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  1. Reading all this is really just plain comical to me, because none of it matters. We all saw the same interviews. And everyone will have different opinions on the same. The reality is he's honestly just tired of talking about it or even dealing with it. Maybe it's a hint that the entire wrestling community should just drop it, because the 100% fact is no one on here is qualified to speak about it. J'den is fine. Let's as a community get behind him and all our wrestlers headed to Oslo and cheer them on to victory. Pretty sure at the end of the day, that's the only thing that maters. #itsjustwrestling
  2. He comes from Albany, GA. started wrestling at age 10 with his dad's club in Albany, Moved to the Atlanta area to train with Level Up and Terrystyle before going to Sem. Where he ends up will be determined by an awful lot of prayer and whoever his mama trusts the most to take care of her baby child. :) But that's not a worry for another two or three years. Right now he's just having fun and loving the sport. \
  3. I look at it from the stand point of the benefit gained to our developmental age groups. For our 16U and Juniors to have access to world class training and partners does nothing but help them grow and develop into the leaders on our Senior Level teams. I know living in the South, and having access to Dan Dennis and the RTC at UTC has been a HUGE benefit to our Southern State's programs. For example ALL of Georgia's Fargo champions and quite a few of the placers spent time training at the RTC. I pray they do not end these programs as it will be a stab in the heart to our sport.
  4. Bouzakis is exciting to watch. Super excited to see him wrestling with Sem this season!
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