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  1. You got it. I posted a clip (60 seconds) of Brands talking about the rivalry with Alan Fried. Pretty crazy to think that Fried teched Brands in HS, and that Brands ended up beating Fried 5x in college. Here is the clip.
  2. Such a good point. Almost everyone mentions John S as their favorite wrestler.
  3. Hey guys, Here is a podcast I recorded with Coach Brands two weeks ago. He drops a ton of stories on Gable, the Steiners and his run at Iowa, but two of the most interesting were: Brands talking about his respect for John Smith and Brands' rivalry with Alan Fried. Here is the link to listen. Ryan Warner Wrestling Changed My Life Podcast
  4. Thank you! Really appreciate it. Like you said, could have kept this conversation going for hours. Here is the highlight clip I pulled from the interview:
  5. Hey guys, I just released a podcast/conversation with Eric Guerrero. Figured I'd share here amongst the wrestling faithful. Really interesting to hear him talk about how wrestling changed his life, and his journey through the sport. You can listen here. Ryan
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