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  1. The media reports over 1 million illegal immigrants have attempted to cross the border this year and they are not required to present proof of vaccination. This is in addition to the low estimated 10M+ illegal immigrants already here and an unknown number that continue to make it through. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday insisted that the US borders are closed, but couldn’t give a “ballpark” estimate on how many of the 1.3 million illegal immigrants apprehended at the border this year are being held, were deported or released in the US. White House Press Secretary suggested during Monday’s press briefing that migrants that illegally enter the United States do not need to present proof of vaccination at the border the same way that foreign nationals reportedly do when they fly into the U.S. because the illegal aliens are “not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time.”
  2. "Don't mess with Texas" was effective. "Don't mess with mama." Not a silver bullet. Not everyone had the nature and nurture for emotion intelligence. It resonates with me but honestly the thought of making others sick, when I am not sick, is a secondary consideration. How do you change that? "Doesn't work to prevent." It is all about the untrusted messengers and changing messages.
  3. This is the answer I was looking for. The covid data does not show major risk to wrestlers. The data reflects the risk is to the elderly and the messaging should consistently hammer the butterfly effect. Effective advertising might say "Don't mess with mama. Covid is not likely to cause lasting issues for healthy and fit individuals under 49 years of age. Covid kills 1 of every 90 infected parents over 65 years of age. Save a life. Be a hero. Get vaccinated!"
  4. Vaccines are good. Medicine is good. The politics and media bias from the past four years has been awful. Lack of trust in the news is further degraded with constantly changing recommendations on Covid information. Is it airborne or not? Does a mask help or not? Is it two weeks or two years? Does the vaccine cause no harm or are there side effects? The UK defined COVID deaths as one where the deceased was covid + in the previous 60 days OR after 60 days if marked on the death certificate. Popular covid tests were later found as not to be trustworthy. The fast pass FDA discussion in public did not discuss side effects; "let's discuss offline and get this approved for emergency use" was the message. The vaccine was a new technology without long term studies. The CDC published there were no long term vaccine effects when the people in real life are seeing vaccine effects. People are being forced into decisions where they do not believe the cost is worth the benefit. People believe they are not at risk and are being coerced into taking an experimental vaxx that could make things worse than if they took no action at all. TL;DR: No trust.
  5. Is there a higher safety risk that wrestling coaches and athletes will be injured from wrestling itself than covid? How does the Covid mandate compare to the public smoking ban? Is the public smoking ban authoritarian and somehow okay because the vast majority agreed with it? Whereas with Covid vaxx , the mandate opinion is a closer split.
  6. Mandates are not cool; great we can be friends. Why talking about kids. College students are kids to me that have near-zero risk from Covid harm. Thanks for sharing. We have a different tolerance for risk.
  7. I did backtrack with more thought. There are 20K+ people at my company. The numbers say that 16 people could die from Covid if we all worked in office together. 16 people is a scary large number against the small number of people I hold dear. I don't think about 16 in 20K; I think about 16 in 100. It tugs emotion from the right side of my brain. But use that left side of the brain. More than 16 people of the 20K die annual anyways and I don't give it a second thought. People die from cancer, accidents, drugs, flu, suicide, etc. every day. No I know is trying to ban driving because of the risks. No one is mandating flu vaccines. There are stories to tell and while every life does matter, ultimately society has decided that it values freedom over the cost of harm from eating fast food, drugs, driving, physical sports, sex, and skipping the flu vaccination.
  8. What is near zero for you? Why the hypocrisy in mandates? The flu is likely more dangerous to kids than covid.
  9. Had no choice about working remotely. I have never once been concerned about getting Covid or the impact on me or my family from having gotten in. Nobody I talk with has voiced concerned about going back to office because of Covid. Many already wanted to work remote and now that they have it, have zero desire to return. My group of 80 have over 90% vote to indefinitely work remote and come to the office 1-2x monthly. They are concerned about losing hours of their day with commute. Yes folks in the 40x and under group are at near-zero risk. Those coaches, me, my kids...
  10. I am a 100 page thread J'Den advocate and his exception story does not change the macro story.
  11. Careful about calling out exceptions. People felt they were doing their part by getting Covid vaccinated and then unfortunately became dead or debilitated from a vaccine side effect. This isn't a new concept. Here's an old story around a flu vaccine that I can't get out of my mind.
  12. Of 30+ people I personally know that have had Covid, three went to the hospital. Two were over 70 and died on an incubator. My 40 year old friend recovered immediately on monoclonal antibodies. That's 10% for hospital visits in my known Covid case size. 3% under 50y. 100% over 70y. Seems high but not many people actively admit that had Covid unless there is drama. The CDC math shows 0.6% of a sample size of 32M people have been hospitalized with Covid this year.
  13. None of the 32 year old men in my circle are anxious about catching covid. They don't consider it a risk so much as a given that it will come and that they will be fine.
  14. Howe and Kennedy have a higher chance of being involved in a fatal car accident. If they are like me, they have not given two thoughts about accidents because while the risk is not zero, it is near zero. At a macro level, what in the data says these coaches or students should be self-concerned? What is coming next is probably a forced vaccination of low-risk children with a 200,000 to 1 covid survival rate. The problem is that younger folks cannot understand what is in it for them and they don't care about what's in it for you.
  15. What about the metadata - who has more money, power, and influence? Taylor has more Twitter and Instagram followers. That Olympic gold is the difference for now.
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