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  1. At the end of one of Hoselton's matches, his dad tells the individual during commentary that he has torn ligaments in his thumb and hasn't been able to practice for three weeks. He is also going into his Jr year so he has time to get his body ready for the next level.
  2. I havnt seen this match. i'll have to look it up.
  3. never once did I assume Brock did not have help along the way. I only wanted to point out that his coach got out in front of the speculation back in the late nineties.
  4. you are abslutly correct about styles making matches. I have admittedly never see any of kerk's matches outside of his one with gable
  5. I've thought a lot about this match and I keep wondering if Gable did just enough to win in an effort to help his friend look a bit better. I'm not saying Kerk is a slouch by any means, only that I wouldn't be surprised if Gable and Kerk worked together in that match. Maybe I'm wrong and Gable typically does just enough to win and then cruises the rest of the match.
  6. When I was in 8th grade my wrestling coach gave a copy of this article to everyone on the team. I find it interesting that JRob had Brock preemptedly tested for PEDS at the time. https://www.si.com/vault/2000/03/06/275618/very-big-man-on-campus-minnesota-heavyweight-brock-lesnar-makes-rivals-look-lilliputian
  7. Seems like a waste for him not to take a red shirt. An additional year in the room, time in the weight program, and extra time for his knee to heal up cold only benefit the team long term. its not like tosu is going to contend for a title this year.
  8. my fault! I looked at the rankings yesterday and was going by memory. cheers to getting old! lol
  9. that is a very fair assessment. I think warner can only improve in the strength department. He has the frame to fill into a real solid 197er. Thoughts on Big Cass at number 8? I believe he will AA but I was surprised to see him ranked in the top ten already.
  10. I agree. I'm from Illinois so I had the pleasure of watching Warner throughout high school and he didn't look like himself early in the season.
  11. Honestly, I think to much emphasis is being put on his win over Warner. It is either an outlier or an indication of a major player. Long term I still think Warner has the better career.
  12. You have made your stance...repeatedly. You don't like their model; we get it. You are in the minority with your opinion. Get over it and/or go away because you have absolutely hijacked this thread and turned it your personal grip with Flo. Alternative options have been presented to you multiple times but you want to keep arguing semantics. Just stop already. Back on topic, Interesting to see so many freshmen ranked so high. I cold have swore I remember Flo making a big deal about not ranking freshmen high until they win some matches.
  13. Ive never met Gross in person so I cannot comment on him, but Christensen doesn't pass the eye test as far as being able to make the cut to 184. He is pretty damn lean already but time will tell. I am very interested in how this will all play out.
  14. I talked to Christensen right after he won his second state title this past spring. I asked him if he is going 197 of 285 and he said 197 pretty emphatically. With that said, I cannot see a way he could make 184 without being totally sucked out. However, with his frame I could see him fill out as a heavyweight similar to Mason Paris or even Jacob Kasper.
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