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  1. Boris wrestled well before gassing. It looked to me like Reece initiated and exposed Zain for the first 2pts and was not given the call. The match outcome would be the same but it would have had a different feel.
  2. For personal stuff, upload it quickly for free to https://imgbb.com/ and then paste the image url in your forum reply.
  3. How many wrestlers have asked to participate and were declined? Is this a first-come, first-serve bracket based on a known set past result requirements?
  4. I believe he went to 92 because of weight cutting and 97 for the Olympic weight plus the better competition.
  5. Per the Public UWW database... Alexander Medved Prizes | 2016-02-18 Minsk (BLR) | 74.0 kg 1. Tsabolov, Khetik -- Russian Federation | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uEt42MtqQ1U (by pin!)... yazdani gets him back by tfall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lV_vlgK3oI Grand Prix of Paris | 2016-01-29 Paris (FRA) | 74.0 kg 1. Shabanov, Ali -- Belarus | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1p4Nu8cZ_M (...to the last second) World Championship | 2015-09-10 Las Vegas (USA) | 70.0 kg 1. Gazimagomedov, Magomedrasul -- Russian Federation | https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5541309-70kg-final-magomedrasul-gazimagomedov-rus-vs-hassan-yazdani-charati-iri World Championship | Freestyle Cadets | 2011-08-23 Szombathely (HUN) | 50.0 kg 1. Rashidov, Gadshimurad -- Russian Federation RUS | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRcIoF4k0jo (...young gun) ...
  6. Sticking to my guns that the RBY/Gross match should have had 0 NF. Above, with Hall, looks like a stalemate and 0 NF to me. It would be nice to get clarity in the rule book around the spladle position. Now here is clear back points...
  7. Hall vs Marinelli Should there be backpoints for Hall on this?
  8. For me it is. I have been a member for 1.5 years and am consuming truck loads worth of content. Even without fresh wrestling events, IMO it is worth helping out companies that could have a hard time in this environment. It more depends on whether my son continues to wrestle or not...
  9. And still worth every penny of my subscription. I'm not mad... its worth $12.50 a month... now it would be bad if it was $60 for fight night...
  10. The Dake and Chamizo match was worth the wait. Chamizo's drunken style wrestling can be hard to watch. You know he's faking that he is going to fall over from exhaustion and then he goes for a lethal attack in the final seconds. World class match.
  11. 2-3 when they were the same weight. Pletcher is too big now.
  12. Works for me but I want another 10 matches tonight and again for the next 7 weeks.
  13. Mueller is really good. He tech falled Pletcher in freestyle and has many quality wins. RBY looked great.
  14. I signed in one minute before and it was a black screen. Control f5 refresh and it worked on my browser. Casts to tv fine.
  15. Near the end of the Mueller and Pletcher workout video on Flo, Pletcher made a comment about a move feeling exactly the same as in a match six years before. How many times have Mueller and Pletcher wrestled. Here is one from 2017...
  16. Behind the Flo paywall, Taylor talks through one of his matches with Yazdani. David was respectful to Yazdani and shared that he enjoys wrestling him. A few comments about Yazdani include... Has a powerful reputation The only guy in the world that wants to wrestle at my pace Dominated me in first period - I was almost surviving at one point I never beat a guy of that caliber before. We both dominate people. I am technical. His is physical and he just throws people around, including me. He makes you make mistakes. He forces you to make a decision where you either give up a push out on the edge or he gets you for 2-4 pts. ...
  17. The stories from the women's team are worth listening to. This is progress.
  18. opens fine for me. The toolbar shows 'menu' which expands into options.
  19. There would be additional undercards to settle who is #1 for each weight of the cancelled NCAA folkstyle tournament.
  20. Indeed! It is a shame to see people take glorification in others demise. The wrestling room group on facebook... I was excited at first about another outlet to discover and discuss the promotion of wrestling, etc. and some of that does occur. However, multiple people there are aggressive with discovering and sharing private information, are quick to judge, and close minded. I called out negative behaviors and had support, but also was criticized and a group admin deleted comments... I'm an 'unfollower' and recommend others to avoid it.
  21. NEARLY HALF OF major college football and men's basketball coaches have taken voluntary pay cuts in response to the financial crisis facing higher education because of the coronavirus pandemic, but most of the highest-paid coaches have not, an ESPN survey found. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29468590/some-not-all-coaches-share-colleges-burden-amid-coronavirus-pandemic
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