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  1. Yeah, a relative of mine ended up beating Schriever due to injury in the state tournament.
  2. Oh easily. That Dean Grable guy was undefeated, but only wrestled like 64 matches. Heard he ducked a lot.
  3. Here's the Iowa list Dan Gable 64-0 Jeff Kerber 126-0 Dan Knight 128-0 Jeff McGinness 172-0 Eric Juergens 144-0 John Meeks 168-0
  4. I was wondering about their lineup as well, but that looks like the best lineup they could put out there for sure.
  5. Congrats to Little Rock for their first ever qualifier!
  6. Hunter Willits wins 3-1 over Van der Merwe
  7. Munoz up 11-1 on Wills at 174
  8. Sorry about that. I remember him being pretty solid in HS and haven't heard much about him since. Hopefully we will see him next season.
  9. Does anyone know the story on Devin Winston?
  10. I thought I saw Paetzell's name in the transfer portal, I'll see if I can find it Nevermind that was Karam
  11. Griffith went undefeated last year as a freshmen
  12. Myers had two nice ankle picks, didn't score on the first one, but very quick. This Scott-Andonian match is a good one.
  13. BTN is also on YouTube TV. Extra Matches Results: 133 Cullan Schriever md Gliva 14-5 141 Jake Bergeland d Carter Happel 5-4 157 Cael Carlson d Bretli Reyna 5-4 174 Patrick Kennedy d Sam Skillings 10-4 197 Zach Glazier d Dylan Anderson 10-3
  14. Yeah, he looked great. I wonder how 125 will play out for Michigan this year.
  15. Kevin is great! I did a gig with him in some tiny Minnesota town about 10 years ago. He was hilarious!
  16. A buddy of mine had Shane Sparks on his podcast the other day and I really enjoyed it. Shane seems like a great dude.
  17. Heading to Minnesota and going up to 149
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