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    Best NCAA Championship Match of All-Time

    Anything involving Johnny Hendricks.
  2. Return of Aztec

    Ringer had absolutely zero for Dake

    Dake dictated the match with movement and stronger ties. His strategy appeared to be to suck Dieringer in, cut him off, and win the ties. He worked that strategy expertly and made Dieringer look one-dimensional. Dieringer was reacting to Dake's movement and this prevented Dieringer from ever getting Dake in a position where Dieringer could score. Dieringer needed to get Dake to move where Dieringer wanted, but that just didn't happen. My no-so-serious take is sung to the tune of Sir Robin's minstrel from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Brave Sir Kyle ran away Bravely ran away, away When Ringer reared his curly head Sir Kyle moved his feet and fled Yes, brave Sir Kyle turned about And gallantly he pushed him out
  3. Return of Aztec

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    A little more seriously... I don't like this idea. It's too punitive to the wrestler to punish him on the backend if he met the criteria for an Olympic redshirt at the outset. If you think the criteria is too loose to begin with, what would you change? As it is now, this is how a guy can qualify: Past national team members (top three from the World or Olympic Team Trials) Top eight at the 2019 Senior U.S. Open Top three at the 2019 NCAA Wrestling Championship; or NCAA champion from a previous year AND top two from the 2019 U23 World Team Trials (must accomplish both). Previous Cadet, Junior, U23 world medalist
  4. Return of Aztec

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

  5. Return of Aztec

    Mekhi announces olympic redshirt

    The slight hit to the talent pool when a small number of guys take an Olympic red shirt is made up for by a slight increase to the talent pool when they return to college competition. It balances out.