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  1. It seems like the general consensus is that Slay over Saitiev in the Olympic finals is number one. Question: if it was a world championship finals win over Saitiev, would it still be number one in all of your humble opinions?
  2. A lot of people see pound for pound as a way to determine who would win if weights were somehow made equal. By that definition, women would never beat men because of their physiological differences. The actual definition, however is a comparison of skill level regardless of weight class. Going by the actual definition, I think you are correct.
  3. No he isn’t. He said men’s freestyle. You are right if it was both genders/all styles.
  4. What was Yazdani’s response though?
  5. I don’t think I have ever seen Saudulaev wrestle anyone like Cox which is why it’s such a dream matchup for me. Of course you could say the same with Yazdani but I’m still more interested in the Cox Sadulaev matchup. I’m hoping he goes 97.
  6. True. I don’t even know how I didn’t think of Burroughs.
  7. If he can naturally fill out the weight well and be a decent sized heavyweight then I like the idea. Like another poster here said though, I’m afraid he might be a little short to fill out and do well against the best of the world. He’s already about as thick as they come as a 97.
  8. 86 is the best place for Taylor as well. No matter which weight he chooses, we’re losing a world champ.
  9. Yazdani would be perceived as just as dominant as Sadulaev if David Taylor wasn’t around. I agree with you and don’t even really have a point. Just a random observation. Lol
  10. 57 Lee 65 Yianni 74 Dake 86 J’den or Taylor 97 J’den or Snyder 125 Steveson J’den will win either weight he goes for. Competitively vs Taylor, more controlled vs Snyder (a style thing)
  11. Cox vs Sadulaev is a dream match for me though so I hope he makes the team at 97. Selfish I know.
  12. I also like his chances more against the top domestic heavyweights than against J’den as a sucked down 97.
  13. Yeah that second shot clock point against Fix was the decider of this match. Tough one considering he was the only one with a takedown.
  14. You have a valid point that if you base it off of recent international results alone, it looks like he is going to dnp and I am not refuting that. However, if you look deeper into it, I think it paints a bigger picture as to where he is at compared to the top of the world. His Yasar results stem from losing to Yianni (who he has now beaten twice when it mattered) and then defaulting out of the rest of the tournament because of an injury. His Yarygin result is from losing to a 2018 World silver medalist by a last second takedown and then being eliminated when Rashidov didn’t make the finals. Before those results, his only international loss was from almost two years ago to another worlds silver. So his only losses to foreign wrestlers in the last two years have been to world medalists in competitive matches. Now I am not saying I think he will medal nor am I saying I think he won’t. I’m just saying that from what I see, he’s right there with the elite of the elite skill wise even though his credentials don’t necessarily show that yet.
  15. Jeez. People seem to really underestimate Zain on these boards saying he’s a for sure dnp. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s a stacked weight class and wouldn’t be surprised if he did in fact dnp, but his only international losses in the last couple of years have been to two world silver medalists. He’s right there with the best imo and anything can happen.
  16. I really really do not understand how people come to this conclusion. I’m pretty sure Zain’s last international loss in the last couple of years has been to a world silver medalist and before that, another world silver at worlds. Meanwhile, Yianni has matches he almost lost against people who will never come close to a medal. Now I am not saying Zain is for sure the better option either. Just that from what I see, there’s no logical reason to come to the conclusion that Yianni has the better chance against the world. I wanted Yianni to win btw.
  17. Dumb or not, the rules make for the most entertaining style of wrestling by a decent margin.
  18. I just rewatched that exchange and have to admit that I could see that call going either way. Yianni’s back was exposed momentarily because of Zain’s crotch lift, but in my opinion, Yianni was more in control of the whole exchange and even held zain on his back for a decent amount of time by hoisting up his foot.
  19. Completely agree with this. Also, I don’t know why people seem to think Yianni will be the better rep at worlds. I wanted Yianni to win, but I think that either would have an equal shot at a medal.
  20. I can’t wait till they upload the match on Flo. I want to see that 2 that zain got again. Initially I thought it was 2 blue but I could be wrong.
  21. There is nothing wrong with correcting that sh*t show of an ending to that match. That’s why there is an arbitration process in place. The bigger embarrassment by far, would be leaving that match how it was. Just my opinion.
  22. We’ll just have to agree to disagree on the subjectivity of that call then. Point still stands though on Zain being gifted that win through bad officiating. I guess it also depends on your definition of being gifted a win.
  23. First of all, I don’t think anyone can say for sure how that exchange should’ve been scored. It was very subjective. In fact, I’d be willing to bet 9/10 times that it would have been 2 blue in any international tournament. Secondly, the officials literally BROKE THE RULES to give zain the win. Sounds like a gift to me. EDIT: I do agree though that it wasn’t quite as bad as the Kolat situation.
  24. I agree but thats not even the worst of it. If the officials would have followed procedure correctly for a failed challenge, Yianni would’ve won outright anyways after they reviewed the last part of the match, which they obviously did because you could see it being played on the big screen. Yianni got screwed in more than one way in this match and the fact that some people are okay with it is mind boggling. Just my 2 cents.
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