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  1. That I'm not too sure about, he seems like a guy who would go 165 to me, but honestly I don't have a clue. With Kennedy at 65 I'd imagine he would try to get up to 174 after Brands is gone with Chittum maybe going 57 next year.
  2. They also have Rowley coming in, could he start next year? I'm curious if Hamiti will ever move up to 174, seems like he might have the frame for it.
  3. Real Woods is from New Mexico but wrestled in Illinois.
  4. Possibly Brucki at 97, I think he's capable of beating anyone. Murin could win at 49, too, but he should be seeded ahead of Thomas.
  5. Caffey and Warner didn't wrestle this year
  6. https://www.therams.com/news/allen-brings-wrestling-mentality-to-offensive-line-20667743 Brian Allen of the Rams as well.
  7. Another Bengal, Mike Daniels, was a 3-year letter winner in wrestling.
  8. Riley Reiff of the Bengals wrestled in high school.
  9. Army is wrestling at Iowa State tomorrow, so they'll already be in the state.
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