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  1. The man will stop at nothing to win. Shameful!
  2. TBar can correct me if I'm wrong as I don't follow him as closely, but I believe he tore it once, got it fixed, came back and tore it again, and chose not to fix it a second time. No idea what the new injury is. I thought I saw someone say knee again, but either they were wrong or I just subconsciously assumed. Either way, injury problems up at heavyweight are a little scary. It's a lot of mass to deal with.
  3. I wasn't mad! I can see how it came off that way. I'm still concerned about health with him. He's hurt a lot. There's certainly nothing else to be worried about. All the talent in the world. Selfishly, I wish he would skip the whole college thing and just wrestle freestyle haha
  4. Is the recent one not a knee? If so, I'll revise down to 2 serious knee injuries and another serious non-knee injury. Does that make you feel better?
  5. Lol, can't pass up an opportunity insert a PSU guy. I do agree though. Just a little worried about Kerk's durability. 3 serious knee injuries can't be good for a heavyweight who relies on speed.
  6. I think that was posted during the second period when Cass actually wrestled him really well and Gable looked to be slowing down a bit. He found a new gear in the third and blew it open, but until that final minute or so, it was the best Cass had wrestled him. I think it arguably still was. The score was worse, but Gable's output compared to the first two matches was way up. Cass defended and wrestled out of a bunch of positions he didn't last year. Last year, Gable scored at will (and just chose not to do it that often). This year he scored more, but also failed to score a bunch of times. The reality is, as good as Cass is, the talent gap here is ridiculous.
  7. Totally agree. I think it's been clear since their first meeting his only chance is to lock up and go big.
  8. hall of fame numbers right there
  9. Marinelli has never once attempted to footsweep someone for back points or extra riding time dude. Desanto started doing it after Marinelli, who's really the only one who does it consistently. The point is to make it hard on the opponent as they're breaking. They think they're getting cut and then they have to stand back up again. It's a mental thing. You simply cannot have a problem with Desanto doing it and not Marinelli.
  10. Some of them, but certainly not all. You would think they would at least get all of the USA matches up. For example, Gilman-Vito still isn't there and that was easily one of the most anticipated match ups of the tournament for American fans. Maybe they'll be up today and they just didn't force their staff to work the weekend which I could appreciate, but if they never do it I'll be a bit puzzled.
  11. Finally got around to finding the Gilman semi on the archived stream. Monumentally stupid wrestling from Gilman. Almost hard to believe a veteran would do something like that. I was expecting a phantom takedown call, but if they did call 1 step out plus 1 headbutt, that isn't egregious and Gilman absolutely headbutted him right after also smacking him in the face. Is it a cheap victory? Sure, but he also handed it to them. Just stupid and it robbed us of a showdown with Suriano.
  12. Classic Warner in the sense that that particular slip is a recurring problem for him. I saw it coming about 3-4 seconds before it actually happened. Go watch his U23 final against Woodley. Was about to go up 6-0 and the same thing happened. He's reaching all the way over to the far hip and is way off balance. He's actually got good feet on his go behinds. If he can just stay patient and stay on the near leg instead of reaching all the way over, he probably scores. His go behinds are his best offense, so he can't waste those opportunities.
  13. Didn't seem to have any problems with the physicality up a weight. He'll go as far as his ability to finish consistently. Left a couple good leg attacks out there tonight. Guys like Sasso will make him pay for that. I would hate to wrestle him. Just in your face for 7 minutes.
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