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  1. I'd say Binghamton - it's branded as the Harvard of the SUNYs. Ok I guess I should include Harvard too then
  2. This thread seems to think the only reason to start wrestling is to compete at an elite level. There are plenty of kids who wrestle from 6-17 who don't make it to that high of a level. Even if a 17 year old joins a team for one season, makes some friends, gets a little healthier, sees success and failure, gains some new skills and develops some inner strength it was worth it.
  3. Bo Nickelodeon was good but i think Nickelbodeon is better
  4. I only saw the first match he had. In my opinion he looked like he was trying not to lose. It's a lot of pressure, I wonder if Taylor dominating to the finals too set the bar and pressure that much higher on him that he felt he had to do the same. I didn't see the second match yet but want to check it out.
  5. Anyone else getting frustrated with the coverage? I go to the NBC site and have no idea which stream to open to watch which matches. I can't tell who's on deck, who's in the hole, general timing of what to watch and when. Commercials the second you click the link, start scrolling to try to find what you want to watch and you'll have to watch 3 commercials by the time you find it. I was watching a replay of the Taylor finals and mid match it just cut out and now I have to go back and try to refind it which I'm struggling with since certain links are bringing me to the wrong place. Maybe if you really studied the site some of these things you'd be able to figure out but in this day and age and the biggest stage I just find this coverage weak at best.
  6. Completely cherry picking data but makes for impressive results. If you strip out NY to only wrestlers who are done competing and only 4x'ers in the D1 tournament 4 out of 5 won NCAAs with the 5th being multiple time AA Nick Piccininni who recorded wins over multiple NCAA champs including Darion Cruz and Spencer Lee. Pretty impressive group!
  7. I think a good way to bifurcate the two would be to look at the highs and lows of peoples careers. Dake and Taylor were peanuts when they were dominating - now they're dominating even more as monsters. JB became untouchable as he physically matured and as he heads towards the end of his physical peak he's seeing some slight declines in success. Snyder has always been a physical specimen so he's harder to pick. I'm surprised to see Bo Nickal on the physical freak list as his style gave his competition similar fits between a 174lb freshman and 197lb senior and I think he could continue to have similar success well past his physically peak - like an Askren.
  8. As a NY Wrestling fan these trials will be extra exciting to watch! Of the 6 Olympic weights we could be sending 4 guys (of course I know there's greater odds of us sending none but to have 4 guys truly in it is exciting none the less) Aruja Yianni Dake Gwiz
  9. Biased because it was my year but NY 2005 the group of 15 D1 champs (14 if you don't include 96lbs) went on to some amazing things: NCAA Champs: Nickerson, O'Conner, Gillespie UFC Champ: John Jones Superbowl Champ: Art Jones All Americans: Ruggeriello, Alton Lucas UFC/D3 All American/D1 All Conference Chris Wade D1 multiple time Conference champ Ed Bordas D1 Conference place winners: Ausitn Meys, Ryan Patrovich (at one point was ranked first in D1) Overall studs but didn't continue Tom Magnani (Senior National AA), Ricky Scott (Senior Nationals 3rd beat NCAA Champ Jay Borschel along the way)
  10. Good call - Ruth would top Dean. I like NHS67's point system but don't want to go back and redo it. It's easy to get jaded with so many people coming back in the high 30s but you take guys like Burroughs coming in at 28, Mcdonough 29, Ramos 27, Delgado 24, Gilman 24, Valenti 26. Incredible how many guys didn't have one "bad" season
  11. I put an asterisk next to Dean because that's not a year he won. I guess question should athletes only be eligible in the years they won.
  12. I'd be curious to see if anyone can put together an all 2000's team using a rules based approach. Rules: Points are assigned to career placings, if you pick an athlete for a weight other than their senoir year future placings are worth half points. Example: 1st - 10 points 2nd - 9 3rd - 8 4th - 7 etc. Freshman Dake would have 25 points (10 for the year he won and 3 half 10's for future years) where senior Dake would have 40 points. 125 - Stephen Abas 37 points - Nico 36, Nickerson 34 Haze 33 Angel Escobedo 31 133 - Johnny Thompson 37 points Eric Juegens 36 Cory Clark 34 Nahshon 33 141- SR Stieber 40 points Teyon Ware 34 149 - SR Zain 36 points 157 - SR Jason Nolf 39 points 165 - SR Dake 40 points Dierenger 38 Talyor 38 Oliver 37 Mark Perry 37 Joe Hesket 37 Hendricks 36 174 - SR Ben Askren 38 Points Andrew Howe 36 *184 - Ed Ruth 38 Dean 37 Points Herbert 37 197 - SR Cael Sanderson 40 points SR Bo Nickal 39 points Jden 36 Varner 38 Rosholt 38 285 - SR Synder 39 points Konrad 36 Mocco 38 Gwiz 32 I filled in the easy ones.
  13. I liked Gorilla Hulk and Highlight Humphrey
  14. So if 1 in 350 High School wrestlers starts on a D1 team, and 8 in 78 Starters become All Americans then that translates to 1 in 3,412 high school wrestlers go on to become a D1 All American. I would say that's hardly a participation trophy (fun fact this also translates into 1 in 27,300 high school wrestlers becoming a D1 National Champ). Final argument - if you can provide me with an example of 1 eighth place finisher in the weakest weight in the past couple of decades that wasn't an absolute monster I think you'd have more of a leg to stand on. Contrarily, I can point to 100s if not 1000s of amazing wrestlers who never all americaned. #keep8
  15. Agreed Burroughs is the GOAT - I just thought it was an interesting fun fact
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