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  1. If Kerk were to transfer, then he'll lose a year of eligibility because there is no chance in hell PSU grants a full release.
  2. I read multiple people state that Maroulis left NLWC a while back and is now wrestling for Sunkist with Perry in her corner.
  3. nah man i'm sure he will be bringing his grandma's recipe with him lol
  4. I'm referring to Anthony. I don't know where the youngest brother fits in with the tomfoolery. FWIW I am thoroughly entertained by the tomfoolery
  5. lol just wait until little brother arrives on the scene!
  6. so how about that Max Dean and his possible landing spot?
  7. This no doubt has to be a Medlin recruit but good for the Illini regardless
  8. meh we are talking semantics. if its south of I 80 then its southern Illinois.
  9. Braunagels, Luffman, Cardani,, and Odom are all from southern Illinois where the overall talent pool is not all that great. The vast majority of Illinois talent is north of interstate 80 in the suburbs. U o f I has failed to nab many of the top names coming out of the state, Jason Renteria, Real Woods, Dylan Ragusin, Bilal Baily, Big Cass, DJ Hameti, Travis Ford-Melton, Kordell Northfleet, Austin Gomez are a few names that immediately come to mind as nationally ranked kids from the last few years that all went elsewhere. Even after looking over their current roster I cant say they recruit well from where poeta comes from in the state. do they have kids from the suburbs? yes, but they don't get the elite talent to come to Champaign.
  10. I'm sort of disappointed Steve Mocco isn't getting more consideration. His move from Iowa to OSU generated enough heat in itself but his physicality was pretty legendary! Didn't he kick a MSU opponent during a match?
  11. must be, right? i mean we keep being told how integral this is to the argument
  12. agreed. not a Penn State detractor at all but of Cassar and Gable wrestled today...it wouldn't even be close. Gable 10/10 times but i dont think people are willing to accept it
  13. I have a hard time saying Snyder was a true freshmen. Sure, technically he was a true freshmen relevant to his high school graduation year. However, i have a hard time believing spending his senior year at the OTC is not effectively a red shirt year.
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