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  1. Last I heard he is at the MAYO clinic. He will not be wrestling this year...
  2. Sadly injuries have taken a toll. The recruiting classes in the future look pretty bright. I’m super optimistic about the future of the wolverines....
  3. One of those freak incidents like picc vs suriano... no one will understand what happened. Austin is not faking anything. Stop trollin haters
  4. Cael and Kyle are two "separate" religions
  5. willie saylor broke it on twitter.
  6. Uvu has amazing guys (their jv was out against iowa state) matt findlay, tate orndorff, kimball bastian, jed loveless, jacob armstrong, demetrius romero are all amazing wrestlers (potential aa's) they will do amazing in march. Unfortunately march is the only thing that matters....
  7. Did rivera get pinned or injured? What happened in his 3rd place match
  8. Anyone know why Wisconsin was deducted a team point?
  9. Sanderson will come to BYU mark my words. Only 30 minutes from home (Heber City). Or to UVU. Cyler used to be at UVU
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