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  1. Yes, the article had the United World Wrestling kick Flo to the curb. Flo had the UWW contract for the foreseeable future for the world level events except the Olympics. After they broke their investigative story, UWW told them to kick rocks. UWW is managed by mostly former referees, so they definitely took issue with Flo's article. Flo wants to be everything to wrestling, a promoter, an event organizer, an event management system, investigative journalism, trying to tear down the system. Well, they bit the hand that fed them and were told to take a hike.
  2. The easiest thing to do is for people to simply add those 4 points and declare Dean the winner. Well, if those points are awarded and the score changes at that moment in the match, the strategy for the rest of the match changes. I am not pro-Dean nor pro-Nickal on this call. It is not as simple as adding points. There is another minute of wrestling that would be have been wrestled with a different strategy by both competitors.
  3. I am displeased, and reminded just now watching a video on FloGrappling, that I have to sit through a commercial before I can watch the video. Didn't I pay for this service? Why should I have to watch a commercial to see content. The numerous Rocket Mortgage commercials during Beat the Streets were so annoying.
  4. Flo has just announced the newest member to their announcing team, via Imgflip Meme Generator
  5. Well, that MatTalk Online logo is real snazzy.
  6. The rest of the countries would believe it to be unfair. Let's just say the returning World Champion from a country that objects to wrestling Israel draws an Israeli in the early rounds. Well, the rest of the competitors believe this is a good draw because that wrestler will be eliminated which increases their chances of being World Champion.
  7. Unfortunately they still rely on the host site's internet to stream their events. So, the speed of the internet is the fault of the host building. The desire to use the host site's internet instead of investing in satellite internet trucks is Flo's fault.
  8. Well, the re-drawn idea wasn't going to happen. UWW hates the politics that Iran and Lebanon play on the mat. For the sake of fair competitions, I am just glad that Abounader had not beaten any prior competitors that were counting on him to pull them to the repechage. That happened in 2013 at Junior Worlds in the semi-finals. UWW disqualified the athlete from Iran for not competing and didn't allow him to compete in the 3rd place match. Also, the 2 wrestlers he had defeated were eliminated from repechage.
  9. Wrestlers can request that their opponent be wiped down, but it will be denied. Wrestlers are obligated to show up at the mat not sweaty and return from the 30 second break not sweaty. Other than that, their sweat is part of match.
  10. No one will get the Bye if there is no returning medalist. All will have to wrestle the bracket. The finalists will compete in the best of 3 series for the spot. If someone has qualified the weight at the Pan-Am qualifier, they are given the number 1 seed in the bracket. http://content.themat.com/forms/2020-OLY-MFS.pdf
  11. Myles has already competed for his second country. He competed for USA as a Cadet at the Pan-am Championships in 2013 before competing for San Marino for the first time in 2018. UWW says you can only switch countries once, so it looks like he is locked in to representing SMR from now on. He should have no trouble making their team for the foreseeable future.
  12. Draw procedure The seeds from the seeding events are placed in the brackets accordingly. All countries have access to these events, but since they are all in Europe or west Asia, it is easier for the former Soviet block countries to get their star athletes to all of these for better seeds. About an hour before weigh ins begin, the wrestlers are cleared by medical. Some then sit in line for weigh ins to begin, some go back to their team area to wait. The wrestlers line up for weigh ins in whichever order they arrive before weigh ins begin. At the scale, which is in a wide open area viewable to all, the wrestler's identification is verified by passport. The athletes present themselves to weigh in any order they choose. The athlete then presses a button on a random number generating machine cycling randomly with numbers between 1 to 99. When the button is pressed by the wrestler and a number has been selected, it will not repeat (must be turned off and on for the next weight class to reset the RNG). The number is shown to all and called out. It is also entered in the computer. The rest of the bracket is created based on the order of the draw numbers, lowest at the top progressing to highest at the bottom. The draw number machine and the computer are not linked in any way. The draw number machine and the computer have no way of knowing who is pushing the button. There is no way to rig this system in favor of any wrestler. A split second earlier or later for pressing the button, the wrestler would get a different number and end up in a different part of the bracket.
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