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  1. Wildcat Sent from my SM-T860 using Tapatalk
  2. Hey Guys! Somewhat new to this forum. Does anyone know when the Olympic freestyle matches begin? Is there a consensus on how far he will go? I'm really looking forward to see how Kyle does. Thanks!
  3. You sound like a real prick
  4. No one hates Chael. It's actually scientific... Just saying....
  5. Gable has immense God given talent and a strong work ethic, which means those qualities come basically from the way he was created. In other words, he is stronger, faster, more agile and can move better as a birthright. What he seriously lacks is specialized knowledge and overall technical wizardry; and also in creative intelligence considering he's been on the mat for that many years. Watching him lay on top of guys after outmaneuvering lumbering oaks is painful at times. He's a great athlete, but not a wrestling savant by any means. If he approached the nuanced level of Spencer Lee or Jaydin Eierman he would be pinning the majority of his opponents, but instead there is a near neanderthal-like quality to his matches. Impressive nonetheless.
  6. I don’t know if he trains with Coon or not. It looked to me like he was completely exhausted after Steveson hipped down on him once or twice while stopping the takedown. And the reason he wasn't doing doing anything when his coach was screaming to make Steveson work was that feeling of extreme fatigue. Then when he was thrown down the way he flopped looked like someone who was exhausted and less than half the wrestler who started the match. He should be able to go hard throughout and still be 3/4 of the wrestler at the conclusion of the match.
  7. Is it just me or did it look like Parris needs some bigger guys to train with? I'm not saying he should be able to keep a pace throughout the match like Spencer Lee, but he basically lost his stamina after the first period. He should be able to go somewhat hard all 3 periods, no? Don't they train for that?
  8. Any chance Cassar comes back or do the rules exclude that possibility?
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