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  1. no doubt. we all should act like we've been there before.
  2. that was flipping epic!! how the hell was brands not decked in the first? the ref didn't even get down on the mat and check!
  3. please tell me there is video footage of that Gilbert/Brands match out there!
  4. 25 - Nicky pushups 133 - RBY 141 - Lee 149 - yianni 157 - deakin 165 - otoole 174 - Lewis 184 - brooks 197 - dean 285 - Gable
  5. whoa did we go to the same high school? lmao
  6. no it really shouldn't be this hard.
  7. Thank you. The Hulu trail will be the route I take.
  8. will a sub to ESPN+ allow me to watch all rounds? or everything except finals?
  9. I dont know what is more laughable, the fact Lee and Suriano's history of head to heads prove your first point moot or the failure to recognize Gable's impeccable technique.
  10. here is my personal favorite of ADS breaking a fella
  11. Yes this is true. he was a three time state champion going into his senior year, but unfortunately the IHSA canceled the state tournament before the season even started citing COVID concerns. At that point he shifted his focus to getting ready for the next level. I believe he even graduated high school a semester early. The kid is truly a special talent with the work ethic to match.
  12. Who was the first to pin/tech their way through a season?
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