Saduleav   
    Undisputed p4p best in the world. 
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    grappler111 reacted to goheels1812 in The Champ is Saduleav   
    Good effort from Snyder. I’m not sure if there are many humans on this planet weighing 97kg that can lift Snyder for turns like that off his own attacks. Props to Sad, the guy is a walking monster. 
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    grappler111 reacted to D3 for LU in Freestyle Rules are Excellent   
    Freestyle is NOT folkstyle... you certainly are welcome for your opinion.
    Folkstyle will emphasize control... FS w/exposure.  
    Can't give up exposure while trying for control.
    Divide those two styles while you're watching on TV... and avoid the heartburn.
    (... or, have Tums available, while you watch... )
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    grappler111 reacted to Housebuye in Freestyle Rules are Excellent   
    Obviously there can be some tweaks snd clarifications, but the product being put out is amazing. 
    The matches were extremely exciting. The fact that so many came down to the last 30 seconds makes it extremely exciting. In most matches the better wrestler won too, which is important. 
    Not only did we get to see a ton of exciting close matches that were decided last second (Uguev 3 times, Gable, DT, etc), even the Snyder match was super exciting. Being down 6-0 in the last minute, we all still knew Snyder had a good shot at winning. 
    Good job UWW. 
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    grappler111 reacted to Housebuye in Kudos to NBC   
    Best Olympic coverage for wrestling by far. 
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    grappler111 reacted to Lurker in The Decision, Gable Edition   
    I didn't say the greatest single boxer, or single MMA athlete ever. His high level accomplishments in more than one combat sport speak for themselves, and it does not matter when he started fighting, he still went on to do it.   Neither were a waste of talent in any measure what so ever, no matter how disappointed anyone is in what they chose to go after.   But carry on...
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    grappler111 reacted to Billyhoyle in The Decision, Gable Edition   
    I’m talking as a fan of athletics and wrestling. If he goes off and creates an app worth a billion dollars I’d be disappointed.
    Having the best young wrestler in the world leave the sport after his first Olympics would be terrible. The fact that it is for something as stupid as WWE is salt in the wound. 
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    grappler111 reacted to Billyhoyle in The Decision, Gable Edition   
    If he really retires from the sport after this it would be an even bigger waste of talent than when Cejudo and Cael stopped wrestling. Especially if it’s so he can dance with a 50-year old Brock Lesnar. 
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    grappler111 reacted to matts1w in Is this possible?   
    In the spirit of the Olympic Games I just want to float this concept out there: 
    It is possible for an American wrestler to lose not because of PEDs, corrupt refs, predetermined brackets, and falsified birth certificates.  Sometimes other wrestlers are really, really good too.
    That being said Looking forward to these semifinal in five minutes.
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    grappler111 got a reaction from GoNotQuietly in Greco in a Nutshell   
    I'm agree.
    Freestyle neutral with 2 more point for upper body takedowns/throws and greco par terre.

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