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  1. That is a over generalization to say that "people stop studying the sport when they ref." Referees see more technique from many different sources than just what happens in your practice room. What was initially bouncing to ones own elbows in many instances turned into bouncing the opponent's head off of the mat. As a mentor referee, I always evaluate the action as it occurs for that action that happened in the moment. Far more often than not, the head was being bounced into the mat.
  2. 10 to 15 years ago the "bounce him" technique was being coached all around. So, when it is ok for a kid to attempt to cause a concussion for 2 lousy points? Never. Anytime I hear "bounce him", I then tell the wrestler you better not bounce him. If he does, I will blow the whistle. Depending on the level of force, I will call potentially dangerous or unnecessary roughness. The few times I was taken to table about it, I asked the coach is it worth giving a kid a concussion for 2 points? I never had a coach disagree with me after that question.
  3. Having been around high level competitors for many years, on many trips, and at many events, the mental game is what separates the great wrestlers from the elite wrestlers. Jenna has made it very clear that now she is in a much better place mentally and emotionally, which in turn helps her be the best wrestler she can be. A big part of how she got to that much better place was being true to herself and finding her life partner. This has gotten her mental game to its peak level and made her a better wrestler than before.
  4. Coach, There is no wording on many things in that occur in matches, but mechanics and common sense need to take over at that point. Wrestler A is DQ's for FMC, he is ejected and no longer part of the event. Now, this is my practice and opinion, but Wrestler A has no more obligation except to get out of the building. In fact, I send Wrestler A directly to his coach and do not allow him to participate in the end of match procedure. This situation comes up every year in our referee meetings. I always bring up my procedure. From most of the referees they understand and agree with the idea. A few always want to "force" the handshake situation to prove they are in control of the match and wrestlers. Reach out to your local and state rules interpreters so that they can look into and address this issue, or at the very least give you a logical reason why they want a wrestler who was just ejected to be face to face with a wrestler he/she just violated in the most egregious manner.
  5. The Jadidi and Douglas match was before those set criteria were created. The escapes were so subjective FILA worked to refine and define what an escape needed to be over the years. By the end of the escape era, it was so tedious they decided to do away with it altogether.
  6. One of the reasons that wrestling was almost kicked out of the Olympics is that it had created rules to prevent scoring. The IOC wanted to see more points on the scoreboard. The multiple lace rule, when it was in place, was created to eliminate an advantage by a few wrestlers, but hurt the scoring overall. The multiple gut rule, when it was in place, was also to eliminate an advantage by a few, but hurt the overall scoring. So, the leg lace and gut wrenches were not illegal move, so why restrict potential scoring attempts? The IOC wanted more scoring, and everything that UWW has done is an effort to create more scoring and eliminate the blocking out / locking up with no attempt / keep my opponent from scoring defensive actions.
  7. It was too subjective / tedious a rule. All of the following had to be met for an escape to be awarded. 1. All action had to be started from the bottom wrestler. 2. The bottom wrestler had to be on his belly to start, then stand up on his own power to get to his feet. 3. The bottom wrestler had to break the hands of the top wrestler (so if the top wrestler was not locked up, no escape could occur. (Often times the top wrestler would just let go completely and shove the bottom wrestler away which negated the escape.) 4. The bottom wrestler had to turn and face his opponent immediately and stay in close proximity. (Most USA folkstyle escapes you create distance to get a chance to reset. This would automatically negate the escape in FS and GR.) 5. The bottom wrestler had to immediately advance on / attack his opponent.
  8. Well, what in the heck am I supposed to eat during the breaks at the Olympic Trials if there is no Taco Bell?
  9. In 2016, the weights in which we had already qualified the spot, we sent our top wrestler to the Pan Am Championships. We didn't have a competitor in the Qualifier since we already earned the spot. So, 74kg was already qualified, so Burroughs wrestled the first week in the Pan Am Championships. No one wrestled the following week at the Qualifier. For weights in which we didn't have the spot qualified, a back up wrestled the the Championships. This then qualified a spot for the Qualifier. Out best wrestler competed in the Qualifier. At 125, we were not qualified. Bradley wrestled at the Championships. Dlagnev wrestled at the Qualifier.
  10. Texas has the Texas Outlaw at Allen High School and the Cy-Fair Invitational in Cypress at the Berry Center. Unfortunately they are usually the same weekend.
  11. You are correct that Nick K is one of the best FS/GR refs in our country. But it wasn't Nick K of California reffing this match, it was Peter K of Minnesota. He still nailed the call.
  12. Agreed, with Yianni's left hand posted on the mat which makes it a takedown in FS. With two seconds on the clock, Yianni is also clearly on his left knee, his right leg is secured, McKenna's left arm ha secured Yianni's left hip.
  13. The clocks were synched. The event was scored with Flo on the computers connected directly to TVs and monitors for the scoring displays.
  14. I just watched both matches very closely. Lazor vs Molinaro, on all but 1 of the turns, Molinaro got back to both knees touching the mat and left hand touching the mat. This enough for a fresh start and new turn. The second turn was white paddles because he didn't get to both knees. Molinaro vs Eirman, Eirman never got hips facing down, never got back to both knees, never got back to a fresh start position, so only the initial turn scores. The two referees I see in the match vs Lazor are both International level referees with their UWW licenses. The jury member who goes out to talk to the coach before they review the challenge is one of the top officials for education and rulings in our organization and is a high level UWW official. The referee who gave the final ruling is an Olympic referee and one of the best referees in the world at this time. Now, after all that, go back and look at the matches from a perspective of neutrality. As officials we hone in on the slightest subtleties such as the ones I described above. The crew vs Lazor did white paddle the second turn attempt because Molinaro did not get back to a base and fresh start. The fairly evaluated each turn attempt based on their individual merits. They were different turns.
  15. Above is a great example of why weight classes do not need to be reduced. Let us all remember that wrestling first and foremost is an individual sport. My high school team was ranked in the top 10 in the state my senior year. We made it to the state semi-finals in the duals series, which was nice. But people remember the 2 individual place-winners we had on that team much more than the dual team. Also, at the state tournament, most of our team laid an egg. There was 1 team that had 1 qualifier who won state. They placed higher than us in the team race. For the most part, other than their team and our team, no one remembers or cares. What we all remember was his individual state championship and our two state place-winners. Team points were put in place so that schools could try to fill trophy cases. The origin and heart of our great sport is individual competition. Your teammate cannot help you when you are on the mat. We have gotten so hung up on dual meet scores, tournament scores, and forfeits. Don't reduce opportunities for wrestlers at schools that fill a full lineup because other schools are not capable of finding 14 kids in 14 weight classes.
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