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  1. Yep I agree. I've been really low on Wittlake the last couple years, but he's changed my mind. At the very least, he's going to be a pain for the top guys to wrestle because of his defense. Some nice potential upside, though I don't know how long he can hold 165 and whether his style will translate well up a weight class where he might not be as powerful.
  2. He did do a really nice job of holding his ground, but I think when the shot differential is so high, you have to hit him at least once.
  3. No stalling calls in that match is a travesty.
  4. Lost to Brandon Whitman 6-3 as Antitroll alluded to.
  5. He did and was warned for it, so I don't know what your complaint is. It's a rideout. The whole point is to ride. If you want to talk about stalling, talk about your guy taking one shot the whole match.
  6. Bad night for the official. I'd say home cooking, but considering how sedated the crowd has been I can't explain these stall call inconsistencies. The one on Traub would have stalled out Verkleeren if called the same way.
  7. Stall calls were bad, but you could see him start to fade before then. Lee was very effective with his fake outside step to the left. He made Pletcher react hard to whole match without taking any risk or expending much energy himself.
  8. Given the way he called stalling in the first 3 matches, Verkleeren not getting hit once is a firable offense. He did absolutely nothing and backed out of bounds repeatedly.
  9. I think he really enjoys the RTC thing. He has a lot more freedom and time to focus on actual wrestling. I don't think he liked recruiting.
  10. I said double chicken wings and regular power halfs (not with legs in). You almost never see those because they're almost impossible to get against good wrestlers. "It's easy to do" is ignorant. You can't just put your head in the side and run down a nearside cradle unless there's a large skill gap in which case other turns (turns that work against good guys) are already working. Also, the idea that cradles aren't "flashy" is a bit ridiculous. They're probably the flashiest turn in significant use. Some of the most iconic moments in the sport come from cradles. Hendricks-Churella, Bubba Jenkins, Jaggers, Coleman Scott, Ed Ruth, etc... The reason you see more tilts is that it's a lot easier to capture a wrist then it is to crunch somebody's head to their knee. It also takes less energy. The reality is that very few are able to force a cradle. You usually have to catch your opponent making a mistake (like McKee this weekend).
  11. FWIW, Moore has beaten Darmstadt convincingly going back to high school (a tech fall I believe). I think Moore is a tough stylistic match up for him. However, Darmstadt is dangerous enough to never be counted out. I do think he's probably the second best guy when healthy and firing on all cylinders.
  12. Yep. Same reason you don't see a ton of power halfs, double chicken wings, hammerlocks, etc... Turning college guys either takes some deception or brute strength. You can't just put your head in the side and drive to a nearside cradle like in high school where kids ball up as soon as you make them a little uncomfortable.
  13. I'm sorry, but how much college wrestling do you watch? Both wrestlers have to go out of bounds for a push out stall call to be considered. This is not debateable. You're asking if a successful set up is stalling. It is in no way "bang bang"
  14. Yeah, in order for a shove to be called stalling, you have to shove them out of bounds. Seeing as how the shove resulted in a takedown in bounds, there is absolutely zero way you could interpret that as a stall.
  15. An underrated aspect of this match was Kem's hips. Hall's only takedown was in the first when he was able to get deep enough where they didn't matter. Every other time he got in, he got stonewalled by Kem's hips, which you don't see often. On the flip side, Kem's head outside attacks really gave Hall trouble. I remember arguing with a Penn State fan (TBAR maybe?) about this last spring when I said Kem's head outside finishes might give Hall problems and make Kem the most likely challenger because it's almost impossible to score on Hall head inside, whereas some have had success scoring with high crotches. TBar told me I was being ridiculous. I guess not.
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