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  1. Cox at HW: No Snyder at HW: Top 5 Who knows Cox might have time to bust weight and go after Taylor. Haha
  2. In 2008 I remembered there was talk of Justin “Harry” Lester potentially registering at both Olympic weights because he had qualified the weight at 66 and 74 at worlds during the Olympic cycle but somewhere in the bi-laws it is not possible. Who knows maybe different rules now days.
  3. Look who is the President of UWW... Sending a message to his athletes. Typical Russian style.
  4. Does Dake or Taylor have an Olympic medal?
  5. I remember in that year. We went out and partied with him after Greco (in Arkron he is a king with ties to lebron) VIP!!! and he still beat a ton D1 studs hungover and up a weight if I am not mistaken.
  6. How about Dakes total domination of Taylor? What is your input on that?
  7. Dake got one on Cox in best of 3 a few years back.
  8. He was also a Sambo World Champ. He was also a Silver medalist in 84 in Greco.
  9. Stefanowicz is the brother of chance marsteller with another mother I believe.
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