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  1. Yes this is true, so we will also need Dean to keep entering tournaments as well.
  2. Gable is weird in that he always looks way smaller than he really is in pictures off the mat. That's what he's always looked like.
  3. I hope Robbie Mathers making a surprise quarterfinals appearance at the US Open becomes a recurring cycle til the end of time like a comet. A tradition we can pass on through the ages.
  4. Very strange career. If I recall, he was at the OTC with McCauley and Downey back in the day. Incredibly streaky, with most of his success in freestyle. He had one year in the lineup at ASU where he was solid, but not spectacular and then left the team in the middle of the next season if memory serves me right. Seems like he pops up every couple years and torches a couple NCAA champs and then disappears again.
  5. Always been a real tough freestyler, but streaky. He beat up on Dean Heil a few years ago and just teched him again today. He's an enigma.
  6. I guess it's possible, but you have to figure the last match is Lee right? Fans are going to melt down if it's not.
  7. Ended up being Kolodzik, but I was guessing Oliver based on some twitter chatter between the two in the last couple days and Oliver posting things that made me feel like he had a match booked.
  8. Lee-Gross would be interesting too. The one thing to keep in mind is that Lee walks around at 130 lbs after a big meal and both Colon and Gross are huge right now, so they might not be able to agree on a weight class.
  9. Guys like Eierman, Lugo, Marinelli, Kemerer, and Warner could push to make national teams down the road, but Spencer is definitely on a different level. We'll have a better idea where they're at after this event.
  10. I agree, though it's a hard thing to capture. I started wrestling right at the beginning of that era and the two names I knew were Metcalf and Gable in that order. I didn't even follow college wrestling yet. Ironically, my first Metcalf match was the 2009 final against Caldwell lol.
  11. Lol Maddow lost her mind post-2016. Went from a well-respected journalist with standard liberal sensibilities to an Alex Jones conspiracy theorist that sees the Russians around every corner.
  12. As I scrolled, I was hoping someone didn't beat me to this. Tucker's Show didn't even qualify as news in a court of law lol. Ironically, this ruling helped him escape liability for his on air disinformation.
  13. Ah, yes. The super rich of society are famous for their anarchism and disdain for the social order they sit atop. I am very smart and know what these words mean.
  14. I actually think Mininno and Howard are very similar stylistically and one reason I think Howard can use a redshirt. I think he's more talented than Mininno, but his "scrambling" is more flurrying/chain wrestling than actual leg attack defense. I just think he has some areas to develop before he's ready for college folkstyle, at least the level I think he's capable of. I have no doubt he'd be a qualifier out of the gate, but after a redshirt I think he could be a top 5 guy.
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