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  1. We will be hosting an all grade dual tourney open to any team or state at our new arena the same week Fargo was supposed to be! We will be using safety protocols consistence with State regulations. Please contact us with any questions. Limited teams allowed so please see attachment for more details! MidWest Ironman Duals.pdf
  2. Youth Crush COVID individual Tourney Registration for all Divisions is now open! Folkstyle only 250 max athletes Date : June 12th, 2020 Location: Beresford , SD https://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=188588132&fbclid=IwAR0zp0nu6d5YlSwCARL7hGoZe-_OFvDEk4jF11fwdn90wpBz-U9zmXdwWg8 MS/HS Crush COVID Tourney Freestyle & Greco only 250 max athletes Date : June 13th, 2020 https://www.trackwrestling.com/registration/TW_Register.jsp?tournamentGroupId=188589132&fbclid=IwAR0wnEGzrZtsBPMXJguc6ozHguyBm9VNqKVAZyJLO8ZgoqdvIZe5C71JutM 2020 Covid Tourney.pdf
  3. I'm trying to remain optimistic
  4. The team submissions are live! Go to the website and get your teams submitted. I am also attaching an Excel Spreadsheet to help you build your team to keep it under the 1,000 point maximum. TeamTemplate2.xlsx
  5. Will be going live on Thursday Morning! I will attach an Excel spreadsheet to help with auto calculation to help keep you under the 1,000 point max! https://mikesmit49.wixsite.com/marchmatness
  6. Here is the Video, you begin to see the mat layouts around the 1:40 mark.
  7. Yes anything below 16 I consider not being seeded.
  8. They showed the mat layout on the Big Ten Network before the Iowa vs Michigan Dual last Saturday.
  9. As we are about a month away from NCAA Wrestling Conference Meets I wanted to get this out there to put on everyone's schedule. I will be doing my annual March Matness Challenge again this year! All information and rosters must be submitted using this link: https://mikesmit49.wixsite.com/marchmatness TEAM ROSTERS ARE DUE BY WEDNESDAY MARCH 18TH AT 12:00 PM! All scoring will be done online and each team has an entrance fee of $20. 1st place will take home 25% of total entry fees, 2nd place 10% of total entry fees, and 3rd place 5% of all entry fees. All proceeds will go back to Legends of Gold! Here are the rules: The objective of the pool is to create a 10 man roster with each team having a salary cap of 1000 points.. A 10 man roster with 1 guy from every weight. NO OPEN WEIGHT CLASSES. Each wrestler cost a different amount of points based on their seed in the National Tournament. Each seed will be allotted a set amount of points. Those points are listed here: 1st - 196 points 2nd - 148 points 3rd - 139 points 4th - 129 points 5th - 117 points 6th - 107 points 7th - 93 points 8th - 87 points 9th - 78 points 10th - 71 points 11th - 59 points 12th - 45 points 13th- 38 points 14th- 31 points 15th- 24 points 16th- 17 points Not Seeded- 5 points There is a spreadsheet on the website to help build your teams so you won't have to calculate your team totals manually before you submit them. This will hopefully help prevent teams from being over the 1000 point limit. Scoring for each wrestler is based on the NCAA Guidelines for tournament scoring, if you have questions about it please let me know. I'm looking forward to hosting this for years to come and look forward to the challenge for this year. All payments are due by the 1st whistle of the tournament, please send payments through PayPal to mikesmit49@gmail.com or I have added a PayPal Button to the website where you can send me the money even if you don't have a PayPal Account. I should have all the links working on the morning of March 12th as the Selection Show is March 11th. Good luck!
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