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  1. Mizzougrad, would you quit using "WE" unless you are currently on the team. I am a Buccaneers fan but clearly do not play for them., so I don't use we when referring to them
  2. I see the pattern. I just don't get it. Drives me crazy
  3. Intro of Big Ten on TV.. Shane Sparks "Minnesota versus #2 Oklahoma STATES" Sorry but that is not the name of the university. He always uses the term "STATES" EX. The Ohio STATES, Iowa STATES etc... WHY????
  4. Absolutely no loyalty. UNI hired him them the opportunity at Nebraska opened up, he left without saying a word to Penrith or anybody. 9 stops, enough said
  5. Literally a stop at UNI. They hired him, got him a house, he left the keys on the table and went to Nebraska. Never coached a day there.
  6. Mizzou is not an option for Big 12. When they were wanting to go Big Ten and then left for SEC they lost their chance to reenter the Big 12
  7. Thanks for the adds to the Illinois list. Remember I said this was off the top of my head, no research. Yeah, I missed a few. Even Tony Davis UNI and I am a UNI fan, oops
  8. Illinois Sorry, I am not up on results. This was off top of my head Larry Kristoff Olympics Tim Wright 4x DII NC Rock Island Earnest Benion NC Mike Poeta Ron Clinton Kevin Puebla Moline Mark Johnson Rock Island Booker Benford NC Al Sears NC All time pin record Allan Grammer DII NC and DI placer Matt Lackey Moline NC Mark Kristoff Kip Kristoff sure I am missing a few
  9. OK. This man is ridiculous. He is all over the Penn State(S) and Ohio State(S) Someone please stop him!!!
  10. SS'S latest. Wrestler get an escape. " he just reached his feets" point awarded "1 points awarded"
  11. And now Back to UNI. Long time fan here. Schwab is doing a fantastic job with those guys. After SDSU dual there has been a change of attitude. Tougher, stronger, scoring and leading matches. I would also like to say Schwab has these guys on the right track. They are gentlemen and scholars off the mat. Each wrestler takes a few seconds of their time to shake hands and introduce themselves. Take an interest in anybody that comes by. Sitting with Drew Foster in practice a month or so ago was a great experience. Talked about the guys, technique and how wild it is to wrestle Lujan. Saw Steiert get get in a great double then in the next instant Lujan was sitting on his shoulders
  12. Why does SS always refer to Ohio States, Penn States, Michigan States? Apparently he doesn't realize these are known as The STATE University of said State. NOT Plural. That is all
  13. Yes, Mike E is the head coach at Westminster College, Fulton, MO. DIII 18 student athletes currently on roster. I believe he was hired there and accepted there to build a program from scratch. Based on his ability to build wrestlers for which he has done for years
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