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  1. Lee v. Mueller because Mueller's first step will be moving forward.
  2. Have you considered bowing out and setting the 'ignore' user option? Instantly better forum experience.
  3. What would the forum leaderboard look like with a new category that ranks posters based on their reputation to post ratio? Medicine Man would be at the top as his reputation is larger than his content number. Are there levels to good posting? How about a ratio of... | >75% is Hodge contender | >50% is tier 1 | >25% is tier 2 | >15% is tier 3. Medicine Man | 227:159 | 142% Jon Kozak | 172:231 | 75% Hurricane Wrestling 2 | 476:837 | 57% Jason Bryant | 1522:3085 | 49% TBar | 3554:18345 | 19% RusselScout | 151:3710 | 4%
  4. In the pin by cradle match, Picc caught Lee in a bad position at the edge of the mat. In an earlier match, Picc locked Lee in a cradle twice and could not turn him. Lee wins by MD over Picc.
  5. The last KSU/KU game was okay to watch. At its conclusion, the fun began. Same story, different sport.
  6. I'm not outraged at this and wasn't outraged when a competitor punched my teammate in the face, on the mat, at a dual. It is not necessary. There should be consequences - similar to failing classes or missing weight.
  7. It took me 30 minutes to copy the information directly from wrestlestat and to watch the last 5 seconds of linked videos on youtube and flow. I'm a software engineer and can do certain tasks efficiently. I wanted to know how many actual matches Desanto does something that could stir up attention. I assumed there would be much less.
  8. We know Desanto was hurt. His coach thought he could finish the match. I changed my answer from N to ? to prevent trolls -- looks a can't win situation. We are talking Desanto. Bringing up other wrestlers is deflection.
  9. Desanto should be on thin ice based on his NCAA history. He should have no warnings available to start this season. He started the season off poorly, was better, and then started his act again in January. He should be disciplined internally and if that didn't work, then he should sit out matches until he gets his act together. I love watching Desanto during the match. I hate watching how he represents Iowa at the match's end. Desanto is the instigator of poor sportsmanship in 50% of his matches this year. Bad Sport? | Opponent (Record) | Date Event| W/L By | How | Sportsmanship comment Y | Dryden, Boo (8 - 5) | 02/15 Minnesota - Iowa Dual | W TF5 | 24 - 8 5:38 | Lets Dryden off back and then puts heavy hands on Dryden's head and side ? | Bravo-Young, Roman (17 - 1) | 01/31 Penn State - Iowa Dual | L INJ | Injured, quits match with knee pain N | Decatur, Jordan (14 - 8) | 01/24 Ohio State - Iowa Dual| W TF5 | 27 - 12 5:59 | Is behind wrestler, gets off Decatur cleanly, raises hands and waves both to crowd (celebrating is fine w/me! - just don't punk the opponent) N | Lovett, Ridge (13 - 6) | 01/18 Nebraska - Iowa Dual | W DEC | 7 - 4 | Lovett finishes the match on top Y | Ford-Melton, Travis (13 - 12) | 01/12 Iowa - Purdue Dual | W TF5 | 16 - 1 3:24 | Looks like he kisses Ford-Melton's headgear Y | Moran, Jonathan (8 - 16) | 01/10 Iowa - Indiana Dual | W FALL | 1:42 | Whips hand, stands over, look like he purposely knees Moran in head and then acts like he is stepping away Y | Piotrowski, Travis (22 - 2) | 12/29 Midlands Championships | W DEC | 10 - 4 | They go out of bounds with 2 seconds left. After returning to the center of the mat, Desanto puts his hands on Piotrowskis head to direct him to start in the down position. At the end of the match, pats Pios belly like 'good match.' Y | Ferrante, Carmen (13 - 11) | 12/29 Midlands Championships | W MD | 20 - 8 | Gives Ferrante an earful at as they are getting up off the mat N | Gross, Seth (23 - 1) | 12/29 Midlands Championships | L DEC | 6 - 5 N | Hernandez, Jamie (13 - 9) | 12/29 Midlands Championships | W MD | 14 - 5 | Smacks him on the buttocks 'good match' N | Rini, Angelo (21 - 8) 12/29 Midlands Championships | W TF5 | 22 - 6 3:35 N | Pierson, Sean (10 - 9) | 12/08 Iowa - Princeton Dual | W TF5 | 25 - 10 5:45 N | Gross, Seth (23 - 1) | 12/01 Wisconsin - Iowa Dual | W DEC | 6 - 2 | Gross finished on top. Desanto got up and shook his hand. Y | Small, Todd (17 - 7) | 11/24 Iowa - Iowa State Dual | W MD | 16 - 4 | Pushes on head until time runs out, keeps pushing, then tries to jump over Small's back but lands on it. Y | Murphy, Aiden (4 - 12) | 11/17 Chattanooga - Iowa Dual | W TF5 | 23 - 4 0:15 | Murphy on belly. Pushed down on Murphy's neck and back and then stepped over him.
  10. The negativity comes to Iowa because of program envy, club-member behaviors, and because its fans share opinions that are heavier with emotion than evidence. ASD knowingly shows 'his dominance' at the end of matches and there is no acceptable excuse for it. I don't care who started it. He should had been suspended earlier this year so that he could correct his behavior before the important matches come.
  11. Is there a pulse on the popularity of year-round wrestling for different states? I am dumbfounded to hear about North East USA kids that wrestle 100 to 200 matches a year starting at 10-12 years of age. Do families in Pennsylvania have to actively seek out year-round wrestling opportunities or is it a well-organized, highly available offering? As a Kansas youth during the 80s/90s, I did not know that year-round wrestling was an option. I was a state champion and multiple time medalist that was ignorant of larger tournaments like Fargo, Tulsa Nationals, etc. and ignorant of freestyle + greco. I'd get around 30 matches per folkstyle season. In high school, my coach (and parents) didn't tell me about the seniors national tournament. There still isn't much information in Kansas for year-round youth wrestling. As a sport comparison, I have a youth daughter in competitive gymnastics that trains year-round at 18-22 weekly hours. She has a handful of local gyms to choose to train in. For her gymnastics, we've been to Tennessee, Texas, Colorado, etc. and we are in Florida today for a tournament.
  12. Desanto is winning. He is well known in the wrestling world and everyone has an opinion about him. He must know about the sixth rule of power - "Court attention at all costs." Specifically it is better to be attacked than ignored. His style is a little larger than life. He is a showman. Think of well paid mma stars with similar behaviors.
  13. Sadly, instant accountability has not been true in my experience. 10x performers have a near infinite leash. I agree that graveyards are full of people the world couldn't live without.
  14. In 64 folkstyle matches, Lee has been taken down less than 20 times. He was bulldozed a couple times. On several take downs, Lee was winning, would have a whizzer in, and would purposely relinquish the whizzer. He was up big on points and didn't need to fight the take down. I was surprised to see that Picc locked Lee up in cradles in multiple matches. Mueller's team should break down this footage and game plan. :). Folkstyle - WrestleStat | https://www.wrestlestat.com/wrestler/49146/lee-spencer/profile 2020 Season 14 matches - 1 TD 11/24 Dual - Mackall had 0 TDs. Mackall was on his own back and scored a reversal. Lee won 17-2. 11/17 Dual - Gutierrez had 1 TD. Lee was up 12-3 at the time and won 16-5. 2019 Season 26 matches - 9 TDs 3/21 NCAA - Picc had 0 TDs and 1 reversal 3/9 BTen - Rivera had 2 TDs (later periods) 2/24 Dual - Picc had 1 TD (put Lee straight to back in cradle in third period) 2/3 Dual - Moisey had 2 TDs (first period, third period). Lee won 18-4. 12/29 Midlands - Glory had 0 TDs and two turns. Lee faded hard after the first period (up 12-0) and held on for the 12-6 win. 12/29 Midlands - Rivera had 3 TDs (first period, second period) 12/1 Dual - Mackall had 1 TD (third period - Lee fades badly) 11/16 Dual - Glory had 0 TDs and 1 reversal. Lee won 18-2. 2018 Season 24 matches - 8 TDs 3/15 NCAA - Tomasello had 1 TD (second period) 3/15 NCAA - Picc has 0 TDs. Lee is winning 11-1 and WBF in 2nd period. 3/3 BTen - Rivera has 0 TDs. Lee wins 12-0. 3/3 BTen - Tomasello had 1 TD. 2/4 Dual - Rivera had 2 TDs (third period) 1/21 Dual - Tomasello had 1 TD. 1/14 Dual - Picc had 2 TDs (second period, third period, had multiple cradles locked) 12/29 Midlands - Bresser had 1 TD (third period)
  15. <sarcasm> Umm, have you read the Hawkeye Report? Lee is either perfect, injured, or sick. A 100% Lee is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. https://iowa.forums.rivals.com/threads/sebastian-rivera-still-arrogant.268123/ To Lee's credit, Lee can probably count on one hand how many times he has been taken down in the past three folkstyle seasons. Rivera is the main guy that has had folkstyle TD success. In freestyle at senior nationals, Tomasello took him down one time. I don't recall any other TDs scored against Lee.
  16. Mueller's post-match interview reflected a man with character strength (admits fear, praises others) and confidence in his ability to beat Lee. Stating something positive about Mueller does not imply something negative about Lee. Maybe I need to be more explicit because this communication issue happens at home too. Whenever I compliment my elder/younger children, my middle child always feels slighted that she was not also complimented.
  17. Stating that Mueller has mental strength does not imply that Lee does not. If Mueller adjusts and wins from his feet, I like his chances in beating Lee. Lee is the favorite - my pick is Mueller in this potential next-match only.
  18. Reasons it is possible for Mueller to win. Mental strength. Adaptation. It is challenging to beat great opponents multiple times. Transitive wins. Mueller handled Rivera soundly, who twice beat Lee. Rivera beat Lee from their feet. Mueller beat Rivera from their feet. Mueller is tough on his feet and is tough on top. Weird things happen. Lee once lost by pinfall to Piccininni. It is difficult to be a 4-peat champion.
  19. Sebastian Rivera "It was tough, man. Mueller came to wrestle." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC9wk-1M2rY Mueller about the Lee match. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/6519637-jack-mueller-i-gave-spencer-lee-way-too-much-respect
  20. Yea you are correct. Even if Chamizo took silver or bronze, he would had gained points. Maybe he wanted to save his knee for the more important Euro tourny. The Chamizo / Dake match would be fun.
  21. Chamizo spoke about Dake in an interview about the Matteo Pellicone. "My knee is good but not 100% and there is nobody there. I don't want to risk. I prefer to wrestle for the European. I like the opportunity to wrestle Dake but I can't do what the associate media wants. I don't know. I don't know. Looking forward to Dake but it is difficult to explain, I don't know. I can't make everyone happy. It is important that I get to the #1 ranking." This sounded to me like a strategy to reduce the chance to take a loss in a rankings event. He was open to wrestle Dake at Beat the Streets or somewhere else. Chamizo is on his way to the Olympics and that is his focus -- he is training for the best.
  22. The only thing that could make me like KU is if they had a D1 wrestling team. KSU fan here.
  23. Until recently, Bill had been cold on the KU-MU rivalry. "We're going to do what's best for us," Self said. "We're not interested in what's best for Missouri or best for Missouri fans. But if it's best for us to play them, we will. It's not a complicated deal." KU could lose recruiting if MU beats them and they gain nothing by beating MU. MU needed to win every once in a while for Self to consider it a rivalry. KU had won 21 games versus 7 MU wins since 2000.
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