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  1. What is the breakdown of points for 1st thru 10th place? Though I have watched for years, I haven't ever seen the breakdown.
  2. I don’t have the energy to read through 23 pages but wrestling for third place is not in any way relevant. Were something to happen to either finalist, their country would then send another competitor from their country. That wrestler making the finals did not qualify himself for an olympic spot but rather qualified his country to send a competitor at that weight to the olympics. I love the forum but this is basic stuff. Before bloviating that this is some moral failure on JO, take a look at all the medal round matches including the finals! None were wrestled cuz it doesnt matter! The whole point of the tourney was to see who made the finals...after that, why wrestle? Those two guys countries now have a spot and those that failed to get there do not. Any opinion should be open game on the forum but this isnt opinion it is vacuous nonsense based on a gross misunderstanding of the stakes at play.
  3. Biggest Dake fan ever but he has to bring it tomorrow or it will be another disappointment. Only time will tell but his match against Nolf in State College was merely a warmup. He was just toying with him, got a lead etc. Tonite he demolished him. The worst thrashing I have ever imagined seeing. He is on a mission but just hope he has a gameplan that suits the challenge he faces in Mr Burroughs. I have no reason to believe he doesnt.
  4. last year my team was at the georgia prep slam in atlanta...they wouldnt even let my kids weigh in if they didnt pass the hair test...i had to give two of them, including my own son, a dumb and dumber straight cut...hair length rules have been enfoforced in wrestling since i was a kid in the early 80’s...in the semis in that same tourney a coach called out the opponent from Fla. after the 2nd period...when no one had scissors and injury time ran out, the kid got dq’d...two things 1-all were white kids 2-if it doesnt get picked up in weigh ins, it should be incontrovertible and the matches should be wrestled...period....no racism but let the kids wrestle
  5. I get your point but believe having 10 gold metal matvhes versus 6 would draw in more viewers both nationally and inter as people from different states and nations would be involved. PR is about getting eyes on the sport. Wrestling folk like this group will watch every match. The average bloke won’t...UNLESS....they have a reason to do so...and only then watch the finals on the main telecast. In addition, I have come a long way on womens wrestling....but it isnt the same...there just arent that many participants worlwide to rationalize having the same number of weight classes. If 6 is the right number for WF, shouldnt men’s freestyle at least have 40% more given the multiple of men who grow up in the sport in the world? Lastly, what other sport would strike a deal taking 40% of their stars out of play for the biggest event every 4 years. Moving up and down is a big deal! Anywhere from 10-15 lbs for world class athletes takes a boatload more than skipping or having dessert. I like that the Olympics didnt throw us to the curb but sometimes wonder whether it is worth it if the representation is less than it is the other 3 yrs.
  6. The Olympics have always been the pinnacle showcase for its sports. For wrestling, does only having 6 weightclasses reduce this? I can only say, I think the WC’s are far more representative of the depth of the sport and as such, is much more enjoyable for me.
  7. You could call them the We Can’t Beat Dake Series or WCBD for short
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