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  1. Shabani looked good today and he beat Mohammadian. No more wrestle offs... send Shabani... he earned it! sinister smile...
  2. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6651245-97-kg-alisher-yergali-vs-bo-nickal (paywall) That Yergali Nickal Jan 2020 match came down to the last second.... Nickal was up 4, then Yergal was up 7, then Nickal came back and took the lead with a 4 second remaining TD to win. Nickal was an 86 kg wrestler competing at 97 kg... Yergali appeared physically bigger than Nickal. When I say Nickal is 86 kilo... His university weight class spanned 79 kg (2016) to 89 kg (2019). He weighed in at 87 kg when wrestling 92kg against Cox in June 2019 for the World Team. If he was cutting... he could make it back to 79 kg. The USA would expect a world medal from him if he stayed another 3 years... but yea to the MMA route.
  3. Nickal is a U23 World Champ over 2018 Russian Champ Batyrbek Tsakulov and was a renown college folk style wrestler in the United States. He has multiple wins over USA Kollin Moore, who recently beat Alireza Karimi Machiani. He was undersized and wrestling above his weight against J'Den Cox and Kyle Snyder... Speculation is that he would not wrestle 86 kilos because of his shared team/club with David Taylor. David Taylor and Bo Nickal finally wrestled at 86 kilos in the USA Olympic Trials. Several fans on twitter believe the fix was in. Bo got into shots and did not appear to try to finish, etc. This could be because they know each other well from practice room competitions or maybe there was a pre-planned decision. Bo has great hips... he can be exciting to watch... he not only wins but pins other accomplished wrestlers.
  4. At 79 kilo? The English announcer just said this was his first accomplishment outside of bronze at the same tournament. https://www.iat.uni-leipzig.de/datenbanken/dbwrestling/daten.php?spid=C6141696CDDF4561B81DF62529391AC1
  5. Mohammadian had Snyder teched and then decked him. Please send Shabani.
  6. Neutral: Kyle Dake. Maybe Leroy Kemp. Top: Gene Mills - the reason they created the technical fall... Bottom: Possible surprise pick. Has Gable Steveson been ridden out in college? Cassar did not...
  7. What is the story on the international Greco dual competition... Kiki Cup... aka jack pinto cup... at OTC... no weigh-in required for Rulon Gardner? Was he the only one... all heavies... all wrestlers? https://starcasm.net/videos-rulon-gardners-successful-return-to-wrestling-does-it-justify-walking-off-biggest-loser/
  8. Oh, we both care about it But arguing with me just isn't worth it
  9. #BlowinMeUp #YouBeenWildin #WeWereCool #YeahWeWasVibin
  10. You wanna leave the extra all behind, mmm And I know that you wanna let Cox wrestle, mmm yeah
  11. Arg... only one hashtag allowed per post. #MyBad
  12. @drag it My Oh My! Do you believe in miracles? We CAN find common ground on this thread. This revelation might stop progress cold... ...Nah, who is ready to grumble? #FreeCox #LetCoxWrestle #RussiaDidIt #USAWDidIt #KJDidIt #CoxDidIt #HaveASpine #PutinBackbone #WhatIsWrongWithTheWorld #LongLongTimeAgo #100PagesOrBust #PersonalAccountability #Honor #CourageOrCoward #Stamina #NotFair #Leadership #WeWantTheBest #FollowTheRules #BlindRulesGuy #BackwardsHatGuy #PharyngealJaws #BackInTheDay #AreYouSerious #WeAreNotRussia #LetTheWrestlersDecide
  13. jross

    Lee Kemp

    Kemp has 4. JB now has 4 with 2015 being his last undefeated year. Cox has 1*. Dake has 1* Snyder has 0. *Excluded 2020 due to lack of competition - will count after 2020 Olympics if they compete. No matter the differences in farm strength and technique... any way you try to cut it... Kemp was untouchable by the world for four years! Mitch Hull adds "What Kemp accomplished from his entry into college in 1975 to the World Championships in 1982 (from the age of 17 to 25) is unmatched by anyone. In that period of time Kemp competed in 4 NCAA Championships, 4 World Cup Championships and 4 World Championships (also made the Olympic Team). In all those events Kemp lost a total of 2 matches by a total of ONE POINT!"
  14. Funky had a blue bird tweet to the Pauls in response to a call over the open airwaves to fight an influencer... Askren paid the entry fee with his 400K flock a followers.
  15. Set to Zoot Suit Riot... doo be shoo bop ooh dee doo sha-bam Who's that waddlin' down the street? It's just me, 'cause I love to eat Fudge and Twinkies and deviled ham Who's real flabby? Yes, I am! Every picture of me's Gotta be an aerial view Now my doctor tells me There's just one thing left to do--
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