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  1. Life long Joliet resident and this is is spot on. when it comes down to it Champaign may as well be a different planet compared to the suburbs (north of I 80, where the the vast majority of the elite talent is located)
  2. this is complete garbage.
  3. I dont thin Woods ups at PSU; i think he ends up at Michigan
  4. i think howard losing his second match has more to do with him being eliminated than his shoulder....
  5. i;m following on track and it had Deakin losing at first
  6. nevermind track was just incorrect for a moment
  7. that's a great idea!!
  8. well this sucks. i log into espn+ and when i try to select a feed it asks me to log in with my cable provider (which i do not have). now i have no idea how to watch the tournament and an espn+ account that doesnt seem to work. yay
  9. i'm sure it doesn't feel like it to him, but it was indeed the right decision to make
  10. Schultz stalls out Andrews...i gotta see that one
  11. and growing by the minute im sure
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