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  1. They're the same thing.
  2. Are you talking about Eckloff? Did you mean Teyon Ware?
  3. How does he make that money? Just endorsements?
  4. Interesting. I just found it really strange considering everybody else in that crew seems very laid back and nice, including his brother.
  5. This is the first time I've ever listened to him speak at length, but does anybody else find Gordon Ryan extremely off-putting? I liked everybody else featured, but he made my skin crawl. The creepy smile he had when he said he snapped his opponent's arm in half was gross. I hope they have an episode that features Danaher more prominently. He seems like a really interesting guy.
  6. I'll give him a bit of a break considering the injury and lay off. He's had multiple set backs as well. I think he needs some time to get his body right.
  7. The Manvilles are definitely interesting. Mason decided to focus on greco for some reason, despite being a cadet world champ in freestyle. He made one team, but hasn't been that close since and obviously hasn't done anything in folkstyle either. It's hard to know what he could have been if he didn't focus on greco, but guys had started to catch him late in high school (Hidlay, Marinelli). Carson is another case that's impossible to judge. Looked like a hammer as a freshman before falling completely off the map for a couple years. Turned out he had a serious and bizarre injury that almost cost him his arm. Came back 30 lbs heavier and hasn't looked the same. Went from a top 5 p4p recruit to not even on the big board. It's hard to know what his trajectory would have been without the injury and lay off. Definitely awesome to see him back out there though. There's another one coming up now that will be interesting to watch.
  8. He's already got one. With the new job and the year long lay off due to injury, he doesn't seem anywhere close to being a factor to make a team this year. I don't think this would have been competitive at all.
  9. He was never #1 in the country, but he'll always be #1 in my heart
  10. Idk if I'd call it bad blood, but you can tell the Marinelli losses mean a lot more to Joseph than the IMar losses.
  11. One of the most interesting parts of the podcast was when Basch asked IMar if his mindset was any different going into the second NCAA finals match and he said that it was the first time he felt old in wrestling because of how hard Marinelli clubbed him in the semis and how bad he felt after the match. Would really love to hear a conversation between the 3 of them or to have heard IMar and Cenzo talk more about wrestling Marinelli specifically.
  12. Unfortunately, ESPN only leaves the replays up for a month and then they disappear forever (unless I'm not looking in the right places). When I go in now, I can no longer see this year's NCAAs.
  13. If you're looking for matches/tournament coverage, Flo is definitely the best bang for your buck. If you're looking for more independent journalism type stuff, I'd check out Rokfin. Subscribing to one channel gets you all of them and it's monthly instead of a large one time payment. A good starting point would be Matscouts with Willie Saylor. Unfortunately, you won't find a ton of matches on there though.
  14. Guys want to establish themselves at the weight they plan on winning the Olympics at. And because they all want to do that, it makes those weights significantly more difficult than the non-olympic weights and therefore more prestigious.
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