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  1. Any idea how the seeding will determined? Why wouldn't, for example, PD3 be the 1 seed as the returning US rep?
  2. This could possibly help them win that elusive NCAA team title.
  3. Takahashi/Uguev is a potential semifinal match that could be really good. Will be real interesting to see where Fix and Zain end up in the brackets. A Zain/Rashidov rematch could be good, too.
  4. I am fairly certain it's 11:00 am local time in Kazakhstan.
  5. I guess I'm not clear on what you are arguing with me. Earlier your take was Dake wins 95/100 against Hasanov. So you admit Hasanov could win, even if it's only a 5% chance. I'm not sure how that is different than what I've said, except for maybe putting in a percentage. Obviously to beat Dake, Hasanov would need to score points, so implicitly you are agreeing with me on that as well.
  6. As I said, Dake is definitely the favorite. But Hasanov is very good and can score on Dake. In a close match, like last year, one take down would have beaten Dake.
  7. Be careful, this is very questionable offer.
  8. Hasanov has scored against Dake and the finals were only 2-0 with the points being a shot clock point and push out. Dake is definitely the favorite but Hasanov can score and beat Dake.
  9. Good list by the OP. I'd add Harutyunya from Armenia to the list of contenders at 61. The Armenian is young but won the European championship earlier this year at 61 and looked pretty good in the second half of that match.
  10. Personally, I like FRL and generally like Nomad's and CP's takes. I don't really care that he wasn't a 4-time national champ like Logan. That said, both were wrong today and Willie was right. Nomad's focus on what it would look like in practice versus a match was odd. The best you can say is that Yanni held Zain after Zain got the 2 for the crotch lift, but I don't think that sort of hold is called 2 internationally. I mean, I've definitely seen plenty of times where the top guy gets a gut for 2 and is held a little bit before going fully over. It's never 2 and 2. It's always 2 for the top guy. In those situations, it's either 2 blue or 2 red, but never 2 and 2. The Ringer/Dake 2018 Open match is a good contrast, as someone pointed out earlier. Ringer get's the 2 first by hipping over Dake, then Dake gets the crotch lift for 2. Two independent acts. Yanni's move was really holding Zain briefly from completing his full act.
  11. Currently, college, yes. International, Chamizo is the best, imo.
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