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  1. I'll try to give some background on everyone. Vito Arujau- Top 5 overall recruit in the HS class of 2017. Cadet world silver medalist in 2016, Junior world silver medalist in 2019. 4th Place at 2019 NCAAs, has three years of eligibility left for Cornell. Dylan Ragusin- #38 overall recruit in HS class of 2020. Incoming freshman at Michigan, made the Cadet Greco team in 2017 and the Junior Greco team in 2019. Has four year of eligibility left Andrew Alirez- #3 overall recruit in HS class of 2019. Went 24-4 last year as a true freshman for Northern Colorado, runner up at junior world trials in 2019, has three years of eligibility left Evan Henderson- 2x AA for North Carolina, 2018 Bill Farrell Champ Logan Massa- #4 overall recruit in HS for 2015. 3rd place at NCAAs in 2017, has one year of eligibility left for Michigan. Anthony Valencia- #2 overall recruit in HS for 2015. 2014 Junior world team member. 3x NCAA qualifier for Arizona State, has one year of eligibility left Gabe Dean- 2x NCAA champ for Cornell, 4x AA. 2014 Junior world bronze medalist. Nate Jackson- 2x AA for Indiana. 2019 Medved champ, current assistant coach at Princeton Kollin Moore- 3x AA for Ohio State. 2x Junior world team member, 2017 Junior world bronze, 2018 U23 world silver. Kyven Gadson- 3x AA for Iowa State, NCAA Champ in 2015. University Nationals Champ in 2016. Mason Parris- #3 overall recruit for HS in 2018. 2019 Junior World Champ, current sophomore at Michigan, three years of eligibility remaining. Tanner Hall- 2x Junior world team member. NCAA 3rd in 2017, believe he has a year left of eligibility at Arizona State
  2. I think him and G'Angelo are the two best US Greco wrestlers right now. I really hope he gets the opportunity to compete for that Olympic spot, he's earned it
  3. Heads up, these 11 wrestlers qualified for an Olympic redshirt today. Biggest name probably Braxton Amos, but other solid guys there like Bonaccorsi and Thomsen. Alex Thomsen (Nebraska), Chance Rich (Cal St Bakersfield), Dylan Koontz (Ohio St), Mosha Schwartz (Northern Colorado), Peyton Robb (Nebraska), Fritz Schierl (Ohio St), Zach Braunagel (Illinois), Braxton Amos (Wisconsin), Nino Bonaccorsi (Pitt), Luke Luffman (Illinois), Austin Emerson (Nebraska). Also, just realized I missed Nick Boykin (Ohio St) and Zach Schrader (Cal St Bakersfield) last year, so that makes a total of 71 guys I have listed. Also, shout out Trent Munoz and Conor Knopick, two high school guys who finished top 8 and would have qualified had they been in college. An impressive feat.
  4. He would if Alan Vera wasn't entered- that dude's making the Olympic team.
  5. Top 8 this weekend gets you an Olympic Redshirt, as a heads up. Could be beneficial for guys in an uncertain NCAA year. Here's a freestyle watch list for guys who haven't qualified. I just took the college guys that were listen on the preview: Brandon Courtney, Arizona State, 57kg Jakob Camacho, North Carolina State, 57kg Jack Medley, Michigan, 57kg Andrew Alirez, Northern Colorado, 65kg Yahya Thomas, Northwestern, 65kg Chad Red, Nebraska, 65kg Austin Gomez, Iowa State, 65kg Hayden Hidlay, North Carolina State, 74kg Danny Braunagel, Illinois, 74kg Rocky Elam, Missouri, 86kg Mikey Labriola, Nebraska, 86kg Jacob Woodley, Oklahoma, 97kg Nino Bonaccorsi, Pittsburgh, 97kg Trent Hillger, Wisconsin, 125kg Matt Correnti, Rider, 125kg AJ Nevills, Fresno State, 125kg
  6. Qualified for the Olympic redshirt, not for trials.
  7. Additional qualifiers based on 2019 Senior Nationals are Nick Lee, Josh Saunders, Evan Wick, and Anthony Valencia fyi. Might have missed a Greco guy but those are the freestyle additions.
  8. Yes, you can qualify for an Olympic redshirt and not be qualified for the Trials. Here's a question I have for everybody- if you weren't able to take an Olympic redshirt because you were in high school, but are now in college, are you allowed to take an Olympic redshirt your first year in college? Beau Bartlett, Josh Saunders, and AJ Ferrari all would meet the qualification and all were in HS last year.
  9. Should have been more clear- was wondering where they stated they would redshirt. I found Merkin (mentioned in a podcast) but couldn't find Finesilver saying he would redshirt anywhere. Finesilver finished 4th at 79kg in freestyle at the Open
  10. 1. It doesn't matter much for Ivy guys, but I don't think Kolodzik is qualified for an Olympic redshirt anyways. 2. Flo posted a list today of guys taking Olympic redshirting so far and included Matt Finesilver and Lenny Merkin. Anybody have a source on either of those guys? Couldn't find either in a quick Twitter search.
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