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  1. Look who is the President of UWW... Sending a message to his athletes. Typical Russian style.
  2. Does Dake or Taylor have an Olympic medal?
  3. I remember in that year. We went out and partied with him after Greco (in Arkron he is a king with ties to lebron) VIP!!! and he still beat a ton D1 studs hungover and up a weight if I am not mistaken.
  4. How about Dakes total domination of Taylor? What is your input on that?
  5. Dake got one on Cox in best of 3 a few years back.
  6. He was also a Sambo World Champ. He was also a Silver medalist in 84 in Greco.
  7. Stefanowicz is the brother of chance marsteller with another mother I believe.
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