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  1. How does this keep happening??? He's like that high schooler that keeps getting caught impersonating doctors.
  2. I'm somewhat familiar and it's incredibly stupid. Feel free to listen to any of the numerous interviews Spencer's given on his control over his health decisions and reasons why he hasn't been able to wrestle much freestyle.
  3. What specific problem do you have?
  4. Byrd at big tens yes, but he dominated Myers at NCAAs
  5. No. I think she moved to NLWC during covid at some point and left immediately following the tune up tournament. If we're being honest, the resurgence was probably 75% getting healthy and 25% being around several other high level women wrestlers at Sunkist. I don't think she had a consistent high level training environment since Kalika before that.
  6. If we're assigning credit, basically none. She almost didn't make the team when she was at NLWC and got smashed at her tuneup. She quickly turned things around once she moved to Sunkist with Perry. Good work by Perry to undo the damage NLWC did.
  7. Congrats on a great week guys! Love watching the Iranians wrestle.
  8. it's called post-match adrenaline. terry told him to tell everybody as he was walking over to the interview. he wasn't planning to. he's spoken about this.
  9. One think I don't see proposed much is the impact of the new weigh in rules on Snyder. He's a huge 97 and we know he was cutting down from 230+ from his college days. We talked a lot about how the new rules coincided with Burroughs' decline at 74 and he looked great at 79 with the extra 10 lbs. Maybe Snyder is a tweener now. Not big enough for heavyweight, but the cut to 97 takes a lot out of him and he's not as powerful.
  10. Spencer wrestled 5??? hell he wrestled for 2 years on one before he told anybody. yianni also told everybody he tore his acl after the tournament lmao. not your best work jammen
  11. psu fans being dumb is a whole other thing lol. we are in agreement that he's the same guy before or after. i think he peaked a couple years ago. unfortunately, he'll be grossly under-appreciated because of sadulaev. if not for him, he might have ended up having an argument for goat himself. i don't think he's going to make anymore huge gains regardless of his training situation.
  12. eventually it might have to settle in on here that no matter what kyle does, it's going to take sadulaev wrestling a bad match for him to win again. sometimes guys are just better. obviously kyle can't and doesn't think this way, but as fans it's a little harsh to to blame a training situation for not beating the goat. i feel gross for defending nlwc lol
  13. This isn't true. Partners are the least of his problems. I don't think his ceiling can match Sadulaev's.
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