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  1. My guess is he's playing Gargamel in a new Smurfs movie.
  2. He wasn't ranked that high until he beat Van Ness in April right? I don't remember where he was ranked, but he certainly wasn't top 25.
  3. A buddy of mine is friends with his dad. He said he's planning on redshirting this year and then going 125.
  4. I believe people are guessing Steen will start because of Howard's injury. Ungar had a nice win against Fiugeroa, too.
  5. I know! I just found out John Denver died.
  6. Can Hamiti go at 157? Or is he gonna be 165.
  7. They have Wilner coming in as well, do you know what weight he projects at?
  8. My good friend, Tim Gaither, interviews a bunch of wrestlers on his podcast, he usually posts one every Wednesday for "Wrestling Wednesday." He's had guys like Barry Davis, Shane Sparks, Seth Gross, Chris Campbell, Reece Humphrey, Sammie Henson just to name a few. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqO2vUbFeUtba5AGvxHnTdQ
  9. Yeah, a relative of mine ended up beating Schriever due to injury in the state tournament.
  10. Oh easily. That Dean Grable guy was undefeated, but only wrestled like 64 matches. Heard he ducked a lot.
  11. Here's the Iowa list Dan Gable 64-0 Jeff Kerber 126-0 Dan Knight 128-0 Jeff McGinness 172-0 Eric Juergens 144-0 John Meeks 168-0
  12. I was wondering about their lineup as well, but that looks like the best lineup they could put out there for sure.
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