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  1. no but there also isn't a world where he nearly techs him either. very different wrestlers. rby is a model of consistency. vito is extremely hot or cold. rby is defensive. vito attacks early and often, sometimes to his detriment. i think rby is going to be conservative, play the edge, and look for a couple reattacks. vito will have a hard time opening him up and make mistakes.
  2. it's not a better dual lineup. the big dual that matters is psu. kennedy goes from a favorite at 165 to heavy underdog at 174. they lose the other match regardless. so you go from projected 1-1 to a for sure 0-2. kennedy looks tiny at 174. i don't think it's a good weight for him even though it's definitely easier. the flaws - finishing and scrambling - in his game are exacerbated against bigger opponents. but again, this whole conversation is ridiculous. i just pointed out that iowa's 4th string 149 isn't being considered at 165. He's barely being considered at 157. IF they bumped Kennedy, they would probably cut Swafford down or pull Riggins' redshirt first. But I expect Kennedy to be at 165.
  3. just bizarre at this point. even if kennedy moves to 174, they go 0-2 at 165 with reyna (in your ludicrous scenario). so why not just let guys wrestle their best weight? you made an uneducated post about a team you don't follow very closely. two people who do follow it closely let you know. why die on this hill?
  4. yeah, but your opinion is basically unfalsifiable because reyna won't be at 165. it's such a weird hill to die on. why so insistent on iowa's 4th string 149 being a viable 165? just because he's local to you?
  5. i'm taking rby, but vito is probably the only guy in the country who can come close to his speed, if not match it. 4 years ago, but vito teched him twice in freestyle. i think rby takes a close one.
  6. people are allowed to be hilariously wrong i guess lol
  7. reyna would not win a big ten match at 165 and have a zero percent chance to qualify. swafford at least has a legit chance of qualifying. in terms of ncaa points, very little difference as neither are likely to score, but you're ignoring that reyna at 165 requires moving kennedy up to a weight where he's been less effective.
  8. It's 11 lbs higher and he's already wrestling up. That move also moves Kennedy to his less ideal weight. So your lineup plan moves two guys above their natural weights just to remove a guy who has better results than the guy you want to get in. I get it. Reyna is local for you and you assumed he was a good option. He might be...at 157 where he'll compete. There is zero discussion about him moving up two weights. Multiple hawkeye fans who actually closely follow the team have now told you this.
  9. i just don't understand why you think that. reyna has shown nothing at iowa other than being a quality depth piece. swafford has wins over broderson and pinned sean harman last year. placed at the scuffle as well (reyna did not place at 149). and you seem to think reyna bumping two weights higher than the weight where he's clearly been worse than swafford will somehow make him better than swafford at his correct weight? he's just not a 165. he's barely a 157.
  10. this is simply not true lol. idk what to tell you if you insist it is. swafford won't score points at nationals, but will probably qualify. he's a top 30 guy at 174. bretli reyna isn't a top 50 guy at 149 and you think bumping him up two weights is better than swafford. it's not about whether swafford is elite. he's just way better than whoever they could put at 165. do you actually follow the hawkeyes? how closely? cuz the fact you mentioned robles as the "likely" 157 is totally out of left field. he got beat by multiple non-d1 guys last year. he's a walk on room guy. 3 or 4 guys would have to get hurt before he got any discussion. not even on the radar to be the guy this year.
  11. that's certainly true, but there is no way the lineup you posed will ever be a reality even in the case of injury. murin won't be at 157. Kennedy would have to get hurt and even then, I think Siebrecht/Rathjen would get a shot at 165 before Reyna. They'd probably pull Riggins before that. Robles isn't in the discussion at all and Chittum isn't planning on enrolling this year. The only way Kennedy would go 174 is if he couldn't make 165. They wouldn't bump him to replace Swafford who is much better at 174 than Reyna would be at 165. That's the issue I took with your post. It is so far outside of what is being discussed as the realistic lineup right now.
  12. You said stalled out. That's stupid. Starocci had 1 bonus win at NCAA's, over the 33 seed. And again, I asked if he's ever come close to stalling anybody out? If you said dominate, you'd get no push back.
  13. Because I follow the hawkeyes haha. Reyna is a 149. He's not going to be their 165. Murin isn't moving up to 157. He's a bumped up 141. Rathjen was projected at 157, wrestled at 70 kg this summer and will compete for 157 with Siebrecht and Reyna.
  14. starocci controls him, but he doesn't "murder" him. i'm very high on starocci, but it's a weird thing to predict. that match has 5-2/7-3 written all over it. has starocci ever even come close to stalling anybody out of a match before?
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