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    kimbo reacted to grappler111 in Is Ben OK?   
    Incredible. Askren was undefeated in a federation (One FC) with soccer kicks allowed and he fails under ufc rules. It is funny... the Masvidal strategy was elaborated by a former wrestler (Mike Brown).
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    kimbo reacted to grappler111 in Is Ben OK?   
    In UFC there are a lot of wrestlers with good striking. UFC is not a good choice for Askren.
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    kimbo reacted to GoNotQuietly in Is Ben OK?   
    Permanent brain damage
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    kimbo got a reaction from Alwayswrestling in Hot Take Time   
    Dake is the best for me
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    kimbo reacted to Ragu in Hot Take Time   
    J'Den Cox is the best wrestler in the USA
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    kimbo reacted to Abdullahgadzhi Khuzin in 2019 World Championships - Top Contender, Challengers and Underdog   
    Russian greco won 1st team tankings, women's team is second! i am so so so proud of my country! 
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    kimbo reacted to The Genius in Freestyle Day 3 Thread   
    Russia go 4 for 4... Not bad.
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    kimbo reacted to spladle08 in Freestyle Day 3 Thread   
    * im dumb.... google said "just use me"

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    kimbo reacted to scribe in Freestyle Day 3 Thread   
    His biggest challenge would be doping controls. 
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