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  1. Yeah, I was disappointed seeing that.
  2. He definitely nailed it on the head talking about how neither Walsh nor Porter knew who was winning on the tie breaker. Walsh was blue, and there was no indicator on the scoreclock under his score, so Porter was winning the match on criteria.
  3. The similarity/difference in the gymnastics trials/selections and the wrestling trials, is the rules for the events and team selections are laid out ahead of time. In wrestling, winner at trials gets the spot. In women's gymnastics in 2016, only the All-Around winner was guaranteed a spot on the team while "The remaining four (4) athletes and up to three (3) replacement athletes will be determined by the Selection Committee from among the competitors at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Gymnastics, utilizing the discretionary criteria outlined in Section 2." Those Olympic Qualifying procedures as set in stone long before the events occur.
  4. Agreed it was not the best color scheme for the mats. If they had used the red in the USA logo for the zone instead of gray, that would have been better.
  5. Landing in danger requires landing on an elbow, shoulder, or head. Outstretched arm posted on a hand does not count as danger in a feet to back scenario.
  6. As of this posting: 2 seat ticket blocks can be found in Sections 213, 214, 215, 216 There are also still some 4, 5, or 6 person blocks of tickets still available.
  7. 2 seat ticket blocks now currently available in: Sections 114, 213, 110, 211, 231, 229
  8. I surely understand. I think of it as straggler tickets. They were selling tickets in blocks from 4 to 8. Well, let's just say someone bought a set of 5 tickets out of a block of 8. They have 3 tickets left from that block. They leave 1 seat empty for social distancing. That leaves 2 tickets left in that original block of 8 that can be sold.
  9. 2 seat blocks currently available in: Sections 114, 213, 110, 211, 231, 229
  10. Also, occasionally you can find 2 seats only. Try Section 224 and bring the number down to 2 seats. There are 2 separate blocks of 2 seats that are for sale.
  11. Keep in mind that the entire group on that block of tickets has to enter at the same time. If not, so I've been told, the tickets from that block not scanned in with the others might be invalidated for that session. So, if you do sell 2 from your ticket block, you need to be sure to coordinate arrival and entrance times for all sessions.
  12. Risky's Barbecue has a great all you can eat beef ribs deal for $13.99. They are delicious. For your side order, get the fries Texas style. Of course drink it down with a local brew.
  13. The second match was also Dagestan vs Dagestan, so perhaps the referee was a little more lenient since it was wrestlers from the same area of the country.
  14. Johnny, Texas has improved since your post in 2014 with 3 schools with Varsity wrestling: Wayland Baptist is NAIA Texas Wesleyan is NAIA (2nd year program) Schreiner University is NCAA DIII (3rd year program)
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