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  1. Given Rau raised $21K, Cox could have raised $60K...
  2. Not everyone throws one’s toys out of the pram.
  3. Csabalov was on empty. Next match Turkey was on empty. Next match JO was twice surprised by immediate shot in restarts. Thought JO might lose... moving on.
  4. Blundering blinded Bruce blocks bejeweling blazed bigtime brawler...
  5. Last night Ben said that folkstyle will help him stay in shape as he continues training Greco and that he wants to wrestle in the 2028 Olympics in LA. The degree will help him with high-level coaching opportunities.
  6. The words... I used to have this reoccurring nightmare. Water rushes at me. I can't breath. It just a... fills my lungs. I've been wrestling since I was seven. A little tiny me. My brothers wrestled. My dad wrestled. "You know son. After wrestling... everything in life is easy." I don't know if that is true. I haven't seen everything in life. I don't know if he wanted the best for me. If he wanted me to learn life lessons on the mat or if he just wanted to relive his glory days. My dad used to say that a wrestling tournament was like a refugee camp. Bodies outstretched and crumpled. Faces stuffed with food as if we hadn't eaten in weeks. The roar in your head. The blood running through your cauliflower ears at breakneck speeds. The rage you can only hope to contain when the pain becomes so real. The cold part of me could care less. I've been hurt more often than less. The cold part could care less. I've been hurt. I've been broken. Bones bent and beat up, bruised and battered. Bottled up with neck pain and leg cramps. Blood on mat and bloody matches. The cold part wearing scars like rugged badges. You think I forget when I stepped onto the mat that I am nothing... nothing but a levee I'm trying to protect you were from me Run when that dam breaks. My dad would live... for stuff like that. We don't train. We don't cut, spit, grip for weeks, months days spent to be flopped around like some gutless fish and artificial light. On the other hand we win and shake hands like businessmen. Too tired to smile. You have no idea how much work this takes. You have no idea how much work this takes. The whole world microcosm of Darwin's ideas takes place in the six minutes that I show you how much more evolved I have made myself. After wrestling, everything in life is easy. He came to every single match. He paid for every single camp. Two months ago he died. I don't know... if everything gets easier. I know I still have that dream... only now I see the water without the waves beating. I look at it... and jump in. Wrestling taught me how to swim.
  7. Joe discusses this on the Bader show today. https://www.flowrestling.org/events/6197840-the-bader-show/videos?playing=7009368 Timeline 0:00: Larry Bird, Joe Rau, and mustaches. 1:00: Jumping right into the controversy of the Olympic Trials. 4:30: What to do between matches one and two? 6:30: Was the potential loss of the Marine Greco program to blame? 10:30: Something doesn’t feel right. 14:30: Explaining an out-of-body experience. After the second time the ref blew the whistle and penalized me, I had an out-of-body experience. Look at my par terre position... I know the latest rules but I was following rules from years ago... wasn't mentally there anymore. The first match messed me up mentally. I felt like a piece of stone after the first match. When I was supposed to be rewarded, I was punished. I couldn't move my body... 19:30: ‘Sometimes I still don’t sleep.’ 21:30: Matt Lindland lost but won in 2000. In the finals of the United States Olympic trials, Lindland lost to Keith Sieracki, whom Lindland had accused of tripping him (under the rules of Greco-Roman wrestling, athletes are not permitted the use of their legs for advantage in defense of offensive moves). After appealing, an arbitrator ordered a rematch for Lindland and Sieracki, which Lindland won 9–0. 23:30: ‘I stayed in Texas after the Trials.’ 26:30: ‘I consider Jon a good friend.’ 28:00: ‘It’s a very complicated process.’ You can file a protest under USA Wrestling but you don't need to. We filed under article 9 with the Olympic Committee (USOPC). If you are denied under that arbitration you can bring it to the courts. I think he meant section 9 for complaints... https://www.teamusa.org/Footer/Legal/Governance-Documents/Section-9-Complaint-Form 30:00: My Cousin Vinny. Needs to be a legit lawyer to do this right. 31:00: ‘I have to be ready to win two matches.’ Expect to legally fight for a new best of three. The outcome may be lead to a declined wrestle-off, a new best of 3, it could start 1 and 1 to wrestle off for the spot, it could start with Stef being 1 match up and me needing to win 2 straight. 32:30: ‘Putting my shoes on the mat was an angry decision.’ 33:30: Win or lose, what’s next? 35:00: Catching Olympic fever when Rulon won in 2000. 37:00: Winning Fargo as a senior. 42:00: ‘I always knew I was different and crazy.’ 45:00 Joe Rau enters the Hot Box.
  8. Joe needs about $2500 more to cover legal fees for an appeal. https://t.co/WDSSD1xdLu IMO this should be a best of three wrestle off from scratch. The events in the first match negated the second match. Joe's strategy changed in the second match... one might assume as result of the first match ref... for example he attempted one snap down to a go-behind rather than a throw.
  9. IMO Rau was given a caution +2 and put into par terre because it was the second time he continued wrestling after the ref blew the whistle. The first whistle came while Rau was mid-execution of the second throw. Rau continued wrestling for a third throw and the ref put his hands on Rau to stop. The second whistle came later when the ref decided Rau & Stefanowicz were out of bounds... and Rau continued wrestling w/the roll through. The ref put his hands on Rau again to stop wrestling. The match should have ended by tech given Rau's second four-point move was in the finishing stage when the egregious first whistle came.
  10. Post clips of the moments that captivated you. Any time period. Any competitor. FS or GR. There were two jaw-droppers at the last Olympic Trials for me. The Dake Bomb to Nolf was right up there with Masvidal's flying knee to Askren... The second was a game of Catch-As-Catch-Can between Hancock and Amos... Hancock caught Amos on a slip throw and got him for four points! It appeared more impressive looking down from the upper bowl than it does here:
  11. Was Stefanowicz close to choking out? You can't find match one anywhere on youtube, NBC, etc... ha ha... wonder why. Note that Team USA has match two on youtube. First 4 pts awarded... second 4pts called off because why? Match should have been over by tech! https://streamable.com/48ddpv Rau immediately goes back to it... this one IMO he should have stopped at the whistle... but... can you hear the boos when they award pts to Stefanowicz? https://streamable.com/4z1k2l Now Stefanowicz did nothing wrong... fantastic story... and USA Wrestling should run this back.
  12. FIFY inline. This post intent was meant to generate discussion around the ref behavior and match outcome for Joe Rau vs Stefanowicz match one. It appeared Rau would throw Stefanowicz twice in a legal head pinch to end the match with an early tech. The author raised the new-to-me question about whether the ref could be biased to Stefanowicz. Instead of giving Rau an early win, the match continued. Rau reacted to the way the match was refed and I don't remember him going back to the head pinch in the first or second match. We do not know how match two would have played out had match one been refed differently. The ref impact on the matches reminded me of the NFL KC Chiefs vs TB Buc super bowl. The one-sided and egregious calls against KC in the first half changed the entire game. TB drives were allowed to continue and became points. KC transitioned to two-hand touch defense. TB points caused KC go to a pass-only offense... still a challenge but much easier to defend strategically. Group thread comments are critical of the article. That was non-intentional. Skipping to the "By now..." paragraph, I found the Timothy Hand's content enjoyable and rewarding. He IS an editor. To read more from him... I searched to find his background, searched for books he might have written, etc... found a different T.H. author... went ahead and praised this T.H. on twitter! Fewer words could have expressed his message... but his word creativity showed English mastery IMO! The 10-words or less challenge was not a dig at the author, rather it was a challenge to get us to read the article, to understand it, and to express the main talking points. Given nobody talks about Greco... how else do you influence one to read 3500+ words on the subject? Raising attention to opportunities for USA Wrestling to address for these Olympic Trials... seems consistent... it is a serious matter that I hope we can inject some humor while discussing.
  13. https://t.co/WDSSD1xdLu Go Fund Joe
  14. Optics matter. Biased ref admonishes wrestler verbally and physically. #TechKill
  15. Devoted, marvelous wrestlers deserve your unconditional support regardless of litigation.
  16. Stefanowicz is the Olympian at 87kg. Perhaps that will change.
  17. A wrestler was hosed, retired, and litigates for one more.
  18. It drips of self-importance and I am here for it.
  19. http://www.fivepointmove.com/usa-greco/editorial-stefanowicz-rau/ Explain the article in 10 words or less. Go.
  20. I wish LA had it in 2024... would fit 17, 14, and 10 kid ages very well... might inspire... A trip for five to Paris is for the rich and a trip for one will be frowned on.
  21. People have short memories. Green’s on-the mat-results earned him multiple world medals and he has wins over extraordinary wrestlers like Chamizo. Green has better results and appears more able at 70 kilo than 65 kilo. Nolf wrestled Green tough and was winning through 5m 51s in a 2019 match... 70 kilo seems a bit small for Nolf.
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