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  1. Agreed Burroughs is the GOAT - I just thought it was an interesting fun fact
  2. People always focus on Dake's 4 titles in 4 weights, but another fun fact is Dake has wins over 3 US World Champions (Taylor, J'Den and Burroughs). I have to imagine this is pretty rare (mostly because I don't think the US ever had so many World Champions at the same time and similar sizes. Burroughs never wrestled J'Den right? I'd have to imagine Dake has one of the most impressive onshore win resumes - I put some of the more notable ones below. Who else am I missing? · J’den (world champ) · Burroughs (world champ) · Taylor (world champ) · Reece Humphrey (3x world team member) · Molinaro (5th Olympics) · Dieringer (3x NCAA champ) · Imar (2x NCAA Champ) · Andrew Howe (NCAA champ) · Derek St John (NCAA Champ) · Montell Marion (2x NCAA finalist)
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