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  1. Is Brucki still at Princeton? Could he technically wrestle this year for Princeton and then wrestle at Michigan next year?
  2. Medley is pretty tough at 125 and I've heard Embree will be at 97 with Amine at 84, could be wrong on that though. Facundo is still in high school also.
  3. I love all of these stories. Temoer is a great guy, I met him a few years back and have kept in touch with him. I only wrestled one day in my life, when I was in second grade. The third grade teacher at our elementary school had a son who was a senior in high school and he came into our gym class and taught us some wrestling moves and we got to each wrestle three matches. I went 2-1 that day then retired from wrestling. The senior who taught us that day was Mark Reiland. I don't remember if he had the sweet mullet that day, but he ended up having a pretty nice career.
  4. My buddy, Tim Gaither, interviews a lot of wrestlers on his podcast: https://www.youtube.com/user/TimGaither
  5. Iowa also went after Sa'Derian Perry when he was transferring.
  6. Charles Matthews is new to the roster and he is African American.
  7. He was definitely fun to watch, I liked his style a lot, just needed work on bottom. Someone on the Iowa message board said Turk is heading to the Navy, so I guess he's not pursuing an extra year.
  8. I think I read that Vince Turk applied for an extra season since he only wrestled one match due to injury his sophomore year I believe. Definitely wouldn’t score as many points as Jaydin, but would certainly be a solid option.
  9. I think they’re showing wrestling every Monday
  10. My buddy just talked to Gerry Abas on his podcast and he talks about Jaden a bit and a possible weight change.
  11. Bobby Weaver 1980 and Barry Davis 1984 I believe both took O-Rs and made the Olympic team. Randy Lewis 1980, Ken Chertow 1988, John Smith 1988, J'Den Cox 2016, Kyle Snyder 2016 all made the Olympic team without redshirting. Those are the ones I found, I just looked from 1980-2016.
  12. Hell of a guy. Great family. His dad was the doctor the day I was born.
  13. I've heard Lovett is going up to 141 and will redshirt. So it could be 125-Cronin 133-Thomsen. Unless Serrano beats one of them out and wrestles as a true freshmen?
  14. Coach Erisman is a great guy, too. Definitely rooting for him!
  15. Virginia Tech's last national championship in any sport was 2007, the sport was Bass Fishing. Make that into a t-shirt.
  16. I noticed McGee went at 133 for Old Dominion, is there where he will be at the conference tourney?
  17. Because so many people hate him. They probably get more replies when they post stuff about Austin.
  18. https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/sports/college/iowa-state/wrestling/2020/02/24/wrestling-iowa-state-coach-kevin-dresser-explains-controversy-last-chance-open/4862592002/
  19. Yeah March 7th I believe. They have a great lunch special, not sure if they do it on weekends, but it's $10-$11 for all you can eat and you choose 2 pizza/salad/pasta. Great deal and you can eat until you hate yourself. And it's just a couple of miles from the BOK Center.
  20. I think it would be easier to pick one match you really want to see at each weight. But I think I'd go with Steveson-Parris since we haven't seen it yet, and I think Parris can beat him, and I'd like to see that.
  21. I used to live in Norman and Tulsa and I love Hideaway Pizza. Andolini's is the place to go for pizza in Tulsa though if anyone is heading there for the Big 12 wrestling tournament.
  22. I was recently in Fort Dodge hanging out with some family and I asked my cousin about Jones. My cousin lived with him, Joe Soto and Colby Covington while they wrestled at Iowa Central. I can’t remember where he said Jon was going to college after Iowa Central but he wanted to go the MMA route instead. and yes it’s easier to get coke in dodge than Iowa city haha
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