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    neutralpositionref reacted to mspart in Freestyle bottom position   
    Plus the belief that the guy on bottom is doing nothing is not accurate.  The guy on bottom is countering every move the guy on top is doing by moving and getting the top guy out of position so he cannot complete his move.  This is not as easy as it looks.  I wrestled Veterans a few years (and I was not that good really) and I know this from experience.  A par terre position that results in no turns is more due to the effectiveness of the defense than the ineffectiveness of the offense. 
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    neutralpositionref reacted to MadMardigain in Freestyle bottom position   
    You basically said it   While there is a small chance for escape or a reversal it’s not worth the risk against a decent freestyle top guy.  There isn’t much incentive to try when you don’t get many points for the effort (0 for escape and 1 for reversal) and the fact you are going to get stood up by the ref after around 10sec on bottom anyway.  But you are risking a lot considering the top guy could use your movement and raise hips to turn you one if not multiple turns.  Most reversals and escapes come from preventing a turn and that causes your opponent to be out of position.  Not from the bottom guy creating the action.  
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    neutralpositionref reacted to Plasmodium in Penn State suffers critical loss!!!   
    Do the the other two have a selfie tree that was knocked out of kilter by a 3 time natty champ?  ......   Didn't think so!
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    neutralpositionref reacted to TBar1977 in Penn State suffers critical loss!!!   
    I love how these students are in mourning over a place that didn't make enough money to stay in business. Maybe instead of just "hanging out" they should have actually bought some Tacos once in a while. 
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from TexRef in Fewer PA weight classes   
    Above is a great example of why weight classes do not need to be reduced.  Let us all remember that wrestling first and foremost is an individual sport.  My high school team was ranked in the top 10 in the state my senior year.  We made it to the state semi-finals in the duals series, which was nice.  But people remember the 2 individual place-winners we had on that team much more than the dual team.  Also, at the state tournament, most of our team laid an egg.  There was 1 team that had 1 qualifier who won state.  They placed higher than us in the team race.  For the most part, other than their team and our team, no one remembers or cares.  What we all remember was his individual state championship and our two state place-winners.  Team points were put in place so that schools could try to fill trophy cases.  The origin and heart of our great sport is individual competition.  Your teammate cannot help you when you are on the mat.  We have gotten so hung up on dual meet scores, tournament scores, and forfeits.  Don't reduce opportunities for wrestlers at schools that fill a full lineup because other schools are not capable of finding 14 kids in 14 weight classes.
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    neutralpositionref reacted to 1032004 in Disqualification Question   
    Although  the team points for the tournament are nullified, I don’t believe the actual wins are, but PA could have a state-specific rule.
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    neutralpositionref reacted to PSUSMC in Yianni / McKenna - Seriously?   
    With the resemblance in the picture, they must be "kindred" spirits!
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    neutralpositionref reacted to Pinnum in Toughest High School tournament   
    I have heard the Afton Quadrangular in Missouri is one of the toughest...
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from PSUSMC in Yianni / McKenna - Seriously?   
    You are correct that Nick K is one of the best FS/GR refs in our country.   But it wasn't Nick K of California reffing this match,  it was Peter K of Minnesota.   He still nailed the call. 
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from goheels1812 in Yianni / McKenna - Seriously?   
    The clocks were synched.  The event was scored with Flo on the computers connected directly to TVs and monitors for the scoring displays.
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    neutralpositionref reacted to Eagle26 in Olympic Red Shirt   
    The OP may be being a little harsh about taking away the red shirt if they don’t qualify, but he brings up a good point that the qualifying criteria are pretty weak. There are some guys/teams taking advantage of the ORS that have like zero chance of making the Olympic team. 
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from wrestlingnerd in Molinaro Lazor was atrociously reffed   
    I just watched both matches very closely.
    Lazor vs Molinaro, on all but 1 of the turns, Molinaro got back to both knees touching the mat and left hand touching the mat.  This enough for a fresh start and new turn.  The second turn was white paddles because he didn't get to both knees.
    Molinaro vs Eirman, Eirman never got hips facing down, never got back to both knees, never got back to a fresh start position, so only the initial turn scores.
    The two referees I see in the match vs Lazor are both International level referees with their UWW licenses.  The jury member who goes out to talk to the coach before they review the challenge is one of the top officials for education and rulings in our organization and is a high level UWW official.  The referee who gave the final ruling is an Olympic referee and one of the best referees in the world at this time.
    Now, after all that, go back and look at the matches from a perspective of neutrality.  As officials we hone in on the slightest subtleties such as the ones I described above.  The crew vs Lazor did white paddle the second turn attempt because Molinaro did not get back to a base and fresh start.  The fairly evaluated each turn attempt based on their individual merits.  They were different turns. 
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    neutralpositionref reacted to Meatey in Fewer PA weight classes   
    I have not read through many of the posts because I just don't have the time right now, but I will tell you that getting rid of weights in my situation will be bad.  I have coach in schools of all sizes and all throughout the Midwest, but now I'm coaching at a very large school in TX and less weight classes and particularly the low weight classes will definitely hurt my team.  
    Here are the #'s that I had before FB was finished and my #'s went up some when the FB season finished.
    106 - 2 Seniors, 1 Junior, 1 Sophomore, 3 Freshman 
    113 - 2 Seniors, 1 Junior, 1 Sophmore, 2 Freshman
    120 - 1 Senior, 3 Sophomores, 1 Freshman
    126 - 1 Junior, 1 Sophmore, 1 Freshman (This weight is cleared out because no one wants to wrestle my 126lber) 
    132 - 3 Juniors, 3 Sophomores, 4 Freshman
    138 - 2 Seniors, 2 Juniors, 3 Sophomores, 3 Freshman
    145 - 2 Seniors, 3 Juniors, 1 Sophomore, 2 Freshman
    152 - 1 Senior, 2 Juniors, 3 Sophomores, and 5 Freshman
    160 - 1 Senior, 2 Juniors, 1 Sophomore, 2 Freshman 
    170 - 2 Juniors, 2 Sophomores, 3 Freshman
    182 - 2 Juniors, 2 Sophomores, 1 Freshman
    195 - 1 Senior, 2 Juniors, 1 Sophomore
    220 - 1 Senior, 2 Sophomores, 1 Freshman
    285 - 1 Senior, 1 Sophomore, 1 Freshman
    As you can tell we have great #'s.  The biggest issue that I run into is, I do not get a assistant until our FB season is over and we always play deep into the playoffs.  The biggest thing that hurts the team is we have no Middle School Feeder programs.  There's no MS programs in the area and so I bust my butt by spreading as much information as I can by word of mouth at the MS and through youth football teams.  #'s are great, but if I lose weight classes and if I cannot have a JV schedule, my program is going to take a lot of hits and we will lose kids quickly. 
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    neutralpositionref reacted to SetonHallPirate in Is Midlands back?   
    Isn't it so nice to be adding programs instead of shedding them?
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from DuckFor2 in Is Midlands back?   
    This is a new Division 1 program that started this year in Little Rock, Arkansas.  It was initially reported as the University of Arkansas Little Rock, but they are rebranding all sports as Little Rock Trojans Wrestling, etc.  They are in the PAC 12 for wrestling only.
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from executionery4145 in 5 match rule ?   
    My sophomore year of high school, we went to a dual meet tournament.  It was a novel concept in TN back in 1997.  I had to wrestle four matches that day.  Based on event sizes of previous tournaments and/or my ability to advance or lack of ability to advance in tournaments, I had never wrestled that many matches in a day.  Well, by the end of the fourth match, all of which went the distance, I felt like I was going to kill over.  I can definitely see a safety factor in more than 5 matches in a day.
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from jon in Willie at Flo   
    Yes, the article had the United World Wrestling kick Flo to the curb.  Flo had the UWW contract for the foreseeable future for the world level events except the Olympics.  After they broke their investigative story, UWW told them to kick rocks.  UWW is managed by mostly former referees, so they definitely took issue with Flo's article.
    Flo wants to be everything to wrestling, a promoter, an event organizer, an event management system, investigative journalism, trying to tear down the system.  Well, they bit the hand that fed them and were told to take a hike.
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    neutralpositionref reacted to bnwtwg in 2020 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Trials   
    @SettleBoys the qualification schedule for the 2020 Olympics is as follows:
    Dec 20-22
    Senior Nationals qualifier
    This can be thought of as the Senior US Open for all intents and purposes
    March 26-29
    Last Chance qualifier
    April 4-5
    Olympic Team Trials
    74kg Jordan Burroughs has a bye to the finals
    97kg Kyle Snyder has a bye to the finals
    74 or 86 Kyle Dake has a bye to the semifinals (he has announced he is going 74)
    86 or 97 J'Den Cox has a bye to the semifinals (he has not publicly announced his weight)
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from jon in Flo Wrestling is good/bad for wrestling   
    I am displeased, and reminded just now watching a video on FloGrappling, that I have to sit through a commercial before I can watch the video.  Didn't I pay for this service?  Why should I have to watch a commercial to see content.  The numerous Rocket Mortgage commercials during Beat the Streets were so annoying.
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    neutralpositionref reacted to JasonBryant in New York to get rid of 99lb weight class   
    I'm indifferent, but since I grew up with the construct that high school sports were for kids in grades 9-12. The Minnesota/New York concept of 7th graders wrestling varsity is foreign to me. I guess in its most basic level, it's a high school state tournament. Why are we having a battle over what's generally a middle school weight? Playing devil's advocate for the sake of discussion. 
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    neutralpositionref reacted to jon in New Flo Color Scheme   
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    neutralpositionref reacted to jchapman in Michigan at Worlds   
    Maybe we could have a redraw whenever a USA wrestler draws a Russian?
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    neutralpositionref got a reaction from jon in Flo Wrestling is good/bad for wrestling   
    Unfortunately they still rely on the host site's internet to stream their events.  So, the speed of the internet is the fault of the host building.  The desire to use the host site's internet instead of investing in satellite internet trucks is Flo's fault.
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