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  1. Fulhart was the guy with fresstyle win(s?) over Sanderson I believe. But that was possibly after Sanderson graduated.
  2. Reed was reportedly the master of the double wrist lock. If you're in it you go. Or you lose your elbow and possibly shoulder. Great equalizer against bigger guys if you can do it. But, who knows, still obviously a great wrestler.
  3. I do not see how you can say that JJ was a better greco wrestler when Berreyessa is a world silver medalist.
  4. I sat in front of Palmer's dad at the NCAA's when he was a senior. I did not know who he was but all of the Big 10 people around me knew. He acted like an out of control lunatic the entire tournament. I took great pleasure in yelling "Palmer's stalling," throughput the tournament just to hear him lose his mind. By the end of the tournament my entire section was yelling it when he simply walked on the mat. Aaahhh, good times.
  5. You are correct about what Podubny used to be. One of the if not the strongest greco tournaments in the world during its time. I am also curious about this.
  6. Homer pick of Mike Sheets, but also hard to argue against. He punished opponents with them.
  7. You have to give Flynn a chance to bring in and develop his own people. In his second year many athletes are still holdovers from the previous regime. He obviously can coach just from looking at what he was able to do at Edinboro. Be patient and I am sure you will see West Virginia develop into a credible program in the next few years. Oklahoma was at the same spot, and are showing great improvement under Coach Roselli. It just takes time.
  8. Robin Reed was the master of the double wristlock. This is basically a go to your back or submit. If you get it om someone size is not an issue.
  9. The answer is Tulsa Central with 28 NCAA Champions.
  10. Oklahoma State has won 11 Olympic Gold medals.
  11. Does not matter. Zain made the team Yianni did not. Otherwise he would be there.
  12. I think that coaching has a lot to do with our lack of success. I think that the athletes train hard and I believe that the coaches work hard as well. I just personally feel that our coaches are not well versed in the nuances of year round preparation for the sport. Getting the athletes overseas for training opportunities and competition is great. The coaches going with them for these opportunities is great as well. But we just get a small snapshot of what training is like overseas. I think that some of our coaches need to go spend an extended period of time in a full time greco training environment. Much like Hrovat did when he went to Russia to train freestyle with them. Blaming our folkstyle system is a small a part of the equation. However, we have won a greco roman team title in the past. So this is not the only problem. I want it to be clear that I am not bashing the coaches. I think that they work hard and do the best that they can. Just like our athletes. I just think that they somehow need to be better educated. We always have good wins during the season, but somehow these do not translate into wins at the major events (worlds, olympics). Just my personal opinion.
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