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  1. 125- Taylor Lamont AA 133- Ty Smith Qualifier 141- Stockton O'brian nq 149- Cameron Hunsaker nq 157- Danny Snediker nq 165- Kekana Fouret nq 174- Demetrius Romero AA 184- Hunter Cruz nq 197- Evan Bockman nq 285- Chase Trussell nq
  2. He did pretty well at Herriman high. Developed some hammers from nothing
  3. you hit it spot on. Ty Smith is also top 10 when he doesnt have a torn acl... almost teched micki philipi late 2020
  4. He couldnt place at d2 state in nevada lol
  5. I'll get this started with Oregon State! Post any d1 rosters you see posted https://osubeavers.com/sports/wrestling/roster
  6. Title says it all!! What happened?
  7. Just wait till Carl comes back to Utah and brings Utah Valley to the top.... one can only dream right
  8. Say it louder for the kids in the back still going to bars well into their 20's
  9. All the good girls get married young. Most guys do not want the local bar lizards when they are 30 and unmarried, and rightfully so. Seeing the big picture is key rather than living in the moment
  10. ASU sends 2 guys to a trimeet dual with uvu and wyoming
  11. Iowa state gave the nod to the Cuban against the D3 school
  12. https://gouvu.com/sports/wrestling/schedule Utah Valley has a nice schedule!
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