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  1. I could be remembering wrong, but I remember him having a lot of struggles on the mat which is why his freestyle results have been a lot better than his folkstyle results. Could be wrong though.
  2. That isn't remotely true. In fact, Kemerer's scrambling ability kept those matches much closer than they should have been, especially the first match. The first match finished 9-4. Nolf was 4/9 finishing takedowns in that match. Kemerer was very effective at slowing Nolf down with dive rolls. Nolf did no scrambling in that match. At big tens that year, Nolf was more efficient finishing his first 3 attempts cleanly, but Kemerer scrambled out of his final 2 attempts to prevent the major. Their NCAAs match had almost no scrambling on Nolf's part. In 3 matches, Kemerer has gotten to Nolf's legs twice, both defended with baseline defense. Nolf didn't have to scramble against Kemerer because he never gave Kemerer a whiff in the first place. Obviously, Nolf is a great scrambler, but people overestimate how important it is to his wrestling. Against good competition, he's very basic and very dominant. Hardly anybody gets to his legs.
  3. His mat game was bad at the high school level. He will get brutalized underneath by good college guys. Elite on his feet though. One of the most intriguing prospects this year. Nothing would shock me.
  4. I think he's big enough at 174, but would maybe be a 165 if Marinelli wasn't there. He supposedly walks around in the mid 180s already pretty lean. Not a huge 174, but not tiny. FWIW, Willie Saylor said Iowa fans have nothing to worry about with his size and he's known for always thinking people are too small for their weights.
  5. It's called diplomacy, my friend. It was only a few years after I showed my Russian comrades some famous Vermont hospitality that the Soviet Union collapsed. Coincidence? I think not, good sir. Reagan couldn't get it done, so I took off my shirt and did it for all of us.
  6. Maybe if you weren't like this you could have fun at your own parties, or just get invited to them in the first place.
  7. Looks like a guy who knows how to have a good time with his friends. I can see why that would upset you.
  8. unhinged. "atheism" isn't taught in school. evolution is not atheism. it's a scientific explanation of a natural phenomena that has nothing to do with the origins of life on earth or whether god exists. all it does is explain how species change over time. there are plenty of christians that accept its reality. evolution stands at the foundation of modern medicine which is why it is, and should be, taught in science class. do you want future doctors to not understand the science behind the medicine and technology they use? should kids be shielded from perhaps the most famous scientific discovery in human history so that their parents' feelings aren't hurt? sounds like you need a safe space. do you seriously believe christians are persecuted in this country? almost every legislator in this country is a professed christian. every president in history has been a christian other than our current one maybe. i'm genuinely curious. who do you feel is attacking you and what are those attacks? starbucks not putting santa on their holiday cups? just the phrase "happy holidays?" as a christian, i'm constantly confused when other christians claim to be under attack.
  9. Did you read the article you linked? It literally explains how modern science has strengthened and filled in the gaps of Darwin's theory. Just a brutal self-own, but thanks for the chuckle.
  10. Our founding fathers were unvaccinated and they were really stupid. check mate, tbar.
  11. I too love polio and hope to see its speedy return.
  12. Not that deep, fam. It's a joke because Tom Ryan is a fervent evangelical christian and anti-vax. The PSU crew is also very religious (like many other staffs in the sport) and someone rhetorically asked if they were anti-vax too as a way to distinguish them from Tom Ryan when someone else equated them. The implication is actually that they aren't crazy.
  13. Well, to be fair that "D3 guy" was a 4x champ, but point taken.
  14. That's a really weird way to say he gave up two conventional folkstyle takedowns. I don't think Saunders was confused about the rules. He was just coming off bottom after getting taken down. He uses a tripod stand up to get out. He uses it every match whenever he's on bottom.
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