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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axcnZeDRGuo&t=3s Rivera looks bigger and stronger. Going to be very interesting! OT: I realize that it's at Maryland, but look at how many people are in the stands! 50? 100? And notice that they're having a gymnastics meet at the same time. That used to be common, but I didn't think any Big 10 schools still did it.
  2. Speaking as a tOSU fan, as much as I hate to say it, it could turn out worse than this for us! Koontz looked like a concentration camp survivor last weekend, his weight cut must be brutal. Meredith could win, it's a toss-up. Cleary/Pipher is a toss-up. Cenzo has a good shot to major Smith, and if he catches him in a throw, pin him. Hall will win, and a major here is also possible. Lee/Pletcher--who knows? You might be right, they could meet 3 times, maybe this first round goes to Lee.
  3. And simultaneously a leprechaun riding a unicorn will swoop into BJC just as a comet strikes Earth, obliterating all life.
  4. At 133 they're looking for a transfer, but Brady Koontz is a terrific Greco guy and if he can up his folk game he could definitely fill that spot. Also curious to see if Greco Junior World Team member Nick Boykin can make some noise at HWT.
  5. We're going to get waxed on Friday, of course, but it is what it is, hopefully Ryan doesn't let the team get discouraged and we come back strong against Minnesota. Looking for Pletcher and Moore to win on Friday, Sasso possibly. That's it, not going to be pretty.
  6. NJDan & Red- No offense, you're both correct IF one wants to view wrestling matches--and really all sporting events--through a rear-view mirror. We could then re-score every athletic contest since the beginning of time! :-) Been in wrestling since 1955: wrestler, coach, parent of wrestlers. Rather than looking back and playing the "what-if" game, I've learned to be more specific, to look at each move and each minute of each match as a learning experience, as a coaching tool for young wrestlers. We all know that weird things happen, a sudden loss of balance, a strange second of unexpected leverage, that's the essence of the sport. But what happened happened. What can one learn from it? I (and most other coaches) like to look at film in a non-judgemental, logically critical manner WITH the wrestlers. Look what your opponent did; see it clearly; what could you have done? Don't know how to do that? No problem, let's teach you. No "what-if's", just stuff to work on tomorrow. I live 5 minutes from the Covelli, just walked over today. Great atmosphere, SRO, no matter who one roots for we're all supporters of the sport and should be glad to see things like this. Many, many good teaching moments and I'm sure that both the tOSU coaches and the Cornell coaches will have plenty to work with next week! Very impressed, as always, with Cornell wrestling. What a program!
  7. Or tOSU wins every match by pin and wins 60-0, or Cornell wins every match by pin and wins 60-0. "We could have won that" has been said by every team and every wrestler since the ancient Greeks. Sports don't work that way.
  8. tOSU fan here, but you're right, bad call. Even with that, we still win dual 20-12 instead of 23-9.
  9. Was at the match yesterday (walked over, live that close!) I understand and respect your opinion, but must disagree. If nothing else, everyone was excited to be in the Covelli Center for the first time--what a beautiful wrestling venue. But more seriously, you're certainly not saying that Pletcher/Woods at 141 was boring!!! Great match! Sasso is always fun to watch (IMHO outside chance of winning it all). Cleary at 157 was an absolute thriller, the place just erupted. Griffin for Stanford at 165 was an eye-opener for me, he's the real deal. 184 was an even battle between two average college wrestlers, but fun to watch. Moore was his usual self against a good opponent, and who doesn't enjoy watching the #1 guy in action? HWT was an even battle between two below-average college wrestlers but once again, the arena just exploded. 125 was not the most exciting match of all time, I agree, but I always enjoy watching Heinselman. Maybe it was one of those you-just-had-to-be-there things! :-)
  10. Very interesting, never thought of that. Thanks!
  11. I live within walking distance of the Covelli Center, was at the match last night. I don't know if the broadcast showed the beauty of tOSU's new facility. Built specifically with wrestling in mind, intimate, not a bad seat in the house. Everything neat and clean, first-class. I've been in wrestling facilities all over the world for many years, this one is really gorgeous. The Pletcher/Woods match was great. Truthfully, for a few seconds I thought Pletcher was going down with the Woods ankle pick, his recovery was spectacular, crowd went nuts. Heinselman is lightning-fast and very skilled, but still looks small. Bring back the 118 lb. weight class, he'd be a national champ! :-) IMHO, Sasso has an outside chance to win it all. We wrestled our third string heavyweight! When he managed to win, in the last few seconds, the crowd went nuts again. Fun moment. But the Kirkvliet situation really has hurt us at that weight. All in all, as a big tOSU fan, but also a realist, we've got one hell of a team--way above the average college team, certainly good enough to place high at the Nattys--but we've got some serious holes to fill.
  12. 1. I was told beforehand by a former NCAA champion that I would not like it. He had tried, very low key, and given up. I'm 71, been involved in wrestling for 65 years as a wrestler, parent and coach. Thought I'd give it a try. 2. Way too much testosterone-fueled, bully boy bragging, threatening, insulting. Nastiness is the best descriptor. This is endemic on all internet forums, of course, perhaps that wrestling is the topic here only makes it worse. 3. A shortage of reasoned, logical, fact-based discussion/argument: arguments are good, they're just an exchange of diverging views, they educate. They don't have to end in punching someone in the face. Literally or in a post. See #2 above. 4. The hardest thing for humans to do is admit they are wrong. Many people have never said or heard these words said to them: "I believed this, but after listening to your argument and thinking about it, I see that I was wrong." Again, see #2 above. 5. Pet Peeve: Googling does not make you an instant expert on a subject. 6. An amazingly small number of posters, relatively speaking. I wonder how many potentially interesting, wrestling-knowledgeable, well-spoken and perceptive posters either quit entirely or just lurk because of the overly aggressive, jump-down-your-throat tone of the boards. It is the forum's loss. 7. I realize that I read and posted for a very short time. There seems to me some very old grudges, even hatreds, that clog-up and eventually sidetrack almost every thread of any length. I'm a 10-year member of a stock board with an expert, respected and respectful moderator who stops that kind of crap immediately! Stay on point, be rational, no ad hominem attacks. It's remarkable how quickly the loud-mouth bullies leave the room under those rules. 8. I was astounded how many truly elite-level (back in the day) wrestlers post here. In my brief visit, I counted 12,482 high school state champs and 3,723 NCAA AA's. Mind-boggling! 9. I don't mean to paint everyone with the same brush. I encountered some very informed, sophisticated posters, able to give and take with affable courtesy. NJDan and irani come to mind, I'm sure there are many others. 10. In closing, it's not a great experience for a newcomer and not something I'll recommend. That's really too bad, because when all is said and done we all love the sport of wrestling and a fair, thoughtful, civilized meeting place for the exchange of information and opinions (even strong and passionate ones) would be great.
  13. I totally agree, just highway robbery. Look and listen to the U.S. judge, he's disgusted. Not only did Yazdani have the two, but the earlier passivity call should have gone against Goziumov. So at that point in the match, instead of Yazdani being down 2-0, he should have been up 3-0!
  14. What a coincidence! About 20 minutes ago Seth Shumate committed to Ohio State! Very early, he's got a long way to go, but he's going to be a very, very good one. Gantry: that I don't know, but it certainly is unusual in any state. As I mentioned before, watch a few of his matches at Fargo or at the Ohio State Championships. He is a force.
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