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  1. I was recently in Fort Dodge hanging out with some family and I asked my cousin about Jones. My cousin lived with him, Joe Soto and Colby Covington while they wrestled at Iowa Central. I can’t remember where he said Jon was going to college after Iowa Central but he wanted to go the MMA route instead. and yes it’s easier to get coke in dodge than Iowa city haha
  2. Has Cass allowed a takedown this year besides the against Isley of UNI?
  3. Any of Nebraska's coaching staff.
  4. I was wondering about him, too, haven't seen him at all this year.
  5. I thought that was great, too! Always fun watching those guys.
  6. As I said before, Wrestle Stat is my favorite.
  7. I like TOM because you don't have to click for each weight class you can just scroll down. So based on laziness, TOM wins.
  8. Cassioppi whooped him pretty good in Freestyle last time they wrestled.
  9. I see Sebastian Rivera isn't registered either.
  10. 125: Mueller, Schroder, Mackall, Camacho, Schwarm, McKee 133: Rivera, Tucker, Bridges, LaMont, Kinner, Sykora 141: Demas, Pletcher, Wilson, McKee, Red, M. Moore, Parker 149: Sasso, Degen, B. Moore, Thomsen, Zacherl, B. Lee, Alirez, Parriott, Purinton, 157: Hidlay, Deakin, Lewan, Carr, Coleman, Teemer 165: McFadden, White, Shields, Fogarty, E. Smith, Conigliaro 174: Steiert, Labriola, Skatzka, Valencia, Lydy, Womack, K. Romero 184: Zahid, Lujan, Venz, DePrez, Hidlay, Darmstadt, Bolen, Colbray, Hoffman 197: Moore, Sloan, Brunner, Davison, Schultz, Aiello, Lane, Orndorff 285: Parris, Hall, Orndorff, Singletary Here's some of the ranked guys who should be there.
  11. Kemerer is 2-0 vs Smith in college.
  12. Hokit will be a smaller HWT if he goes HWT this year. He's 225-230
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