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  1. Rather than insult people, tell me what a medal means to one of the mid majors. Nothing. It means nothing. Maybe a top 3 matters
  2. I am not sure December 4 counts as holiday. I am talking Christmas/New Year’s
  3. Southern scuffle has been on the way out for a few years now. Midlands had a good group last year. Are we seeing the pendulum swing back to midlands being “the” holiday event?
  4. Remember when this tournament didn’t suck? Sure has taken a nose dive lately.
  5. Good coaches can turn things around instantly. Flynn isn’t a good coach. At this point in his life he has no other marketable skills. He’s been a coach his entire professional career. Not sure his ego will allow him to be an assistant, but a leader he is not.
  6. This whole thing has nothing to do with silly willy and everything to do with the Floreani brothers having some weird sibling rivalry stuff going on. Willie is just caught up in the crossfire hurricane.
  7. Heavyweight is the most lucrative division in most forms of combat sport. May weather and Connor certainly buck this trend, but in general, Rome wants to see two massive men fight it out. Little guys can’t even keep 125 in the UFC. Boring and no KO power.
  8. Woah calm down brother. Show me any proof that a 7th place winner at NCAAs drives alumni donations, gear sales or tickets? A champ or two, maybe. But for just an all American? No shot.
  9. I’m so glad they got rid of 118. It’s just not right to make two midgets fight it out for our entertainment. They are people too, albeit very petite people.
  10. What Cael is and what you have the privilege to see are two different things. He is what his wrestlers need him to be. That’s many things, all at once. He’s a psychological genius - the ability to motivate so many different personalities to peak perform is truly bad ass. His personality allows him to reach a lot more athletes than your idiot clown coaches screaming in the corner who only motivate people like themselves
  11. Not true. Performance is almost never a factor when deciding whether to drop or not. It’s always ALWAYS money.
  12. You are correct. Replied to the comment below yours There’s been a lot of teams dropped with successful programs and recent champs or all Americans
  13. Only 3 or 4 of the guys you listed are all American caliber. Sad but true
  14. They are both fine. Not expected to miss any time at all.
  15. 80 all Americans per year is nothing but excessive. Let’s get real. I’d go top 4 with a true 4th. No more than that though. I’ve known plenty of 7/8 guys who are far from legit.
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