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  1. i went in the opposite direction! I gave PD3 the benefit of the doubt for quite some time, but now i just think he is a mental case on the verge of a complete breakdown.
  2. FWIW this tweet is from almost four months ago. The picture in question is from two days ago.
  3. I have not watched any of Synder's recent matches so I am not commenting about him, but I know exactly what you are talking about. I've been the coach sitting in the chair wishing I was wrong.
  4. That would be great. I have been visiting Il Matmen since the early 2000s. I really would hate to see it go away. Oh I know. lol My two oldest both play.
  5. high school yes but club soccer is in full swing
  6. This happened a few years ago. IIRC the admin is balls deep in in coaching/refereeing soccer during the offseason, so he tends to ignore the site. Hopefully that is the case and Matmen isn't dead. It's really all Illinois has for an online community as far as I know.
  7. He could be consulted as an advisor on how to make the fights look more authentic. We all know his hip won't stop him from talking. lol
  8. Damn. Dake looked gassed out of his mind in the finals.
  9. sake of discussion...come on now
  10. I was going to make this exact same comparison. Like many things in life, strength cannot be determined by the eyeball test. show muscles<functional strength
  11. I can see the reasoning for this; the bottom ten of the top 25 are fairly interchangeable. I don't mean this as a negative but rather as an indicator of parity amongst that particular sect of wrestlers. However, I by no means do I agree with the OP re: to many AAs.
  12. do we know what exactly was the injury?
  13. college wrestle offs are more for the fans then to determine the starting line up. as others have said, coaches know who is the better wrestler from watching them day in and day out in the room. Hoffman could have lost for any number of reasons that do not include being the less skilled wrestler.
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