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  1. Risky's Barbecue has a great all you can eat beef ribs deal for $13.99. They are delicious. For your side order, get the fries Texas style. Of course drink it down with a local brew.
  2. The second match was also Dagestan vs Dagestan, so perhaps the referee was a little more lenient since it was wrestlers from the same area of the country.
  3. Johnny, Texas has improved since your post in 2014 with 3 schools with Varsity wrestling: Wayland Baptist is NAIA Texas Wesleyan is NAIA (2nd year program) Schreiner University is NCAA DIII (3rd year program)
  4. The IOC released a statement this morning. The Japanese Olympic Committee is still forging ahead with plans to host the Olympics. The postings about a cancellation are nothing but rumors.
  5. Contact that could be eliminated and not seem silly in a 100% contact sport: Shaking hands with the referee before the match Referee checking skin for sweat. A visual inspection is good enough. Shaking hands with the referee after the match. Shaking hands with the opposing coaches after the match. Referee physically grabbing the wrist and raising the hand of the winner. (stand back and raise the referee wristband the color of the winner) Shaking hands with the chairman and judge after the match. All referees should use hand sanitizer when rotating to a new position (referee uses hand sanitizer when he sits down and before he grabs the paddles/touches the control panel for the subsequent match) All computer operators should use hand sanitizer when rotating to the scoring position No challenge blocks should be used. Challenge buttons as used at Olympics and Worlds should be wiped before each match. Allow coaches to verbally issue a challenge when no button is available. Just my 2 cents
  6. Oh, I do remember the investigative reporting that Flo did after that match. What they failed to realize is UWW is an organization run mostly by former officials and competitors. They had a contract with UWW to stream most of their major events, with the exception of the Olympics which UWW could not contract out as an individual event. When their investigative report came out, UWW cut them off completely and they lost all of those future contracts. The thing is it is challenging to work in conjunction with an organization as their main provider for video, and also have your play by play analysts be critical of the officiating, and also try to crucify that organization for corruption at the highest level with your investigative reporting, then keep the contract from that organization. It was a classic case of biting the hand that feeds you, then the one that feeds you takes you out back and puts a bullet in you like UWW did to the contract with Flo.
  7. Refs evaluate how they got to the mat. Was it an attack that got the wrestler(s) to the mat (a sprawl perhaps or a snap down) then the same attack continued / followed through and drove the wrestler out? That is more likely to be a 1 point for step out. Was it an attack that got the wrestler(s) to the mat, there was a lot of scrambling and circle action, then someone went out? That is more likely to be called grounded and no points.
  8. Japan just called off going to World's this year.
  9. The ball grab and subsequent start off a high single WAS ridiculous. That got eliminated after the 2012 games. I think the best 2 out of 3 period seriously hurt the sport. It inhibited scoring. Also, the rules that restricted consecutive gut wrenches or consecutive leg laces did nothing more than reduce scoring, which is what the IOC wanted. Lastly, the escape point had too many criteria to stay viable (bottom must be flat, build himself back up, break the lock of the top wrestler, stand up fully on his/her own power, turn, face, and immediately be engaged in contact). What we have now is less ambiguity in scoring (correct throws must land flat on the chest or side to score, blast double where the attacker never lets go of the legs only scores for him so long as he continues though the technique and doesn't get significantly stopped or redirected), although the 7 relevant angles (referee, judge, chairman, red coach, blue coach, camera, commentator) to the infinite number of angles that the action is seen from the crowd can cause disagreement on whether things landed in danger or not. In the USA, the Living the Dream fund has kept our superstars in the sport longer since they can now make good money performing at the World Championships ($50,000, $25,000, $15,000) and the Olympic Games ($250,000, $50,000, $25,000).
  10. USA considers you the age you turn that calendar year as your age for the entire year. Since she turned 11 this calendar year, she is a 12U. Starting Jan 1, since she turns 12 during the calendar year of 2021, she will still be 12U. This is all assuming you are using the USA Wrestling national age groups and weights. Many states have their own age divisions and cutoffs for the folkstyle season. If that is the case, consult your state association leaders.
  11. In all likelihood, the is the case. Many of us have been to contentious high school or college seeding meetings. Well, a seeding meeting for Russian Nationals would be exponentially more challenging to conduct and manage. It is easier to just have them random draw, especially if first place is all that matters. I don't know if even conduct an Olympic Trials, or if it is a direct selection as was done previously (Kareline reportedly wasn't the top Russian 130kg GR wrestler when he lost in the 2000 Olympic Games, but they wanted the propaganda of the great champion winning 4 gold medals).
  12. Wrestling is in a good place. We have a solid set of rules, and they haven't messed with the rules the way they used to do when someone was dominant with a technique. Other than criteria to determine a winner when the match is tied, UWW has an exciting product that the IOC should adopt for long term participation at the Olympic Games.
  13. That is a over generalization to say that "people stop studying the sport when they ref." Referees see more technique from many different sources than just what happens in your practice room. What was initially bouncing to ones own elbows in many instances turned into bouncing the opponent's head off of the mat. As a mentor referee, I always evaluate the action as it occurs for that action that happened in the moment. Far more often than not, the head was being bounced into the mat.
  14. 10 to 15 years ago the "bounce him" technique was being coached all around. So, when it is ok for a kid to attempt to cause a concussion for 2 lousy points? Never. Anytime I hear "bounce him", I then tell the wrestler you better not bounce him. If he does, I will blow the whistle. Depending on the level of force, I will call potentially dangerous or unnecessary roughness. The few times I was taken to table about it, I asked the coach is it worth giving a kid a concussion for 2 points? I never had a coach disagree with me after that question.
  15. Having been around high level competitors for many years, on many trips, and at many events, the mental game is what separates the great wrestlers from the elite wrestlers. Jenna has made it very clear that now she is in a much better place mentally and emotionally, which in turn helps her be the best wrestler she can be. A big part of how she got to that much better place was being true to herself and finding her life partner. This has gotten her mental game to its peak level and made her a better wrestler than before.
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