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  1. Just wait till Carl comes back to Utah and brings Utah Valley to the top.... one can only dream right
  2. Say it louder for the kids in the back still going to bars well into their 20's
  3. All the good girls get married young. Most guys do not want the local bar lizards when they are 30 and unmarried, and rightfully so. Seeing the big picture is key rather than living in the moment
  4. ASU sends 2 guys to a trimeet dual with uvu and wyoming
  5. Iowa state gave the nod to the Cuban against the D3 school
  6. https://gouvu.com/sports/wrestling/schedule Utah Valley has a nice schedule!
  7. Check flo twitter. Any insights? And Gavin Teasdale
  8. I'm praying for a miracle with Findlay....
  9. staying as far as I know. I hope Matt Findlay stays..
  10. They got another world team member that could be better than Orndorff. Google Braxton Mikesell, Trussell could also be beating orndorff in the room..... 0 problems for uvu at hwt next year.
  11. Probably not. Their wives and families live in the valley. Surprised tate transferred considering his wife is on the soccer team.
  12. Take a gander at what happened to utah valley this season.....
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